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                                                                                                       CLASS NOTES

                                                                                         Class Discussion Group Workshop

                                                                         How to Practise Conscious Simplicity

   1. Conscious Simplicity is a balance of being in the world and in touch with these realities, as well as having a practical inner life. I have practiced conscious simplicity for 45 years. As this  process develops in your life were a period of time you begin to see the great power that this brings you. All your great Spiritual Masters like Jesus, Buddha, George King, lived a very simple life. I have met very few spiritual people who consciously  live this way. Conscious Simplicity is like two sides of a coin. What I share in this class is how my living this unfolded.  This can unfold for you, too.  It is a very subtle process. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.  What does this mean?

    A.-  Simple material life *what you really need * desires come from where?

      1) $400,000  wristwatches, two million-dollar homes, fast food restaurants, can all be let slip away permanently. More details in class.*M.C.N.*


    B.-  Simple mental life * intellectual stimulation.

      1)  magazines, novels, Internet games, endless spiritual reading and exploration, newspapers are largely unimportant weakening of the clear pool of your consciousness. More details in class.*Master Class Notes*

    C.-  Simple auditory life

      1) music and the radio playing all day, television, trivial conversations, various audible sounds in your conscious mind can be gradually reduced to a peaceful silence of your wonderful practiced discipline. More details in class.*M.C.N.*

                                                                                         Questions   Discussion

     D.-  Simple visual life

      1) sightseeing and ocean cruises, keeping our eyes open during every waking moment, looking at people and things to see something  are forms of visual woven connected distractions. More details in class.* Master Class Notes*

     E.- Simple spiritual life.* Is this emptying the mind? What is this?*M.C.N.*

     Part of this is doing spiritual practices and selfless service that has significant personal karmic benefit. Why does this not include yoga and meditation as most people are doing these? *Master Class Notes* and see Class on Yoga and Class on  Contemplative Prayer(people call this meditation)

     1) radiating Light and Love are the only real spiritual necessities-giving Service in a balanced personal way. More details in class.*M.C.N.* See Class on Selfless Prayer

    F- Simple emotional life * emotions beyond feeling strongly stimulated which can be far greater. See Class on Cosmic Emotional Wisdom*

     1)  sex, drugs, stimulation from some of the items mentioned above, loving ourselves and others not too wisely but too well or too selfishly. Even loneliness and depression are forms of emotional stimulation. More details in class.*M.C.N.*

     G.- Simple sensory life 

       1) there are so many forms of sensory stimulation I could talk for six months. What you really need that will benefit you in your spiritual and personal  evolution can be summarized in a couple hours. More details in class.*

      H- Simple physical life.

        1) this one is tricky as exercise is necessary for good health and this can be an addictive  emotional experience. Our whole body is a sensual emotional experience 24 hours a day. How do we bring simplicity to this? *M.C.N.*

          a)                                                                         Question and Discussion

      I- If we do all things in simplicity we have a lot of free time, space and clarity.

      J.- If we practice a lifestyle of dynamic vitality, we don’t have to sleep eight to ten hours. Where do a lot of sleep needs come from?*M.C.N.*

      K.-  We can use our energy in discriminating conscious awareness or have a stream of distractions that focus on music, the Internet, TV., social life and more.

      L.-  Life can be a balance between the material and spiritual: *psychic centers’ needs and physical needs * personal needs (friendship etc.)

          a)                                                 Questions / Discussion

      N.- If we want a spiritual life we can’t spend all our time on material acquisition * inner and outer spirituality..*M.C.N.*

       a)                                                       Questions / Discussion

     O.-  Laws of Creation are simple. These can become more powerful than the modern civilizations.

     P.-  Fellowship in conscious simplicity * birds of a feather flock together * suggesting a walk * sitting watching a sunset.

     Q.-  Silence can have a place in all relationships.

     S.-Having faith in this process.

      a)                                                                      Questions/discussion

     T.-  We can love ourselves in a healthy or an unhealthy way. Simplicity is the healthy way. Why is this so? Every great spiritual teacher who came to Earth lived simply. Why did they?More details in class.*Master Class Notes* see Class on Personal Relationships Women or Men.

   Closing: this class looks very short but there will be a lot of personal discussion and dialogue about the contents of this  as it seems and appears to me most people's lives in the outer and inner world have a lot less simplicity than they could have and they suffer as a result of this in terms of their own prosperity. I purposely made this class outlines simple to impress the reality of simplicity. For in reality when we get all through talking about it and start living simply most of the details in this class disappear from our life.

   Did I miss something?

   Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

   Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.


   These classes are only an outline. There's a lot more reference material and understanding in the master class notes. I use these in a personal presentation when you come to class.Master class notes are primarily for people who can not attend a class in person. They are only available printed out on paper.) Shown as*M.C.N.* OR “*” starred  is also Master Class Notes. See Class Fees for more details.

   Note: All class material is copyright protected by my family to preserve purity and clarity of teachings, not for publication profit. If you have a copy of my genuine class notes printed on paper these are PLAINLY encrypted for authenticity. I will encrypt them for you if  you send me your downloaded printed copies of these class notes. If they're not  there is some Misalignment.  I expect you to honor this.  Sharing is fine.  Your teaching of any of this is something you must discuss or negotiate with me.  Teaching means you live it as a way of life, before you teach it.

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