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            Manual on how to enjoy and use Your Shamanic Articles from Grandfather Sun and the Blessed Mother Earth

   This online shamanic sacred knowledge is all about your Conscious Relationship with the Creator (Grandfather Sun, God, Brahma all the same Holy Being) and the Blessed Mother Earth. You can send for the printed  Manual  which gives  you full details on how to use and care for genuine Shamanic Articles. It is only a $6.00 dollar offering (plus a $1. 50 postage and handling in the United States). It is offered on a two-week only money back guarantee (less postage and handling). This   I know sincere spiritual people will be joyous with this Opportunity of a Lifetime(Shamanic Stones will be yours for 200+ years). This Manual puts you in a position of Sacred Trust to yourself, the Blessed Mother Earth and the Creator. These articles enhance your Experience of life in many ways once you learn how to use them and work with them.

   These are  a Master key which will open many doors for you initially. If you consciously use them with your Psychic Centers to radiate Light and Love to Cosmic Beings such as the Creator and the Blessed Mother  Earth they become majestic living articles. They have only secondary cosmic power compared to the Sacred Prayers you can use to offer your Energy in manifestation.

   This is about developing your power. Most people are afraid of this because you have to work with something that you don't necessarily see. But you will get plenty of affirmation from me and from Cosmic Beings if you do the right thing. I never had a shamanic affirmation for eating pork chops or smoking marijuana or getting drunk. When I developed shamanic power which is your natural cosmic Energy and send this out selflessly more than a dozen times the skies cleared and the Sun came out. The Mother Earth sends my totem when I am living the Truth. I never see shamanic affirmations when I lie to myself. And I still do at times, not as a way of life.

  You see your psychic centers open up wider when you use them more. When you don't they shrivel up. I have prayed for four hours by the Boise River. At the end of that time I didn't even know I had started. I was not tired. The Earth is two thirds water so if you do shamanic work by the water this is more balanced for you.

  As a Urban Shaman what you are reading to start I have already done consciously as practices for 30 years. I put my total being into this. So I know the wonderful magical results you can get in your conscious physical world. And I can advise you from first-hand experience. And my class on Contemplative Prayer shows you how to get that advice from your Spirit. Even after 30 years I have to be careful that I don't distort the Truths from my Spirit.

                                                      Legend on Ancient Sacred Shamanic (Natural )Articles


   Shamanism is a worldwide natural spiritual experience which is been in existence for millions of years in different forms. Shamans are usually rural natural ministers and priestesses who provide services such as healing and guidance to their people. They have usually been educated by their Spirit as individuals contrasted with seminaries and formal literate spiritual training centers. Shamans have never consciously practically educated their village people to do the same spiritual work that they do such as healing. They have not taught any shamanic spiritual practices which their people could do to establish a personal Relationship with the Blessed Mother Earth or the Creator(Grandfather Sun). They were called to serve a spiritual necessity.

    As an urban shaman my Classes and Shamanic Articles offer a splendid window of unsurpassed opportunity for you to learn to be a healer and to develop a extraordinary relationship with the Blessed Mother Earth and our Luminous Creator-the Sun. I learned and have practiced all this over a period of 40 years from a Cosmological Shaman called George King. My daughter was doing healing at age 3 because she watched her dad do this. I have prayed at the beach and seen storm fronts break into clear skies many times. These are simple easy spiritual shamanic practices we can all learn experience indirectly thru selfless prayer.

   This is a astonishing unprecedented conscious opportunity for you. In time you will see a  ineffable personal recognition of yourself by the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth. Shamans created totem poles to knowledge exactly the same experience you can have today if you do the work. I hope this gives you some enthusiasm to read what follows for a auspicious beautiful enhancement of your own conscious life experience today.

  I have many totems and so can you.

  But the innocent conscious radiation of your own Power is the majestic conscious experience that shamanism will give you to live today.

   Shamanic articles  have been around for thousands of years. Rural shamans use them in a variety of ways such as healing.and as tools to access the Higher Realms where they draw the power and inspiration from they use in healing and their personal natural spiritual work .Read Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Prechtel(he has some jaguar whiskers he pulled out of a living jaguar he met)  for an orientation about shamanism and the civilized world today 2014 A.D. You can see alleged articles on eBay. You can purchase dream catchers in the $.99 store to name a few questionable sources.

  With this Manual and these Genuine Shamanic Articles you have a chance to enter a totally different loving, caring spiritual world over a period of time. This Manual shows you how to use shamanic articles.  Some Shamans also use their shamanic articles in much the same way I am offering you in the Manual. They can remind you to do healing and radiate Loving Energy 24 hours a day if you wear your shamanic ring, carry your shamanic stones with you etc. I have done this for 10 years and have gotten amazing significant results. If you purchase one of these articles I want you to use and benefit from it. There are many curios and shamanic artifacts and alleged talisman and dream catchers being sold around the world. They don't really do people much good on a significant majestic level. I'm going to give you a brief outline of how to use your shamanic article to bring about tremendous benefit and transformation in your life. The exact same ones I'm asking you a small offering for I have used for many years myself. But you have to use them.

  If you leave them around sitting in your house somewhere or lose them in a drawer they are totally worthless and there's no point in acquiring them. If you only look at them they are only going to look back at you.* More background details in the printed Manual you send for.*

   These Shamanic Articles are not used for healing, But they can consciously remind you to do spiritual healing at any time during the day as I so use them to do this.

   These shamanic articles will help you to develop practical significant spiritual relationships for a lifetime. They will only do  that for you if you do the work and make the effort like I have done for more than 10 years with them. And I have done the inner and outer work for 40 years on Higher Realms before I ever encountered Shamanic Articles.

  I give you instructions on how to use the shamanic articles for (sacred) white magic only. And I guarantee you will get results if you do the work. 

   As an Urban Shaman (my formal humble title is Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth) I love Her in a sacred way and offer Love and Light to Her on a regular basis. You can learn to do this too. 

I have been going into the countryside for 58 years. I started gathering shamanic articles about 10 years ago.  These Shamanic Articles you are looking at are gathered from the Blessed Mother Earth . I collected these from the seashore, mountains, parks, forests, and wilderness. Shamanic gathering is very time-consuming as a general rule. I may walk for an hour and find nothing. Or possibly one or two feathers or stones. This is reflected in the offering that I ask for these shamanic articles. And this is why you can get a dream catcher with six or eight feathers on it for $.99 in discount stores. These articles and similar natural ones such as you might see on eBay are only a tragic exploitation that is not shamanic and never will be. It is the same story with bones or bodhi tree leaves(leaves I can only gather once a year generally speaking). And the skeletal bodhi tree leaves  are extremely rare to  shamanically gather. 

                                                                                         Special note on Stones

 I gather no Stones from the Holy Mountains which are known to the Aetherius Society.

  There are many important significant sacred reasons I do not do this. The main one is these are Holy Mountains and the Aetherius Society offers wonderful Holy Shapes with these Holy polished  stones. This is their sacred privilege and I honor this with an absolute boundary for many reasons, the primary one reverence for what is Holy. I strongly suggest you follow this guideline because if you do not you are playing with Cosmic Fire in one way or another. And you can get burned like I did severely for 47 years in my case. And the suffering has been terrible. This happened long before I ever was even acquainted with the Aetherius Society and did not involve any shamanic articles or Holy Stones. You only have to make two mistakes like this and you are dead of old age. And you might have to suffer in the lifetimes to come. Let's get back to the background which authenticates the shamanic articles I am offering you.

   I gather them on foot. I walk over rough wild terrain in some of the natural wilderness. In these places there are large scorpions , diamondback rattlesnakes, recluse spiders and wild Hawks fly around clearly letting me know in their voice that I have come into their home territory. I had a formal reception with a 7 inch long scorpion and a diamondback rattlesnake who came to my campsite to pay their respects. I was honored by this visit from these power creatures. But I do not do nature paparazzi. Back to the gathering of these articles.

 Everything is carried by hand to manipulate a little natural Karma. The larger stones are heavy and I may have to carry them a long distance from where I discover them. This is reflected in the offering that I ask for them. These are gathered for you by me in the ancient shamanic rite whereby no lifecycle is destroyed or interrupted. By this is meant stones,feathers, crystals,bones,insects and leaves are only gathered free fall with reverence and gratitude. No bird is shot or flower plucked or mining is done. Prayer Rings/Spiritual Consciousness Rings are stone instead of Precious Metals. They are carefully selected from hundreds of stones or feathers or leaves as the case may be.

   The feathers if they sit on the ground too long before I discover them they weather very badly and you would not want them. Stones have a natural actual wind and rain polish sitting on the ground thousands of years. Individual geometric edges give the stones character and lapidary polishing removes this. Rivers stones or ocean stones have the water polish which makes them smooth. 

  If necessary they are washed, scrubbed and rinsed in a special water that is very pure. There are special sacred rites involved in gathering these articles. It is interesting that I found my shamanic gathering became more sacred over a period of time. You make an offering for these articles which is a fixed structure but you can offer more if you wish to. The time and work and effort that goes into the gathering and presentation to you as well as my archived documentation of all authentic article acquisition really makes the offering a marginal aspect of our experience.

   You  can see the full collection of the shamanic articles i offer on my spiritual business website:www.goldenravens.com

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
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Los Angeles, CA 90078

© Gregory Mills 2012