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                                                             There is a  Renaissance in   Human Spiritual Mysticism


    This is a historical River that will carry you  to your Ocean of Mature Mystical Higher Realms

    What is Mysticism?

   Mysticism is your DIRECT personal major and minor Spiritual Experiences with Another  Spiritual Entity even as your own Good Mystical Self ( your Soul and your Spirt).

    Creation  is Intelligent Beings and constantly having a Personal Relationship to Evolve. We know of the speed of Light and Atoms. But our scientific measuring equipment is primitive so we do not yet measure the speed of personal Thought which is much faster.

    Our own Souls (psychic center parts) give and receive Living Intelligent Energy which flows at tremendous speeds (Higher Vibrations of Angels, Saints, Planetary Goddess like the Mother Earth). Low vibrations are slow energy such as disease, demons, devils, hatred, and murder. Naturally  there  are some Sacred Mysteries in  what I'm saying because of language limitations and mine too.  Beings such as the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth are always giving to us 24 hours a day.  And They will communicate with you mystically.  But They’re not going to speak to you directly.  They don’t do this.  But They will communicate with you  indirectly and they use Avatars and totems and other supernatural means to personally acknowledge you.  You have to learn how to recognize this.  Formal Prayer is how you offer your energy back to Them.  They do not need this and it is sent back to you in a form that will benefit you from Them.  You have to learn how to recognize this.  More than once I thought I was having a mystical experience which was not.  Real genuine grateful Prayers are not looking for mystical experience.  If you say them with  that in mind you are not offering anything you’re asking for something.  Sorry it doesn’t work on a regular basis-if at all.

    As you get more advanced and experienced in Mysticism you have  mystical experience without saying anything.

    If you look at my class on introduction and orientation to prayer and the other major classes and texts mentioned and these will give you the structural elements of mysticism.

   Because this class is about your joyous fulfilling Mystical Experience we only touched briefly on negative (slow, lower vibrations). Just as we consciously eat and drink to stay alive so Beings of Higher Vibrations live on High Frequency Energy (Light, Love) to sustain their Life. They don't eat food or drink water like we do. They also function according to the Laws of Creation to maintain their Eternal Life. Those who do not live these Cosmic Laws die (reincarnate physically) until they learn. Let's Look at the Mystical Laws of Creation and Living Elements of Cosmic Beings further on in these class notes.

   Mysticism is not a big cookie l am freely handing out from the spiritual bakery.  When I was told  30 years ago  that  mysticism can be a part of your daily experience I thought he was lying and I was angry and possessive.Ask about this it is not for internet or written words.  If I had prayed or given enough service  in the right way I would have recognized the mystical experience I could’ve been having all the time.  Prayer is how you give some Mysticism back.  We human beings speak our prayers in words which we only offer.  Sacred Cosmic Beings communicate with us in a different way.  They make us mystical.

   In this class  I wave at you from Paradise or Hell.You learn to swim in your own mystical ocean and come back to shore when it is harmoniously appropriate for you.You can do this at any time during the day once you develop the discipline.The words for this are mature Contemplative and or Selfless Prayer.The other words are your own formal creative appreciative thought which is only offered with undivided attention under proper aligned conditions.Alignment is the ORDER OF THE COSMOS not my idea.THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO DO THIS SUCCESSFULLY-NONE.  I was fortunate to be trained by a disciple of a great Avatar .  Even this disciple misled me. I spent 20 years working through that.   So I will not mislead you.    But from my study of George King’s life experience I  learned that the best way to communicate  with Cosmic  Beings more evolved and Holy than you are is to always  keep it on a formal basis.  This is like giving somebody the keys to a jet plane. You do have to learn how to fly.  This was known in human experience but has been lost in antiquity if it was ever known.

   This class is for your Paradise of Mystical joy and bliss to be earned and manifest for you.

  Today Mysticism can be shared if you do the work to live This. Through our history it was not" Lived to be Shared".  You need to learn spiritual maturity.  In ways the old mystics were very selfish and childish.  We mature only by practicing appropriate selfless spiritual behavior.

  When we meet each other Mystically in Paradise (yours and mine are only different aspects of the   “ Same Place”), Then we have lived This and will share This.  This will be a tremendous day of personal  joy for both of us. 

   This is an aspect of the New Age (New Life) of the Blessed Mother Earth  which is happening now if you do the work to get involved.

                                                                  PERSONAL Historical Preface to Mysticism

   In certain ways I can introduce you to God your Spirit and Soul and bring your personal  life to their Presence.From there I can encourage you and support you in the right ways so that you can have Mystical experience. This is a wonderful fulfilling significant aspect of life if you take conscious action. The paradoxical reality is your conscious mind with your free will are in control of your life. Neither of these aspects  of you wants Mystical experience. But your Soul does.

   I began having mystical experience in the late 50s and this has become more significant and powerful in my life over the years. I learned a great deal about mature Mysticism from my Yogi Avatar George King. In Relationships we mature through experience but not if we don't have that experience.

    Many of you are invited with the Cosmic Calling Card of Creation and you have Mystical experience and maybe you are interested in  having More. I can teach you how to have your Mystical experience successfully and certainly more Karmically beneficial than any psychedelic drugs – but you do have to do the work. In the beginning for a  period of time it takes some faith until you begin to realize you are having Mystical experience in Alignment with Creation – not what your idea of what This may be.  I’m still learning what This may be.  Recently I prayed at the beach for 3 hours and I have been having wonderful  mystical clarity to share with you for a full week since then.

    My classes were put together as a composite of personal balanced spiritual reality for you to experience Mysticism as a result.But they are not the essential  motive which is Selfless Service. I am a Mystic and  part of my spiritual responsibility is to be willing to care about you and offer to support you in the unfoldment of your individual Mystical life. Mysticism is like your lost world which you can excavate. Sometimes you have to dig very carefully and hard. Other times you have to dust This off with a fine brush. With all of the distractions and stimulation of modern life it is easy to leave Mysticism unconsciously by the side of the road. This class is really meant to encourage you to excavate and move into your own  Higher Vibratory Dimensions (Realms. These are right here as part of your body if you consciously  connect (Relate) with your Soul and your Spirit and then the Creator as well as the Blessed Mother Earth .This is a wonderful place called Paradise, The New Age, the Millennium of your Peace or  your  Dawn  of Enlightenment . It is a wonderful magical glorious aspect of your life that awaits you. I'm waiting for you there.

Don’t be afraid of Spiritual Magnificent Luminescent Giants .  They have millions of times  more sensitivity and gentleness than  human beings.  They will not adjust that the frequency of their energy or intensity of this to suit you.  That is what your Spirit is to help you with.But you must cooperate wisely-note wisely or This will not help you either.That is why I am here. 

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                                                                               A picture of your mystical experience.

    If you went to a very wealthy person's home or a King or Presidents mansion first you would need the proper Street location. Then you would need the exact address for maybe there would be other large beautiful residences on the street. You will be going to meet a unique  Special Person who lives  in a wonderful magnificent Home. Your Divine Mansion is a gated Residence and I meet you at the gate. Your Karmically earned Key  opens this Gate. From there you walk up to the front door  and you are greeted by a doorman who personally acknowledges you.  I'm also the doorman. I must be properly dressed and greet you with  friendly respect. If I do not do this the King or President  would  fire me.

   In the reality of your Mystical Experience you must open the door to your Illumined  Mystical Mansion.

   I can not do this for you.

   In our human world  the doorman will let you in.

   In Mysticism you are allowed to open the door on a regular basis if the Cosmic Beings who live there find   your presence acceptable according to  the Laws of Creation  as a Karmic Mystical Experience you have earned through Selfless Service.

   There is no other way to be a consistent entrant to your Mystical Mansion. Generally speaking, as the doorman  I need to personally greet each of you. Therefore if you don't want to come and go to your Mystical Mansion on a regular basis I need to help the next person waiting. Everyone's Mansion is not at the same address. So it's a complex job for me as a doorman to meet each of you at your Mystical door way.

   The key to opening the door of your Mystical experience is given partial definition  in this class on Mysticism which is only an outline sketch of my series of 12 to 15 classes.  I live everything you're reading about through years of suffering in the fires of human experience, giving some Selfless Sacrificial Service and I've had hundreds of Mystical Experiences and thousands of hours of minor Mystical Experience which is 24 hours a day. The essence of this is my conscious attraction and radiation of Light and Love  through my body, heart, soul and psychic centers out into Creation as I stand waiting as the doorman in front of your radiant splendorous Mansion (Temple) of Mystical human experience. So I know if you come to your Door to Paradise I can support you and help you open your Door to your consciousness, heart and soul and Mysticism will give you a warm encouraging Embrace which you will cherish forever – a “ Monument at the Crossroads of your  Inspiration.”

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   A.- Your Personal Mystical Experience today

   I'm offering this class to share your Mysticism with you. In the  Mystic  Blake’s  Vision of Heaven  we are all climbing up a mountain and I am reaching up for the Ones above me and I'm reaching out to you as we move upwards Mystically. I have had major and minor Mystical Experience for 50 years. Anyone can have a Mystical Experience and many people do. Maybe you've got a Cosmic Invitation from the Living Creator (God, Brahma, The Creator, Holy Sun, The Cosmos) to come to Their Illustrious Residence. Creation touches people Mystically to help them be conscious of Their Mystical Presence.

    Then the rest is up to you.

    People don't know how to have another Mystical Experience but maybe they have a natural desire and interest in this. Mysticism is an exact  Aligned  Science that manifests according to the Laws of Creation and Living Elements of Cosmic Being. If you get consciously involved with the Laws of Creation and develop your Relationship with Cosmic Beings you have Mystical Experience every time you focus your Consciousness towards Sacred Beings and Mystical parts of yourself. This is a wonderful magical Reality we can all enjoy.

                                                                                            Questions Comments Discussion

   B.-   Mystical Laws of Creation( High Vibrations and Realms)

      1.  Cosmic Mystery (Elements we know but can't explain) 

      2.  Pain, Suffering (Teachers of necessary experience)

      3.  Light, Love (Teachers of necessary experience)

      4. The Sacred Natural Karmic Laws { (applies to us living here on Earth)( a must to live to have regular mystical experience)}

     5.  Sacrifice (giving up major fulfillment to give Service)..

     6. Karma (action and reaction are opposite and equal)***

     7. Divine Will (living the Laws of Creation).  This is my class on surrender  to the CREATOR and  the BLESSED MOTHER EARTH.***

     8. Flow [Communication, Movement of Vibratory Atoms ( Selfless and ContemplativePrayer)] .The Twelve Blessings  available thru Amazon.com,The Aetherius Society,or cchse,is the best form of mystical communication I have ever used in 60 years. 

     9. Oneness (amalgamating small Beings to create larger Ones).  

    10. Evolution (experience towards harmonious Oneness)

    11. Hard Work (Selfless Service)-these are my classes on Selfless Prayer, Healing, and how to give real significance Selfless Service. Read the Nine Freedoms available thru same sources as The Twelve Blessings for details on real Selfless Service.  You will find a fine human life  described therein.  Do not get scared off like I was in the beginning.  You will gradually start to work your way into this if you start to do it. ***

    12.  Purification in all its aspects (not necessary past a certain point in  Evolution-you ain’t gonna get there in 300 million years or a lot more).***

    13. Truth-this is One of the Laws of Creation that people misunderstand and marginalize or dismiss their responsibility for the Truth that they learn. All the Laws of Creation are Truth. If we know them and accept them we're responsible to live them. This is why I have limited my opportunities to learn more Truth. I have a tremendous amount of work to do to live the Truth of all the Classes that I teach. These were largely Wisdom which my Avatar George King gave to the whole human race. People think free will and their conscious minds are wonderful blessings. But in reality if we look at the manifestation they have brought us in the last 20 million years it is a total nightmare of demonic reality. The murders, rapes, major atomic explosions such as Atlantis and even the present day worldwide radioactive poisoning which is increasing are all the results of free will is what people have  done with their consciousness.

      I give more details in class relative to your questions about This .

                                                                                               Questions Comments Discussion

The more of these Mystical Laws of Creation we live and consciously practise the higher  our physical and spiritual Vibrations become and the more spiritual Mystical experience we have. As we fill ourselves with High Frequency Energies it's like turning up the volume and we hear and see more. We discuss these Mystical Laws in class so you can understand it more clearly. It looks like a long list and in a way it is and isn't. I live SOME OF all these Laws of Creation because I built them into my life over a period of time. You can do it much more quickly. Our religion, culture, civilization, and conscious minds distort or do not agree with or except many of these Cosmic Laws. As a result they don't have Mystical experience.

   C.-  What are the living elements of Cosmic Beings. They are 150% Mystical.

   I explain  this to you in class and we talk about it so that you understand it and are able to grasp a totally different frame of reference that exists in Mysticism but not basic human daily experience which is not Mystical. As one little example to cultivate your interest let's take the Cosmic Being we know as the Master Jesus. How does He think and feel? Is His Body made of a different substance than ours? What is His daily life experience? What did He do before he got to Earth and after He left? What is He doing today? It says in the Bible somewhere that He would come and go again as a thief in the night. This has already happened in the 1950s and 60s. If you look at the 12 Blessings and I have memorized This  so This lives in my heart; This can teach you a lot about this Great Cosmic Being. A lot of the elements of Cosmic Beings I have  carefully gathered for you from  the vast Cosmic Wisdom which was presented through the Aetherius Society to me over 40 years.

   D.-  You are reading all this through the Merciful Grace of Cosmic Beings who wanted you to have a working understanding of this so you could do something with it. Mysticism for countless centuries has been presented as  something that can't be put into words. Well I just put it into words for you.

                                                                                     Questions Comments Discussion

   E.-  The Big Picture-  Mysticism as a Living Cosmic Being is greater than anyone Therefore Creation sometimes gives special human souls like you a Mystical Experience that does not fit into anything I've said to  you so far. But I can recognize your spiritual Mystical experience or else I have enough humility to say to you that what you're telling me is beyond my  ability to grasp or comprehend. What I just said is one of the hallmark characteristics of Mysticism-practical humility.

     People are afraid of it because This threatens the status quo of their consciousness.

     People ignore it more because they're distracted rather than not interested. And depression, unhappiness and the lack of meaning in many people's lives is caused by the lack of Mystical Experience which we all deep deep within our hearts and souls have a desire to experience.

   This is in part the  Intelligent Living Magnetism that holds Planets revolving around the Holy Sun. This Is the Magnetism That Holds Thousands of Worlds in Place in a Galaxy. And you are magnetic also. This Is a Tremendous Magnificent Living Magnetism That Will Draw You to the Door of Your Mystical Mansion but You Have Got to Put in the Key and Turn the Lock and Open the Door. This Even Mysticism Will Not Do  for You Because We Were Created to Evolve As Individuals and We Cannot Evolve If Someone Carries Us like a Baby and puts us in a Reed Basket to Float down the River of Our Own Foolishness. That Is the Ancient Story of How Moses Was Found in the River Nile by the Pharaohs Wife .

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   F.- Acceptable norms of your behavior in Mystical Experience.

     Read my Introduction and Orientation to Prayer for the essentials on what is appropriate behavior. I should also add that your attitude and expectations and desires for Mystical Experience can possibly limit your ability do have this Experience. You need to give this time to unfold for you. I don't know what your timeframe is going to be. A part of this can be  Mystical Experience draws on  what you have earned in your Spiritual Bank account. If you put nothing in how can you expect something to come out. Part of this is we take for granted every day all the Mystical Experience which we are freely given but we are not on a Vibratory Plane to recognize This.

    When you take the class I also orient you on how to be able to recognize your Mystical Experience. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and I hope you're able to cultivate a desire to grasp this for yourself. Once you begin to have these Mystical Experiences in a harmonious way for yourself on a regular basis then you don't need me anymore. That's the whole idea. I offer you the opportunity to become an independent Mystic.

                                                                                         Questions Comments Discussion


   Well I have given you the basic essentials on a working Mystical Relationship for yourself. You are a Welcome Guest with the Divine. Have the courage to be a Spiritual Explorer and Pioneer. The wonderful part of this  for you is that I can share with you most of the major difficulties you may encounter which don't have to be that. Your Soul, your Body, your Spirit, the Creator, the Blessed Mother Earth, all our Solar System, all the Cosmos are living intelligent Mystical Beings or parts of Them that want to share Mystical Experience with you. I hope you don't let your conscious mind or your free well cheat you out of this and they are both very good casino owners who don't play an honest game. You deserve the innocent reward of Mysticism. I also think people are afraid of the pain and suffering and sacrifice of Mysticism but that's only part of This. Any day, Any Day, I will take the pain and the Mysticism. Or you can have the pain without Mysticism. At the end of the day when things balance out I remember and cherish my magnificent Mystical hours and moments. Generally speaking I think this is well worth your efforts as the Cosmos is very Generous with Mystical Experience. Mostly throughout the centuries we have been protected from Mysticism because we could not harmonize with this High Vibratory Energy of the Beings of Mysticisms-yes plural.

   Look at all the other classes each one of these enhances, cultivates or help you consciously develop and experience Mysticism. Naturally as a set they interface and intensify your Mysticism. They are a Map and no one arrives at the destination with only a piece of the Map(one page you scroll down on your computer). I can’t close without saying that your imagination and conscious mystical reality in the beginning can be difficult to tell apart.  But there is no identity theft in the Cosmos or mystical imposters.  A lot of channeling that is done nowadays and printed up into books as Cosmic Gospel is worth almost nothing mystically.  I’m putting this nicely. This is a historical River that will carry you  to your Ocean of Mature Mystical Higher Realms

   Did I miss something?

  Starred elements ** are things we will discuss in Class

Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

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