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I strongly suggest you do not read all my terms and definitions at one time. These are all from my classes.

You can get overwhelmed and traumatized by too much Truth – Wisdom. There is enough here in these terms and definitions to totally transform and transmute  your life - if you do the WORK -not maybe – definitely. In my classes I teach you how to work with these (Tools)  defined terms according to your individual capacity. If you don't do this  it is like your  dropping a big box of tools on your bare foot and you can get hurt. Don't go there. I have been there.

Definitions are to help you think and ask questions and not to give you answers you may not want. These might do both.


I give these terms and definitions because they're not common knowledge or in the dictionary which only defines most Truth in the old distorted ways. As part of the New Age human experience has been totally redefined through Cosmic Wisdom and Truth as a way of life. People are waiting for this. I teach this and live this now as much as I can and I don't modify or dismiss what I can't live. I don't teach my weaknesses. The Aetherius Society and my Avatar George King are the major sources of Wisdom and Truth presented here and lived by me in the classes I offer you. Naturally my consciousness is practically humbled by This. When I first learned a lot of these Truths/Wisdom I was unhappy, repressed, fearful and ignorant so I didn't live this much.And I was embarrassed and resented this because it made me feel like a weak misled…  Today I am less so through Living This.I hope you do not make the same mistakes of conscious experience.

   Adulterated - making  impure by adding elements, thoughts or substances of a foreign or baser substance. Lessen the intensity through the addition of discordant elements. I will discuss this more in classes. This is a tremendously powerful ancient word which has tremendous relevancy for us living here on this Holy Earth relative to the Sacred Natural Vibratory Octaves of the Karmic Law 

   Aetherius Society -a Spiritual Organization founded by my Avatar George King who also developed Himself as a Yoga Master and Cosmic Adept. He was not born that way because of our Karmic limitations not His. He worked very hard to develop this Cosmic Consciousness (Samadhi). The Aetherius Society does Spiritual Work for humanity, Cosmic Missions, have Tapes, CDs, Books and Classes on Cosmic Wisdom and Truth, and has Genuine contact with compassionate Extraterrestrial Beings and more. I have no Extraterrestrial Contacts and I do not channel any information from other planes of existence. Measure me once and read that sentence twice. Their website is www.aetherius.org. I am a devoted Member but I do not agree or approve of everything they do or say (exclusive of George King and He is gone). This is something you need to think carefully about in term of our relationships as a composite whole;

you,me and the Aetherius Society. I expect to have mutual absolute Compassionate trust and loyalty with my students which I will earn through experience with them from the beginning as this develops. This will create  reasonable boundaries with the Aetherius Society , my students and myself-You and  I. 

   NEW - Alignment - a spiritual term meaning to do something exactly as it is written or stated without modifying or altering it. This is also a term in Mayan Wisdom. I will clarify this more in class. Some will not like this but free will and the conscious mind are not Alignment.


   NEW –  Arithmetic- Spiritual –I  learned the basics of this system of spiritual measurement of  High Vibratory Octaves and low vibratory Octaves of Spiritual Energy from my Avatar George King. Take two pieces of paper and put them on a table side-by-side. At the top of one you write spiritual at the top of the other you write physical (your body). Now there are 10080 min. in a week. On the spiritual piece of paper write down how many of those minutes you consciously use to radiate spiritual Light and Love out in to the world each week. On the physical piece of paper a carnivorous diet gets a value of 5, vegetarian 12, vegan 25, raw vegan 40. If you are a vegan and you pray 20 min. a week this gives you a high vibratory octave of 500 [ ( and not all week long). Blend those 20 min into 10080.)] If you don't pray at all as a vegan this gives you a vibratory octave of maybe 80. If you are a carnivore and don't pray you get a vibratory octave of 20. If you learn how to radiate High Vibratory Octaves of Prayer with a group these 20 min. of vegan Prayer are worth 5000. This hints at the reality of the vibratory octaves of Energy. Compare that 5000 to the 20  of a meat eater who does not pray. And these relative absolute values are contrasted with the distorted delusions and fantasies that many people think are their high spiritual vibrations. When I do that 5000 the weather has changed more than once while I stood on the beach in the cold weather in broad daylight. This is a Bible miracle story and you can learn these little things also. But this is all Karmic Arithmetic (1% = 100 minutes of Prayer) and if you look closely in your life you can see the reward or tragic debt .I will tell you stories to prove this from modern firsthand experience .More details in my Classes on Prayer, Purification and Yoga Diet. These were all terribly, compassionate, sobering and humbling realities for me but I did learn to work with them. And I pray during the day and when I go to sleep as well as formally with  Karmic Wonderful spiritual people. This is an Exact Science. We can all learn to do this.

    Ascension-a higher Vibratory Octave State of Being. Then you receive the hard earned reward from Creation of an Immortal Body. See the Nine Freedoms Holy Mystic Text  for extensive details. Even so most people in the physical body could not see you if you had an Immortal Body because this will be on a Higher Vibratory Octave Realm. More details in class and I bring the mentioned Book.

   OLD -  Atman – self – Soul – Universal Self – Supreme Spirit  

   NEW - Atman- our Higher Self or Spirit. We discuss this and I give you more details in my classes. This is NOT our Soul.

   Attitude- state of mind about a person or thing, posture of the body expressive of   emotion or action.


    Aura - this is an Energy Field outside of your body but connected to it. Most of us are not consciously able to see it. But it exists with you whether you are conscious of this or not. This Energy Field also  contains your Psychic Centers (Chakras) which are sort of like Starfish in this Energy Lake  or Pond. This has been known about in Eastern Wisdom   for millions of years. So it's real. Some people can see them. They actually have photography now which takes pictures of your aura. I have felt one of my Psychic Centers many times [( in my physical body)  and feel many of Them all day thru Prayer)] These are  actual Physical Substances on a Higher Vibratory( Octave) Realm connected to your body. These can have tremendous significance in your life if you get consciously involved with Them and visualize them as you use them See the definition on Psychic Centers for more details and I give you a working understanding  in classes. I have a beautiful sacred fine art rare picture of your psychic centers as a woman. I have another magnificent spiritual picture of a man's psychic centers. It is plain as day that these are totally different. I get into the details and share these pictures on this in my class.

    OLD - Avatar - descent or incarnation of a deity in earthly form.

    NEW - Avatara Ascended Cosmic Master like Jesus, Buddha, Pacal  Votan, or George King Who  comes to the Blessed Mother Earth with the Karmic limitations of having only a partial                       aspect of Their full Consciousness while here on Earth.

    Coming Avatar -  There is Another Majestic Cosmic Avatar coming to Earth soon. Unlike Jesus or Buddha or George King who came in only a partial Aspect of their Full Being this Holy One will come with full powers as a Interplanetary Compassionate Master. Jesus, Buddha, George King, Pacal Votan were all Interplanetary Avatars. Today we have the opportunity to prepare to meet this One in an appreciative mature friendly way. More details in class

     Awareness  – conscious – having knowledge

    OLD - Awe -  inspired reverence with a sense of wonder. Can also have fear mixed in with this. 

   NEW - AWE -  inspired reverence with a sense of wonder -has Bravery 

   OLD -  Body – physical material human substance.

   NEW - Body -  our intelligent physical substance which is really crystallized Sunlight  held together by magnetism. I will tell a fascinating story about this definition in my class. The Body is a terribly abused spiritual word which is more misunderstood by men than women – except in the emotional sense.(I guess – emotions are more Feminine Wisdom).

   OLD - Buddha- the history of the great Avatar and his Holy Teachings have become tremendously and tragically far from of the original Alignment of Truth He gave and lived. For example the Exalted Buddha did not meditate for years under the Bodhi Tree he did Yoga Breathing there for many years.Then He achieved Meditation-Cosmic Consciousness. 

   NEW - Buddha-see my Class on Your Spirit and Contemplative Prayer for some details on Him which are Pure Truth.   

    Chakras - an Eastern Wisdom term for your psychic centers-see psychic centers for more definition. These are the important parts of your spiritual body (Soul) as a man or woman. I have beautiful rare fine art pictures of these to share with you in my class. Once you consciously visualize your chakras you can begin to learn how to use and feel them in loving relationships. These are floodgates that you have to open up consciously and let the Energy pour out into Creation. If you don't do this it is not happening. It takes conscious focused pressure.

   NEW - Child - spiritual child-the old legend says become like a spiritual child. What does this mean? It means to be a mature spiritual child. We discuss this in class. There is a paradox of how you can be a mature child who wields the Sword of Truth. See Runes further on in these terms. I explain this precisely from experience. MCN**  bring it up I'd be honored to share this with you.

    Class Notes - from Conscious Compassionate Human Experiences (my family) are available online  or offline. These are an outline in many classes and the rest is student oral sharing (guru method – which is we learn from each other). The notes are to help you think for yourself and some of the major secrets and essence of the teachings are only given in class and I have enough humility to say your Intuition might give these. Some of this is on my Master Class Notes. Master Class Notes are available  when there is a mutual travel difficulty for sincere practical reasons. These are really for you to assemble a working program in your life. It's a practical mystical experience of consciousness  for you as a way of life to live. The class notes in and of themselves have little relative value for they work as a set which is a way of life that I spent 67 years developing and you can do it in a year or so. See master class notes definition for more clarity. Class notes are not free online. See Class Fees for the minimal offering and practical details.

     Charts - these have been very carefully researched and are a  consensus from experienced spiritual Teachers I have consulted. There is no artistic license in coloration.The flow of Energy shown  is a profound Renaissance for human souls. See legend of Charts for more details. These are fascinating and beautiful as well as tragic reality of today.

      Cognitive – pertaining to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment and                                                                                                      reasoning.

   OLD - Consciousness  – mind in the broadest sense.

   NEW - Consciousness –some Cosmic Mystery here for us and we discuss this in Class as to what is known today and unknown. There is much new Truths about consciousness which came from my Avatar and His  Cosmic Sources. Your conscious mind is only part of this. This is really a tiny part of Divine Mind also called incorrectly Universal Mind. Divine Mind is one of the Seven Dimensions of Creation.

   OLD - Conscious – subjectively perceived.

   NEW - Conscious – with Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, Divine Will, Divine Mind, Expansion of  consciousness, Awareness and Awakening  all affecting our conscious experience this now has enhanced objectivity which the old definition did not.

   NEW - Conscious Mind-this has been in control of our lives for more than 20 million years. Our conscious mind thinks it is the king or queen of the world. If we look at human history this has been a tragic experimental failure for us. The Cosmos does not experiment. I discuss this in my class on the unconscious and Conscious mind. This class alone is worth its weight in gold for if you live the Truth of this in your heart and soul you will transform your life into a Joyous Harmony.

   NEW - Conscious Compassionate Human Spiritual Experiences(C.C.H.S.E.) – this is a structure of the Experience of Consciousness I have put together for you to use. This is shared with you by spiritual human beings who are qualified to do this. I don't use the word organization, group, spiritual body or order such as Buddhists, Christians, New Age Foundation. Many wonderful spiritual people have come to dead ends  on established spiritual Paths. This is a clean clear title and I will keep it so. Hereafter this will be referred to with the abbreviated letters C.C.H.S.E. or CCHSE. You can come to my classes for sharing Wisdom, Truth, and the transmission of Sacred Energies from my Initiations to you. These are working energies. You can't get these scrolling down my class notes from the Internet. I hope you're not the fork that runs away with the spoon.

   Contemplative Prayer -  this is how you consciously communicate with your Soul and your Spirit. Largely speaking this is not Selfless. This is what people are doing who meditate. The  Virgin of Guadalupe is holding Her Hands in the Contemplative Prayer Mudra. See my class notes for full details on Contemplative Prayer.

   Cosmic Mysteries - these are shrouded in countless eons of antiquity. This is what the real Mystery Schools are: Guardians of  the Cosmic Mysteries. Some of these are taught. Some of these we can only momentarily look upon but never grasp or understand. One magnificent example is the Creator as the Macrocosm. We can only understand and live a tiny part of this Mystery. More amazing practical details in class you can use in your life today.

   Cosmic MastersThey are ALL Ascended balanced Selfless Beings Who live on other Realms and help others by giving Service. The Aetherius Society has a Working relationship with these Beings which was developed by our Avatar George King. I do not have this working relationship. A Ascended Being is One Who has earned an immortal body through lifetimes of Selfless Service. Read the Nine Freedoms for a beautiful true story of Ascension. This is the correct Eastern definition. Many people in the modern world use this term loosely and it has no direct Living Presence of a Real Cosmic Master. I have all the humility respect and reverence that I can have for these Ones and it's always developing more in my heart and soul and consciousness. Some of these Cosmic Masters are from other Worlds and Planets in our Solar System. This Makes Them Extraterrestrial. Cosmic Masters is a term used in my classes.

   OLD - Cosmic Truth - people thought or think they had  this but it is not pure because by the time they wrote it down it was altered or modified. When they channel this from other Realms as a rule unless it comes from Ascended Cosmic Masters it is not pure. In my classes I tell you how to validate Cosmic Truth and/or Wisdom.

   New - Cosmic Truths(Pure) - an aspect of (Pure)Eastern Wisdom - are Aspects of reality that are clear Elements – such as your soul is not your Spirit. They are separate. When we die we do not go to Heaven (Higher Realms) forever. We reincarnate till we earn Immortality (Ascension). God does not speak to us directly. The Energy (speaking) is geared down to our Spirit from God to our soul (consciousness and psychic centers) Meditation. is" conscious death". It is not sitting quietly and focusing upwards toward your Spirit. Higher Vibratory Octaves( states) of consciousness are earned through lifetimes of Service. No one is getting them as a free lunch the Cosmos will give them. These are some tiny examples of pure Cosmic Truth as contrasted with a lot of present Western spiritual definitions. My classes as a set are full of Pure Cosmic Truth you can live. 

  The Nine Freedoms and 12 Blessings are Pure Cosmic Truth and Wisdom which is available through the Aetherius Society or my family. Through time the Holy Bible had Truths distorted or taken out. Can you build a house with Wood and no nails or bent nails? Cosmic Truths are a Mystical Composite of Wood and Nails. See definition of Wisdom for more clarity about Pure Cosmic Truth. Truth and Wisdom have many different Aspects and can be endlessly studied, explained or discussed. Too much Wisdom or Truth which you do not live creates a Karmic Imbalance. See Eastern Wisdom below for more clarity. Our Valiant Avatar George King gave us Pure Wisdom which He validated through conscious Samadhic Experience. I have lived the proof of this in the fires of experience for 40 years

   NEW - Creation - This is and Intelligent Living Being. My people who are native peoples have known this for millions of years. Civilized people have tended to laugh at them because they couldn't speak about this in an educational formal way. Well here it is. Creation has an order for us to Evolve. Largely we have ignored This. In our relationship with this Colossal Magnificent Being of Creation nobody – absolutely nobody can ignore this principle of Life – you must eventually Evolve. This is what my classes teach you how to do. It's only spiritual common sense that after ignoring the Law of Evolution for 20 million years we are now being pressured to Evolve. This pressure is becoming more intense every day. Just think about it for a moment. In a human family would you let your child ignore you for 20 million years? Of course not. The Disrespect, Abuse, foolish tragedy…..of our behavior is coming to an end. This is called the Great Shift – the Great Change. More details in my class.

    Cultivate to cause to grow  by special attention, study or practice.

   OLD AND CLARIFIED-  Dimension - one of the planes of organization. One of the fundamental units that enter into the makeup of a derived unit. Many spiritual people think Higher Dimensions are a place they're going to go and may not necessarily be on Earth and they will be freely carried there. This is not the Truth of the matter. You live close to  a higher  or lower Realm relative to how you take in and manifest your Frequencies of Vibratory Energy Octaves. No human being  lives completely in another Dimension. This is why I put Realm in parentheses next to Dimension whenever I mentionThis. I explain this in my classes. There's clarity lacking today as spiritual people talk about living on another Dimension. Look at the new definition below. By raising their vibrations through hard work people can live on a Higher Vibratory Realm. We all live on a Vibratory Realm today.  

   NEW - Dimension – there are Seven Dimension in Creation. Divine Will, Mind, Time are Three of Them. We discuss the other Four in class. We discuss these Dimensions as a reverent Cosmic fascinating and amazing Mystery. This is what real Mysteries Schools teach you about. I know you will want to write this down because it gives you the frame work for Conscious Reality which present psychiatry and psychology do not know or use. The secrets are explained in my classes in the ancient oral tradition. They are not in these class outlines. Why?Those are two separate questions.

   New - Discipline-to train to act according to a set order. Martial arts is a discipline. We discipline our emotions consciously according to the Laws of Creation. See Laws of Creation in definitions below.

   Divine Will - this comes from God through our Spirit and Soul and Consciousness into our life. But this only happens if we cultivate this. As you read this you probably have free will which is not a wonderful blessing. Look at human history it's an unimaginable tragedy. I give more details in my classes about this from personal spiritual experience of cultivating my Divine Will. In my class I throw in a little short humble joke. MCN**joke is told there

   Divine Reality -  this is a subtle Manifestation which begins to appear before us if we do not color this with our idea of the Why is this for your benefit?  This is Mystical Reality we can look at, feel, hear, and experience beyond the boundary of our senses.

   OLD - Eastern Wisdom originated thousands of years ago in places like India and Tibet and China, Wisdom was studied as a human science. When this came to the West in the 60s a lot of it was distorted and not really pure Wisdom.

   NEW - Eastern Wisdom- the Cosmic Avatar George King recently presented much pure Wisdom and Eastern Wisdom again to humanity. This you can use and trust. Most of the other lacks Alignment and I say don't use it and don't quote it like Eastern Gospel.

   OLD - Ego-yourself – soul – conscious object of experience.

   NEW - Ego-we discuss this in class as to its meaning for you. The old spiritual negative meaning is not relevant nor is the distorted psychiatric and psychological one which does not include the important mischievous elements of free will and the conscious mind which thinks it is the Queen or the King and it is not. This is a good part of our self if it's balanced and disciplined and mastered and  in its proper place

    Emotions - it's hard to find balanced emotional Teachers who can help us to understand and master our emotions. The Higher Vibratory Octaves of our human hearts’ emotions are Light and Love. The feelings of selfish comfortable self-indulgence are  low Vibratory Octaves. Self pity is the cheapest form of human pleasure that there is. The Higher Vibratory Octaves of Love can be beyond our hearts ability to feel Them. But our hearts do know the Eternal Joy and Peace  that Creation will give you- not might- will- for  radiating Light. This is one reason I  cherish the Aetherius Societys’ 12 Blessing Services where we send out quality Light( Selfless Spiritual Love) for an hour .

    Emotional Wisdom - Human Emotions are a Conscious Cosmic Science, I can teach you some things about Them but not all.  I can teach you enough to have the continuity of emotional harmony in your body heart and soul. In those five words spiritual psychology is totally redefined in the language of direct Karmic action. See class outline on Emotional Wisdom.We can fantasize, imagine,  be confused and deluded about our Emotions. Emotional denial, emptiness and forgetfulness are convenient for a while. Every human heart deep within itself knows what Emotional Wisdom is. But where do you find This? It is in the practical reality of these classes – learning to consciously radiate and receive Light and Love in your heart and truly Care for others. I know a lot of wonderful spiritual people who know most of what is in these classes, . But they don't live This. This one definition summarize the present  tragic reality of human experience today. We can cooperatively transform and transmute this as human beings. 

     Enlightenment -  this is a higher state of consciousness which we earn through Service in many lifetimes .Look at the root word inside this:  En LIGHT en ment. This state of consciousness is your consciously attracting and radiating Light through yourself in Service out into Creation. This is a quantity and quality of Light. If we look at this as Food what Soul would gobble up a piece of fruit that was moldy and smelling. We can offer other human Souls delicious beautiful sweet peaches (quality Light) and it takes more than one(5 min. of Prayer) to make a full meal. We will discuss this in class. See the Nine Freedoms for wonderful definitive clarity on this Spiritual State of Consciousness. This is not Samadhi or Cosmic Consciousness. It is hard inner work.

    EVOLUTION - We evolve as human beings as we consciously learn to attract and radiate greater quantities and qualities of Light and Love in a personal balanced Selfless way. No one evolves  unconsciously enough if at all. As you  Therefore if you are waiting for a New Age or a Planetary Shift or to be carried into higher dimensions(these are really Realms) it will never happen. Waiting does not involve conscious action. We earn Evolution through conscious Action or it does not happen. This is what my classes teach you to do.

    Extraterrestrials -  there is a lot of foolish ideas embraced by people about these beings. Some of them are violent and some are Compassionate. They travel throughout the Cosmos  in their Flying Saucers, Mother Ships and other Vessels they use. The Aetherius Society has a wonderful booklet about them and can teach you invaluable practical truths about these Wonderful Evolved Beings. I have studied their existence for 50 years. For humility I leave extensive conversation about them with the Aetherius Society. This is well worth looking into for your benefit. Our governments, cultures, and spiritual and religious organizations have hidden this magnificent reality from you. I will tell you why in my classes.

    Free Will - this is a immature experimental illusion that has been tragic human experience for 20 million years. No one experiences any significant Mysticism or Evolves without Divine Will which we have to cultivate. At this very moment you have free will while you read this.  Your conscious mind might team up with it and say to hell with these definitions. I'll do what I want to do. But free will is coming to an end by which I mean those who do not use free will to establish their Divine Will; will have to suffer on another Planet till they learn this. Karma is Pressure to Evolve into and use Divine Will. What it really boils down to is Creation was manifested a certain way. We have to learn how to participate whether we like it or not. This is worth discussing in one of my classes as I've been on both sides of the Fence.

     Friendship - real spiritual friendships are a wonderful blessing to cherish. And the paradox is I have a magnificent lady friend who is compassionate but does no practical spiritual work. These friendships are worth looking for and cultivating as they truly care for us and will help us on our Spiritual Path. This is an invaluable gift beyond measure which another human being can share with us out of the goodness of their mysterious heart.*M.C.N.

     George King - (lived 1919 to 1997) -I worked at His Ashram and observed  Him closely for 27 years. He was a Cosmic ( Yoga) Master, Avatar and a spiritually mature gentleman. He was Selflessly Evolved in a mature balanced way. See  other terms and definitions which give you some partial understanding of Him.*M.C.N.*

      GOD - the Creator, Holy Sun, Brahma, Kin (Mayan), Grandfather Sun, are All the Same Holy Cosmic Being This is our personal Cosmic God in close proximity (at hand).  This is not an intellectual abstract but rather a Real Presence of God as the Sun in the Sky. In the Macrocosm God Is Everything, Galaxies, Planets, and Also an Unmanifested Being and Cosmic Mystery. Now You Know Who and  Exactly where God Is  You could  Begin to Work with This Truth. See my class notes on Formal Introduction to God. The experiences you can have with God are 10,000 times more powerful and beneficial than you can have with any human being. If you think this through this is just spiritual common sense. - 

   Old - Heaven-Paradise - this has traditionally been a vague misunderstood wonderful place we go when we die. So some people have believed. There is a beautiful totally different world in a exact location which you could call Heaven or Paradise.

   NEW - Heaven-Paradise-the first thing I tell you in class is nobody stays there forever sitting on a cloud with their Saints. Where it is in close proximity, what you do there, when do you do when youl

leave is well explained by my Avatar George King who came and went there on a regular basis while He was alive in a physical healthy body in a disciplined higher state of Samadhic Consciousness. You can get this lecture from the Aetherius Society. This is worth its weight in platinum I was not happy with this Truth but I have learned to accept it and live with it. And I will also substantiate this for you from many other reliable sources such as Geoff.

   This is the boundary for viewing freely on my website my terms and definitions down to the  letter ” H”(partial). A fee for my terms and definitions is $10 dollars prepaid plus (three dollars postage and handling if I mail them) This pays for A to G and H to Z  is also $10. (plus $3.00 if mailed )There are no books or teachers who can give you these definitions from the fires of experience today. Well my Avatar George King could and He is gone(1919-1997). No one will tell you everything in words anyway. You have to work out some of your answers for yourself. I state this because what you read here is some of my flesh and blood and suffering and sacrifice which few men could endure for 40 years. I have nothing to offer for a person's intellectual stimulation or comfortable armchair philosophy. I teach transparently so you look through me more to yourself and having your own Spirit become your independent Teacher. If you want to read further I trust you will make the small offering. The rest of the terms and definitions are not available online. Send your check or money order. The second set is  as large as the first set.

I teach all my classes independent of the Aetherius Society.                                                    

                                                                        Summary Overview of Part Two of Terms and Definitions

                                         Terms and Definitions Part Two  from Conscious Compassionate Human Spiritual  Experiences

These terms and definitions are really for you to use and work with in your life. And I'm willing to guide and teach you in doing this. I'm the first to admit it's no fun in the teaching or doing. But as human beings it can all take place in a truly loving, friendly, caring environment of our Souls as well as our sacred bodies. And we have fun and relax and laugh after the classes to celebrate our conscious compassionate manifestations in Eternal Reality. For each of you are the courageous spiritual pioneers on the Path of human Evolution. I am reverently honored and humbled to meet each of you in a friendly way.

Note: All class material is copyright protected by my family to preserve purity and clarity of teachings, not for publication profit. If you have a copy of my genuine class notes printed on paper these are PLAINLY encrypted for authenticity. I will encrypt them for you if  you send me your downloaded printed copies of these class notes. If they're not  there is some Misalignment.  I expect you to honor this.  Sharing is fine.  Your teaching of any of this is something you must discuss or negotiate with me.  Teaching means you live it as a way of life,before you teach it. 

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address or email. I would appreciate your response.

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