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All offline charts are only available to people who get involved with the material and start to do some selfless prayer.  All the knowledge is around to transform the world and people have  cast this down into used bookstores. 

The charts give you a spiritual true colored illustration of the life of your soul from early youth till death.

They are symbolic but valid representations of pure Light from the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth as you can bring them to  consciously flow through you 24 hours a day.

 On my best days I have done this for five or six hours in one day.  Most people never do that in a whole lifetime.But we can all do this .You can start in five minutes if you read the classes and get The Twelve Blessings or Sacred Book of Prayers.

 You will see some of these charts on line in the different classes.  But to get great benefit of them you  need to purchase a starter set of the postcards and maybe a few larger prints to put up on the wall. Then you need to use them all the time.  The wonderful beauty of these is that you can see every day with a little accessory  materials  how much Light and Love you sent into the world.  They remind you in a nice way to feed your heart and soul physically and spiritually.  Then your chakras(psychic centers) will blossom like the beautiful cosmic flowers that they can be in your life .

 I had made all the charts as  an under statement of the Glory or the tragedy.  The  symbols for white light (my colored lines)  are what you see when you walk out the door every day and look across the street.  They are what you feel when you walk in the country or at the seashore.I am deeply grieved by my primitive  depiction of the Luuminescent Glory.

  You can learn to consciously send these Energies out through your chakras  as my pictures show you.

In your loving relationships with a  man or woman as the pictures show you can transmute some of your sexual love into spiritual love  in  30 seconds.

 If you use your energy in your higher chakras you have less to use in your  lower ones.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

 Most honest virile men will admit they have plenty of extra .

   You have nine major Chakras.I only show seven in my Charts.

Your other two major ones are in the palms of your hands.They are like beautiful Cosmic Flowers when they open up.In some of my Charts I show the Kundalini Psychic Center(Chakra) as a pure green. This is the last one at the base of the spine in back of us-not in front. This is it full of unmodified pure  Energy.The Seventh Ckakra we are not consciously connected to as this is the Seat of the Spark of  God in us.THIS IS NOT OUR SOUL BUT connected to our Soul.I show this as a gold(orange/yellow) sphere at the top of your head.Why do I show your Spirit differently in some Charts?I show your physical body also as a spiritual body and this is why I have colored it with the exact colors of high vibratory realm energy(inspiration,Light,Spiritual love) or low vibratory realm {(desease,hate,sexual intense feeling,junk food,)(sexual energy is more for Transmutation)( the average male has 500 billion sperm in a lifetime-look it up)}.

Your aura is an energy field that surrounds your Chakras.I show this as swirls(little clouds) in some charts.In a few charts I show how you become totally bound up in your life pattern(not online).Point in fact look at Chart 10 in Class 7. Here you are totally enfolded in a Divine Rainment of Light which you attract and radiate outwards.

  My Charts and Classes show how anyone at any age can work consciously with their Soul (chakras sic Psychic Centers) to send Love and Light and Healing into our world-consciously. 

 I will not send out a complete set of all  27 charts  unless you begin to use your chakras to radiate light.

 Some of the special offline Charts are worth the profound inspiration for how this can motivate your consciousness.

 My colors were carefully selected as pure for what is sacred and holy  and dark and adulterated  for the deaths in a tornado which are only the amalgamated energies of selfishness, hatred  and other thoughts and emotions of human experience which are our total responsibility .  Compare the charts. The proof is crystal clear in living color.

 I have lived in every chart as a male in this life.

I will send you a starter set of charts to begin to work with your Soul. 

Mens Charts  with the exception of chart 19 are not sent to women.

 Womens charts with the exception of  Chart 20 are not sent to men.

 The charts should be kept and used as your  intimate private property.  Treat them like your journal and you can’t go wrong.  They show intimate inner secrets that have never been offered to people before in a pictorial form.  What you were looking at in a few seconds I have 50 years of emotional experience, awesome mystical spiritual experience,profound physical suffering, and a lot more through the grace of cosmic wisdom to acquire for your work.  So don’t play with fire.  These charts are drawn from mystical cosmic fire.  There are nothing like them anywhere in the world you will see today.  They are treasure maps but you must dig within yourself.

                                                      List of sacred charts available 

D.S.W.1.The Light from the Creator (Brahma, the Sun, God, all the same Holy Being)..See in Class 11-Formal introduction to Communication with God.

D.S.W.2.  The Blessed Mother Earths’  Loving Cosmic Spiritual  Being shown as Rays from Her. See in Class 9 Formal Introduction to  Communication with The Mother Earth.

D.S.W.3.Tornado. See in Class 9 Formal Introduction to  Communication with The Mother Earth.

D.S.W.4. Hurricane. Available offline only 

D.S.W.5.Humanitys’  Energy for twenty-five  million years shown as Karmically present amalgamated today. Available offline only.

D.S.W.6.Healer Lady. See in Class 13  Spiritual Healing  “Anyone Can Heal”.

D.S.W.7. Selfless Prayer Man in country with  Purification,Yoga Breathing,Spiritual Diet, after two hours with 25 years practice prior. See in Class 08  Ancient and Modern Spiritual Diet 

D.S.W.8.Selfless Prayer Lady  inside and outside a house. Available offline only.

D.S.W.9. Selfless Prayer Man in country with  Purification,Yoga Breathing,Spiritual Diet with 2 years practice. Available offline only

D.S.W.10. Selfless Prayer Lady  on a Holy Mountain with a group. See in Class 07:  Introduction to Selfless Prayer:  

D.S.W.20. Spiritual Lady twenty to 70 years old doing transmutation of  feminine emotional sexual energies into spiritual selfless love and Contemplative Prayer( sic meditation as people  refer to this). See in Class 06A: Your Spirit and Contemplative Prayer.  

D.S.W.12. Modern Spiritual lady emotional fantasy of herself.(N.S.O.M.T.M)-not sent or mailed to men. See in Class 01 Women: True Loves and Oneness.  

D.S.W.13.Lady doing Selfless Prayer with a group of thirty people. Available offline only.

D.S.W.16 Modern Spiritual lady emotional  reality of herself.(N.S.O.M.T.M.) See in Class 01 Women: True Loves and Oneness.  

D.S.W.15.Male: Why you feel good.Fantasy of what you call Love. Available offline only.(N.S.O.M.T.W.)-not sent or mailed to women

D.S.W.14.Male: exercises, does yoga, twenty seven years old, sexual spiritual reality of himself defined by his Soul( chakras and other parts explained in meaning of charts). This is what he is now defined by his life experiences.(N.S.O.M.T.W.) See in Class 01 Men: True Love  Spiritual Sexuality and Romantic Oneness.  

D.S.W.18.Male thirty-eight years old:selfish,sexually very active,civilized diet,no spirituality, Available offline only.(N.S.O.M.T.W.)

D.S.W.19. Spiritual Man as reincarnated as a man for polarity experience doing sexual transmutation into spiritual love. See in Class 01 MEN and Women: True Love  Spiritual Sexuality and Romantic Oneness and True Loves and Oneness 

D.S.W.11.Spiritual Lady as reincarnated as a woman for polarity experience doing sexual transmutation into spiritual love. See in Class 01 WOMEN and Men: True Love  Spiritual Sexuality and Romantic Oneness and True Loves and Oneness 

D.S.W.26.Spiritual man  sixty years old sexually active, Selfless Prayer, Purification,Yoga Breathing,Spiritual Diet, after four hours with 20 years practice prior.no physical exercise,nomadic. Available offline only.

D.S.W.40.Spiritual Lady meditates  30 hours a week. Available offline only (N.S.O.M.T.M.) not shown or mailed to men.

D.S.W.41.Spiritual sexual Man age 25 to 55  says a few prayers,civilized diet has a family ,lots of disowned pain Available offline only

D.S.W.56. shows Chakra Flower stems flattened Available offline only 

D.S.W.57. Spiritual materialistic Man Shown in class in person only(I.C.I.P.O.) Available offline only.

D.S.W.59. Spiritual  Man Shown  (I.C.I.P.O.)  Surprising  for men only (N.S.O.M.T.W.) Available offline only.

D.S.W.60.Spiritual  Man Shown in the amazing  profound revelation for men of their spiritual fantasy of  themselves  (N.S.O.M.T.W.)  See in Class 01-Men  

D.S.W.61. Wonderful chart of a very generous loving man-not what you may think  I.C.I.P.O. men only not shown or mailed to women(N.S.O.M.T.W.) Available offline only.


If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address or email. I would appreciate your response.

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