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                                                                                         Class Workshop Discussion Group

                                                                     Extraordinary Ancient and Modern Cosmic Karma Yoga

                                                                                                 Introduction and Orientation

  This is  the only online class material I offer on Yoga. The rest of it is a class you attend in person. I suggest you read the little booklet on ‘Higher Self Through Yoga’. Then you can schedule a class in person.

   In the 1970s, I met a great Cosmic Yoga Avatar called George King in Los Angeles, California. I observed Him firsthand, for over 25 years. He wrote a great little booklet called Your Higher Self Through Yoga and there is also a C.D. He made on Yoga breathing.

   The magnificent Yoga Master George King did Yoga Breathing for at least 30,000 hours in the early part of His life  before He ever experienced Samadhi. He used Yoga for all of His Life in Selfless Service to the Blessed Mother Earth,The Creator,Cosmic Masters,and humanity.

   Unfortunately, I did not get significantly involved with certain aspects of Yoga while He was alive. His Life was 1919 to 1997. If you look into His Life of Selfless Service you will find astounding and amazing practical Yoga realities that you can share in today. We are only loaned Avatars for a short period of time because in our world Karma is not in a significant positive phase for most of us. This is a historical reality with Jesus and Buddha to mention a few Yoga Masters. Point in fact all three of these Cosmic Saints were Yogis.

    Buddha meditated after he did 10 years of yoga breathing under the bodhi tree. For Meditation(is really “conscious death” in formal Eastern Wisdom) is only a part of Ancient Yoga. See my Class on Meditation and Contemplative Prayer for more details regarding The Buddha as He is Today.*M.C.N.*

   The Interplanetary Cosmic Master Jesus also did Yoga Practices for many years before His great Life of Selfless Compassionate Service which we know comprised Healing, Wisdom and His Miracles. Where did He get his Amazing Powers from? Ancient Yoga gave Him Some. See my Class on Selfless Prayer for more details about the Valiant Yogi Jesus.

   That's another story and reality for today. Once these Avatars leave it is up to us to be Their disciples and live and teach Their Wisdom.

   There are many Yoga Masters in the East and some of them have come to the West. Yoga has become widespread now in United States but unfortunately people only have a small practical grasp of it. When Yoga came from the East it was already greatly diminished and fragmented as a reality. Yet this has become the basis for most of the Yoga classes and centers in the United States. To whit they do Hatha Yoga (which is largely Asanas and maybe a little Yoga breathing) and maybe a little touch of Raja, Gnani, Bhakti etc. George King combined them all into Karma Yoga and He used his experience of Samadhi (over 600 times) for Selfless Service. Yoga was originally meant to be a Science of Compassionate Cosmic balanced  Personal and Selfless Service. If you look at the history of George King’s life carefully you can see that He was a magnificent Avatar. Avatar means in part that these Beings were already Ascended Cosmic Masters before They came to Earth.

    George King did not teach Kundalini Yoga but He did offer the Wisdom on how this Feminine Power can be practically manifested in a safe balanced life of Selfless Service.


                                                                                     Class on Yoga

   1.-  We will discuss yoga in general and I will answer any questions you have.

   2.-  I will have my Yoga Avatar George King's book there so you can look at it and see if there is anything there for you.

   3.-  Ancient Yoga really comprises the following:

     A. Yoga Breathing-This will enhance Selfless Prayer 1000 times. It will also enhance Spiritual Healing.

     B. Asanas

     C. Purification

     D. Yoga Diet- this is really Spiritual Diet.*M.C.N.*see Class on Spiritual Diet

     E.  Karma, your Spirit, your Soul, your  body, your Consciousness and how these all fit into a life that embraces Yoga. This involves many things and I have a set of classes that show you how to consciously get involved with all of them in a successful balanced way.

     F. Surrender to God and Surrender to the Blessed Mother Earth  which are practices you do.

     G.. the points comprising Yoga listed above: ‘A’-‘B’-‘C’-‘D’-‘E-“F”’ all fit together as a composite harmonious whole and we will discuss this. When you do all these things you have tremendous spiritual loving power which needs to be used in the right balanced human selfless way by which I mean Selfless Service. This is the whole purpose of Yoga.

                                                                     Questions Comments Group discussion

  4. Yoga per se and the aspects of what I have listed here are not a religion and therefore no matter what your spiritual faith or spiritual organization you may be a part of, you can get involved in Yoga.

                              Questions Comments Group discussion

   5. We will also discuss how Yoga can be used as it was originally meant to be which is to enhance the Power and Energy in your life to benefit others.

   6. We will discuss how Yoga fits into the world today.

   7. I have 35 years of experience with Karmic Yoga so we will discuss and I will demonstrate the practical reality of this so that you might see something of practical interest.

                                                                                Format for the class on Yoga

   1. We will meet outside on a nice sunny day. Wear comfortable clothing.   Please bring a light lunch and a straight backed wooden chair or stool if you have it. Otherwise we will sit on the benches in the Park for the yoga breathing.

   2. If you can look at the book-Your Higher Self Through Yoga by George King this would be great so you know what we are talking about. You can get this online through my Yoga Temple which is called the Aetherius Society at: www.aetherius.org.

   3. Following my Yoga Masters Tradition this class is only an offering to share with you the wonderful and beautiful opportunities that Yoga can give you. In the ancient Yoga Tradition there is no pressure to convert or persuade or lead You into something.  

   4. I do not teach  Yoga breathing as the Aetherius Society reserves this aspect  to Itself.  My class is for Mavericks and Independent Souls who want to do this on their own. I do teach you and will help you with the many aspects of Yoga in a friendly, caring way. It's all in my Avatar’s Book but this is a compressed file which we open together. If you take the yoga breathing class there at the Aetherius Society then I can discuss living it with you as I have lived it for 25 years. It's well worth your investment to take the class at the Aetherius Society and I give you a gift certificate which is redeemable for cash if you take my class (partial refund) and theirs too.

   5. As the Aetherius Society was my Yoga Master George King’s Ashram it can be an amazing Pilgrimage to go there independently on your own and look around and see the wonderful Holy Relics and Holy Pictures as well as fabulous books that my Avatar wrote. I do not recommend any books from the Aetherius Society except those written by my Master. There is a very profound practical reason for this and if you come to the class I'll tell you about this.

   6. My Yoga Avatar George King (1919 to 1997) is now gone and I have to share His Torch of Cosmic Wisdom with many people in the world who have never heard of the Renaissance of Spiritual Reality that my Avatar Initiated. I have great respect and humility before all people’s sincere spiritual practices and beliefs. Yoga can only enhance these.Sojourner Truth would've been a great Yogini  but there was no one there to share Yoga with her. Well I'm here now.



   Many people are talking about changes in the world and the shifting consciousness and perhaps also a coming Millennium of Peace as well as a New Age. This is not all down the road somewhere. The Mayan Calendar ended to signify the Pralaya of the Blessed Mother Earth. This happened in 1964. We can Humbly Honor the Creator of the Mayan calendar who knew within 45 years or so when this would happen. Yoga can prepare you to be a part of the changing Reality on our Planet because it is a complete human science. I sincerely hope that you take this to heart and act accordingly. You can also look at my classes online which are a basic structure that embraces everything you need for a more harmonious life for yourself and your family.

   This class is not in any of the yoga studios in town or anywhere in the country, and it is not at the Aetherius Society either. They will teach you Yoga Breathing and an Asana or two only. The package deal I share with you is a spiritual feast that will feed 5000. This is a Bible story and a present-day reality you can embrace.

  I will say for humility that the Aetherius Society does some Karmic Yoga in an advanced Cosmic Way. I only share in a small part of this because my Avatar George King gave a practical wealth of manifesting Selfless Oneness with the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth as well as humanity and that's where you and I come in with the class I'm offering you on Yoga.

This class is not available online and is only presented in person. There is no fee or offering for these Class Notes.


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