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   These classes are to help you consciously with your spiritual and personal life. We all have a Soul and body which has conscious needs and desires. Some people are not conscious of their Soul or body and are totally distracted by their conscious mind. We want love. We don't know where to get it. Other folks have a unconscious restless Soul and are spiritual Seekers. Then we have people who want more than their religion or spiritual organization offers them. Here is more. Lastly we have people who tried and gave up or who are unaware of what  is their objective Karmic spiritual reality now in manifestation in the totality of their life today.

   When I first read all this as Truths to live I didn't like it, I was afraid of it, I was repressed, and I had a feeling that this was far more to deal with than I could handle. So for years I sort of marginalized it and struggled on alone. With some   help You also don't have to do that. I will support and help you and guide you as your personal caring friend.

   Life which is a great Cosmic Teacher has an order in Creation. Most of us don't know what it is. I share this personal spiritual reality with you to live.

   But you have to do your homework.

   And realize that your consciousness and your emotions need to develop awareness of Higher Feelings and Cosmic Beings that you may not feel consciously. But if you look and watch closely you will see the Carriage of the Great draw before you in its Luminescent Radiance. But it is not pulled by horses. And it can flash before your consciousness and your heart like a Cosmic Train of Light. I have seen this Cosmic Train. I have felt this in my consciousness and my heart not in a day but only because I did not look closely. And I have also seen the horses of my consciousness slowly pulling me into the momentary Presence of the Carriage of the Great-the Celestial Omnibus-the Phoenix and True Love with a lady. This is not poetry. But I have to use symbolic words to describe the unfoldment of your personal Cosmic Reality. 

   I watched and observed and worked with the Avatar George King for 20 odd years. This valiant Cosmic Yogi offers us a timeless spiritual reality  to live according to your capacity. That's the big key - your capacity. I have two grown children and I worked as a tradesman printer for 40 years. As a cosmic consciously called poet, servant of God, servant of the Mother Earth (urban shaman), I know spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual and cosmological reality as Truths I live today. I strike a match and as a great spiritual lady said “You must Tend your campfire for a lifetime." And you will never feel cold disillusionment.

   If you abandon this spiritual reality it will only be because you allow yourself to be consciously or unconsciously led away from Truth. This is where the name of my website comes from - Conscious.

   This has all proven itself to me 300,000 times. I stay with it because at the year's end I see this as some humble accomplishment and everything else I've done is worth little or nothing. It may be above your ability to feel or see but ah! if you really look deeply you will see and feel eventually. My Soul has cried out through my voice for Light and Love and Oneness. Then you will know eternally for in your own way you will experience the same glorious Reality.

   Where is your Soul? Where is your Spirit? I have a real picture you can see (see Charts  

   I offer you the dynamics to build or remodel or expand your own spiritual home which will be warmer, lovingly cared for and last you for a lifetime. And when you come back next time – it's even better. You learn to have a conscious relationship with yourself, your Soul, your Spirit, the Blessed Mother Earth, and your Creator. These Relationships are with Conscious Spiritual Cosmic Beings not intellectual concepts. The Cosmos and God are Subjects and Holy Beings. I show you where They are. 

   My classes on personal relationships are the only complete ones available today because they cover all aspects of a successful romance that will last for lifetimes. You know many times when people come back in another lifetime and fall in love instantly this is because they had a loving relationship with them in another lifetime. Here's your opportunity for now and then.

   These are not meant to be online classes. I want you to personally have the class so that you take this structural outline and reform the lines into your own personal transformational/transmutational image. My role is only to support you and guide you to become your own spiritual independent Teacher.You cannot click on reality and get lasting success.These are the lasting values To live as the Cosmos has done for millions of years.I have had hundreds of cosmic affirmations affirming what I offer you from the fire of experience - Not from a microwave.  

   Primarily these classes are sets of tools (Note: sets); like carpentry, paint brushes, cooking utensils, electrical, loom to weave fabric, plumbing, shovel and rake and broom, and blueprints (Wisdom) and materials to work with. The MAJOR PRODUCTS of these tools are a Balanced Healthy Life, Friendship, Service, Love, Selfless Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, and Spiritual Healing. The materials are your individual experiences we work with and Energy and Emotions available to you.These help you develop more of an inner and outer Life.

   Classes are put together in a totally unique way so you think for yourself and find your Truth and work with This. I help you get started. It is easy to stop Evolving along the way.

   ** I use a lot of capitals by which I mean uppercase letters to bring your attention to Your possible Subjects not objects for your focused reflection**

   These classes have Pure Wisdom and Personal Human Truth that you can bring into your life which is not available anywhere else today. And termites don’t eat your Pure Wisdom. It's almost worthless if you don't make it a pattern of behavior.If I spoke to you in person I would use tone of voice or gesture or facial expression to do what I symbolically tried to do for you with the capitals. This is why I want to speak to you in person. You will see this more of this when I mail you Offline class notes! 

  This is not a bunny I pulled out of a hat for you. You can go read this Wisdom for yourself. I help you to consciously act on this in the continuity of your reality.

   There is something here for everyone - Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Yoga Teachers (and students), people with major health problems, men or women who want to make a marriage work and don't know how or who have family problem, persons with addictions or debt problems, discontents who are so unhappy they don't know what to start with, Metaphysical Teachers (and students), Spiritual Seekers, orthodox religious people, anyone with a heart and Soul and body and we all have Them, Everything is offered to you if you are open minded and open hearted. If you are not, I do not force or try to convert anyone. I do not recommend joining any organization and this C C H S E is only structural Material you can use in a good balanced way.

   I will tell you if I have nothing to offer you.

   This is a path of Your Personal spiritual experience that will never come to an end for you and will never disappoint you because it is truly Cosmic. Part of my role as a teacher is to support you so that you do not consciously or unconsciously steal from yourself.

   Who would throw away a bag of gold coins. I certainly wouldn't, would you?  In your alchemy they will become gold and more.

   This can become another book on your shelf. I could find these books in thrift shops. A lot of what you read is written consciously in my heart and Soul and is part of my life and has created wonderful magnificent emotional and spiritual Mystical conscious experiences therein. This is the Treasure which will not Rust and when you pass over and reincarnate you can take it with you and use it in the next lifetime. Very few people have any of this - Your Cosmic gold - The Twelve Blessings, The Nine Freedoms.

   If I gave you all the answers, it would handicap you in many ways. You are half of these classes as they are practical workshops, our discussion group and the presentation. My goal is for you to become your own independent spiritual Teacher and student. Some Class notes may be viewed online, they're virtually worthless without your presence in their practical sharing with C C H S E. Please pay the minimal offering if you use these. Download is by permission from C C H S E and I suggest you print them out on paper. This is all only an outline with some important Revelations you hear in class and may write them down exactly. This is Alignment – Mayan Wisdom from the Avatar Pacal Votan.

   These classes as a lived set are sufficient to totally transform, transmute (you do this) and redefine the reality of your conscious human experience, not might, will if you do the work.

   I ask a lot of questions because I want you to think for yourself.  You'll see in the class notes when we get together in person we have a lot of discussion and time for you to ask questions. I have the answers to virtually all the questions I ask. You need to find your answers to live. That's why I don't answer them for you. You might answer them in a different way which is just as valid as my answer in the context of Truth not illusion.

   Modern psychology and psychiatry could be totally rewritten from New Cosmic Wisdom. As sets of books these would be hundreds of pages of unnecessary padded verbosity.

   But where are the Practitioners for this new Spiritual Science?

   Some of you will become students and then these courageous Teachers and then the ancient tradition of Lived Transmission of Truth continues as cchse  got This from the Great Ones and offers This to you.

   You will build your bridge to cross and swim in Cosmic Oceans which are here as a part of the Blessed Mother Earth. Classes are balanced Teachings  for you to live rather than a spiritual feast to eat and do nothing.

   Conscious Opportunity is more powerful than prophets and conquerors.

   C C H S E is a non-denominational spiritual reality.

                                                                                           Special Note 

   Classes follow a set order for a specific reason and I suggest you follow this. There is a lot of compressed transformational reality here for your life if you look carefully more than once. This is a subtle reality. The world's largest sapphire was  used as a door stop until a gemologist discovered it. When you see These codes in the class notes L.M.C.N. means a lady's master class notes or M.M.C.N. This means men’s master class notes – M.C.N. means Master Class Notes. Master Class Notes are not mailed to you unless you are living the reality of class notes.  This means you pay for the notes and purchase and read necessary materials which give you a much better clear wisdom because it is more practically understandable through comprehensibility.  I am looking for people who will become their own foot soldiers to conquer themselves and become disciplined masters. I have done it I have set you the example.

    In a famous movie the bridge is not being built so he goes into the hospital to get the men and women to come help work on this. Thus we will build a bridge of Light.  It's hard work there is no other way. Master Class Notes may also be material I will only mention or show you in a class personally. 

   I.C.I.P.O Means In Class In Person Only .We all have different sensitivity And capacity to live reality. If I put too much on your plate that will rot. If I don’t put enough, you will be hungry. The separate webpage classes ,their ORDER and the codes are all Structures for you to benefit with the flexibility of having more if you can live it. This is why there will be NO book. I am not an intellectual, nor PHILOSOPHER. It’s a way of life I live .

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. No Email. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
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© Gregory Mills 2012