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A Boundary that Needs Your Conscious Personal Continued Discipline.

One of the Laws of Creation is if you read and understand and accept Cosmic Wisdom(Truth) when you read or are told This you have the lifelong responsibility to live This.  If you say to hell with This, I forgot This, This is too much for me, if you allow your other illusions to distract you you’re still responsible to live the Wisdom.  If you do not you will suffer.  As a spiritual teacher I am here to help you and support you in your own personal capacity.

Classes shown  as Cosmic Wisdom Document have some of this in Them. Please sign this form and return it for each class indicated.  You also must sign and return one Waiver- once only. Without living these Documents you put yourself at Karmic risk.  No master class notes or class attendance unless you first send these documents through the mail to cchse.  No e-mail. 

How do we keep this Holy Wisdom Sacred so It is not prostituted by capitalism or profaned by us.

We have not done very well with This in the past.

I expect the Secrets and Holy Cosmic Mysteries that you learn in some of these classes you will honor with respect and reverence throughout your life

To try to make money or exploit this Wisdom will bring tragedy.

To treat it with familiarity is a foolish risk for there is Living Mystery herein.

To manipulate or selfishly use these  Truths will bring you grief and suffering.

This Wisdom is not going to bite you or chase you, even though it is bigger than any of us.

We can all share in this a little bit in our daily life by saying some of the Prayers from the 12 Blessings or by doing a little healing. To say it's too much for me is doing yourself a disservice. That's what I'm here for to help you live some of it.

Some of the secrets you'll learn are about your own heart and soul as a man or woman and Others. These have tremendous power and therefore can bring tremendous joy or pain. If you hurt another person's feelings or them in these classes present or not we will expect a sincere apology is offered to them. This transaction must have harmonious completion. We are all human beings and can hurt each other innocently or directly.

Forgiveness means in part you will not hurt someone again. If you cannot follow this order for our class harmony you agree to  learn how.

This is absolutely true in my class on personal relationships. If the men or women do not feel you can honor and respect them appropriately their voice creates the order of harmony we follow.  Maintaining the continuity of a serious attitude about these Holy Truths now they're in your life might be something you want to discuss with me if you don't know what I mean.

It’s sort of like learning to do your own spiritual and emotional laundry and keep your clothes clean. For some of us our conscious mind can be a real sophisticated rascal and it's just a matter of learning to discipline this in a conscious harmonious way.

In the East they say God does not want Cosmic Wisdom (Holy Secrets) prostituted  in any way. This is true in the West also.

My intellectual property rights lawyer will be on retainer as well as my copyright lawyer when I employ them.Do not wait.If they call you,we will bill you for their service. The best ones are costly.

The Karma is 10,000 times greater,(than murdering someone or rape) not guesswork, absolute Values. Think about this carefully in All Ways .As a Mystic, Metaphysical Poet, Servant of God, Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth,my Credentials and Authority are good on this or on any World.I was consciously called by my Spirit in an Awakened State to Cosmic Work,I did not imagine or choose this with my conscious mind. I introduce you to Cosmic Beings. 

Anyone who takes or reads or acts on some of my Major Classes signs this binding statement about their Karmic Responsibility.If you are too weak to resist temptation,do not get involved or suffer like I did  as you learn to reverently honor there  Sacred Realities. This is something that I practice especially regarding the Twelve Blessings,Nine Freedoms, and the Cosmic Wisdom pertaining to the Mother Earths’ Pralaya(Her New Life/New Age)  and Personal Human Relationships.

Read the above statement again before you read further.You do not have to be afraid of this,just act in Light of what I said. Then you will wear your selfless robe of majestic greatness and lead others to discover their Eternal Radiance.

The essence is this once  you know and accept Cosmic Wisdom you make a commitment to this which involves reverence,honesty, respect and responsibility.  You cannot cast This aside the next day. Well you can but then your free will and conscious mind are going to have to suffer for this. Here is your Spiritual Gold, don't let anyone cheat you out of this. This is the Treasure that never Rusts. I have had to fight to keep mine thousands of times in many ways. I have enough Spiritual Gold to share some with you. Once you take this into your Heart and live this consistently this becomes independently yours to keep forever.THIS ALL APPLIES TO THE INNER AND OUTER WORLDS AS YOU ACCEPT AND SIGN THIS.

Classes are only a part of all of this. I am always open to get together to have a friendly conversation about anything. Time is at a premium for all of us. Whenever possible I prefer to get together as a group yet allocating time as each person needs this. All shared experiences are arranged for mutual convenience.

If I attend the class or workshop on Personal Relationships I presently do///do not have an intimate loving sexual partner. If I do and I come alone I will respect and honor them appropriately. All classes and workshops  are in strict mutual confidentiality.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address or email. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
Box 3659
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© Gregory Mills 2012