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                                                                                          Your Voyage of Discovery 


                                              Introduction  To  GOD – CREATOR - GRANDFATHER SUN - KIN  

                                                                       ALL  NAMES FOR THE SAME HOLY COSMIC BEING


Before you there in the sky is the actual Sun that our religions call Grandfather Sun and others God,or Brahma, This is not a white beard Many people are unconscious of God as an actual Being who has a physical spiritual Presence they can see with their eyes if  they look in the right place.

  Yet this is the Heart and Soul of most religions and the essence of human spirituality. But people don't know where the Heart is. Religions don't teach them because they don't know or forgot except as a vague intellectual concept called  FAITH .We easily identify with other people with bodies like ours of similar size. Historically we have been afraid of Mythical Giants  bigger than us. The Holy Sun as a Living Cosmic Being has a different shaped Body than us and is Present in the Sky all day.

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   The Conscious Physical Reality of The Creators’ Presence can unfold  before you in a good way if you will courageously allow and cultivate this Experience .

    You may go outside on a nice sunny  weekend and there is the Sun. You may feel it's too hot or put on sunglasses. You can go sit in the shade and be comfortable where you can still see the Sun. ed Caucasian reaching down from the heavens.

    Creation made this God close to home for us as a Personal Being we can see and have a conscious relationship with. For God as the Cosmos and all Creation is too magnificentally colossal for us to embrace.

 Just look at the millions of Stars (Suns and Planets) in the Sky. The Sun you see in the sky is a glorious Aspect of the totality of God's Being. Some call this The Creator. Children draw a Picture of the Sun with a Smiling Face.

  We are but tiny Souls and even the size of God as the Sun in our Solar System can overwhelm and frighten us as the Paradox is there is no place to hide and no reason  to. We don't have to feel guilty because we didn't know before today.

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   And so today is your special day to begin to have a conscious relationship with God-The Creator-Brahma as the Sun.

   You can have a meaningful experience by Karmically developing your relationship consciously, we call this Praying.

   You can offer God a little reverent thought of your sincere gratitude right now.

    On Sundays some of us go into a Church, or Temple we call God's House-this is the One that we built. In actuality, in some ways, we are more in God's House outside where we can see and feel the Warmth from the Heart of God – the Holy Sun. Churches in one way are for the rough weather and night time  as a place to Pray and worship God. The class I offer you as an Introduction to your Communication with God gives you all the details on how to do this successfully indoors or outdoors. You need to have faith in yourself. You can go to a minister in your Church or Temple and they might  tell you we don't do that ( offer Prayer to the  Sun).

    But you do have spiritual liberty.

    These classes are only an outline. There's a lot more reference material and understanding in the Master Class Notes. I use these in a personal presentation when you come to class.

   Master class notes are primarily for people who can not attend a class in person. They are only available printed out on paper. These are shown here on your outline as: Master Class Notes or M.C.N.* or *Starred* See more details under Class Fees.

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    I need to offer you now some spiritual authority for these statements. The greatest Cosmic Wisdom about God today as the Holy Sun is in The Twelve Blessings which is available through the Aetherius Society or Amazon.com. These Truths came from a Cosmic Avatar Yogi called George King (1919-1997). He channeled The Twelve Blessings in a higher state of detached Samadhic consciousness from the Master we know as Jesus.

    The minor authority is my conscious Initiations (meaning my Spirit gave these to me) as a Poet, Servant of God, Member Initiate in the The Aetherius Society, Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth. It's important to restate and clarify these  as pure Sacred Energy I'm offering to you now (translated into the words you're reading ) on this Subject-God as the Sun in the Heavens. I'm sharing this so you can practically trust your opportunity for Spiritual Experience with God. These were all direct Conscious Initiations. Servant of God (in 1980) most of you know as a priest or minister. Poet  (in 1965) which is Heart Energy developed as a Cosmic Metaphysical Poet over a period of 30 years. I know people's attitudes about these things. Let's be blunt and frank these Initiations came only through tremendous suffering, sacrifice, hard work, and loving care for other human beings over a period of 50 years. Being a Member Initiate in the Aetherius Society(30+ years) is a Boundless Spiritual path where I have always found myself lacking in Devotion as a primary motivation. Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth some people would call a Shaman: reality finds this to be a natural priest. I am humbled by sincere Native Shamans. This means I love the Mother Earth more than myself and I suffered a little bit with Her as Her Pain at the hands of humanity could totally destroy  me.

   How well I know you can hide from this reality in the darkness of your conscious mind. Or you  can have a partial consciousness of the reality of God as the Sun. Neither one will do you very much good and time will pass. I have been there. 

    We need to be conscious of our imperfections and act anyway and love God through Prayer with reverence and respect.

    If we don't develop this Relationship, God will not develop This for us nor can I. I can help you and support you in the Grandeur of the enfoldment of your Consciousness as a Goddess or God (a tiny One).And I will tell you now when you have enough practise men look like the the old statues of Buddha. That is not His curly hair as I thought This was but the Light from The Creator-The Sun pouring down from His Spirit over His Consciousness. And for women The Statue of Liberty is a similar Illuminated Radiance  of The Suns' Light and Love flowing Through Her body and Spirit.If you took a picture in one millionth of a second there is her  glorious Crown-God- The Suns' Light pouring forth from her head in majestic Glory.And She holds high her Torch fueled with the Light of God also.I have had these experiences.You may have them also.I introduce you to your Opportunity.

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    Look over the class notes on Formal  Introduction to Communication with God. It's all there from my own experience with God as the Mighty Sun. If you save this small pamphlet  and read it again you can find a wonderful Renaissance for your Soul with your God. That is only if you download and install and use this Program in the right way. As an Icon on your IPhone or laptop-if you don't learn to radiate Light and offer this to God it's almost worthless.

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    In the East this is called God Consciousness and a much sought after state of mind. I had 13 years of formal spiritual education and I did not learn and act upon what I'm sharing here with you because they didn't teach it to me or give me the practical guidance. I can teach you the basics in a week.  The guidance takes time. I Pray in Spanish (specialized language training) and English.

  Please look at the Chart One below showing you some of the Luminescent, Radiant, Cosmic Energies of the Creators’ Being.

   I have 30 years experience Praying to God as the Sun inside and outside. It is two totally different worlds inside a Temple or outside  in the direct Sunlight.

  See Chart Eight( not available online) and look at the Energetic Wheels at the bottom of the Chart to see the difference in how much more Light from God The Sun you can send outside than inside.I have experienced this both ways more than a hundred times so I know most surely.This is why I am a Servant of God and a urban Shaman to share your Opportunity as I experienced this before and after you might if you have the courage.

   So far this is all words but they are in the “language of direct action” so I hope you venture forth on your Voyage of Spiritual Discovery. This will take you to your Paradise and Heaven. You will return to earth to live your daily life.

   I realize that most of you have a conscious mind and free will therefore let me caution you that your direct experience of God  Can Be a Wonderful Memorable Mystical Treasure, a traumatic nightmare,or  next to Nothing at all. You do have to learn how to make your own personal adjustments. God will not adjust Their Being to suit you. Before you start to look at my Class Notes  make a conscious decision about everything as presented here to you.

   I feel if you read this and understand it and accept it in your heart you're responsible to act upon it and you cannot cast this  aside. Well you can but then you will suffer. There is no need to.. You make a commitment whether you are conscious or unconscious of this.

   Free will is coming to an end and then there will be no choice in this matter. Here's a chance for you to prepare and I will help you do this for yourself. You can say I'm not ready.

  Guess what?

My Classes help you to get ready. I said all this because I care about you as your human spiritual friend. This is your Golden Opportunity.

   Opportunity is more powerful than Prophets and Conquerors.

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                                                                                                         Class Notes

                                                                                            Class- Discussion Group- Workshop

       Formal Introduction to Communication with God (Brahma,Mighty Creator, Grandfather Sun, Kin, All the Same Holy Being)


                                                                                           Historical Background

    For millions of years historically and unconsciously our bodies and souls have only taken Light and Love and Sustenance from God and the Mother Earth 24 hours a day. There has not been any conscious practical gratitude expressed by us more than a few moments here or there on a weekly basis.

    It’s only with Selfless Cosmic Prayers( see class on selfless prayer) that we praise these Beings in a balanced profound way, and offer some Higher Vibratory Octaves of quality Energy to them and a quantity within our capacity.

    This is what my classes and teaching/guidance are for – to help you develop your living relationship with these Beings and more past taking Them for granted. They give you benefit  and  a pure Love freely without jealousy, limitations, manipulation, selfishness, or dishonesty our human relationships often may bring us.  *M.C.N.*

   I have wonderful mystical experience every day with my Spirit, God and the Mother Earth which I did not have for the first 55 years of my life, largely speaking.

   I live with  Higher Vibratory Octaves of Consciousness a lot of the time. I live on Earth with my feet on the ground not on some other Higher  Dimension as people say( but actually Realm)  as many spiritual  people think they will experience. We're in a body all of us. Living Permanently  on Higher Realms(Ascension)  is only earned through lifetimes of Selfless Service. 

    I have a Higher Vibratory Consciousness without the use of psychedelics. You can learn to do the same in your own way. If you learn to consciously live the Laws of Creation and especially the Sacred Natural Karmic Law (Mother Earth) you can raise and maintain your own Higher Vibratory Consciousness. This is well explained in my sets of class notes for your Higher Vibratory Consciousness to develop as a way of life.

                                                                                      Questions- Comments-Group Discussion

   What words are there to express the illustrious beauty of knowing great Beings like God and the Mother Earth are personally conscious of you as an individual and care about you?  This awareness comes in time.   

    I spent years developing my consciousness of THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS of me.

    And They will make This  known to you if you make the conscious effort and Pray (offer Love to Them) until faith becomes your personal Reality.

                                                                                     Questions-Comments– Group Discussion

   1. Orientation to our relationship with God

    a.  Who and where is God.Brahma,The Creator(All Names for the same Holy Cosmic Being) In Heaven as the Sun in the Sky.

    b.  The Yoga channeled Holy Books’ Seventh Blessing  is a Prayer to the Sun available through the Aetherius Society or Amazon.com.The  Book title is The Twelve Blessings.

   1)  if you didn't follow the order of my classes see the Class on Introduction and Orientation to Prayer to give you the basic details on praying. Then see the Class on Selfless Prayer as this is the proper way to learn how to offer Light and Love to the Creator – God. Do not use the instructions from the Class on Contemplative Prayer. It doesn't work that way. It is how you hold your hands and express your words using your Soul and heart that makes a good prayer.

    If you learn to do this right you will have majestic wonderful experiences for a lifetime with the Creator. It only takes practice and putting yourself totally into it.

    a)  Need for reverence, respect, humility, space, boundaries, sobriety,  and other elements God has that we cultivateI will give you more details on this in my master class notes on Selfless Prayer. These are absolute essentials.

     b)  Other elements are full attention, no familiarity, need for purification, practical daily awareness so we don’t take God for granted. Strength, God is a direct Psychic Spiritual Physical Holy Presence.

 Questions… does everyone understand so far?

                                                                               Questions Comments Discussion

   2- God as All Creation and Galaxies and the Universe and also an Unmanifested Being.  This is the Twelfth Blessing from The Twelve Blessings.

                                                                                  Questions-Comments-Group Discussion

   3- The Karmic risk of practically forgetting or casting aside the truth of God’s Existence.

   4- Getting distracted as an unconscious or conscious fear of Grandfather Sun. There is also free will and the conscious mind which can conveniently forget the Presence of the Creator as the Sun in the sky before us. Convenience and distraction are the uncles of illusion or dreamtime. I have spent years there so I do know.

                                                                       Questions-Comments – Group Discussion

   5- God’s Existence

     a.  Stories from the Bible, Koran, Upanishads and more

     b.   Pictorial, poetic, musical (Wagner’s classical music).

 Classical music nurtures the psychic centers and is God’s creation. Free  will music is not and makes plants sick. Read The Secret Life of Plants. Gospel music is a mix of divine and free will.  An example is When Jesus Walked sung by the Harlem Choir in a movie I saw. We have very little clearly written, mature (emotional or spiritual) Truths about God. Why do I mention this here?

    6- God’s characteristics

      a.  Truth, *Light, *Love, *Healing, *Inspiration, *Prana, *Mysterious Unknown Characteristics, *Solar flares knock out our GPS satellites, why?  *The Creator sees us, *listens to us, *has a very Evolved Consciousness, *has Psychic Centers, *a Heart and *Soul and Spirit.

We will discuss all the* starred* elements in Class.

     7-  Here is a magnificent beautiful, loving Being largely misunderstood, blasphemed, and criticized. We did this over the centuries out of ignorance, fear, guilt, free will, and personal egotism to name a few.

   When God personally relates to you through your Yogic Higher Self (Spirit) or spiritual disciplines, you begin to appreciate this Solar Lord. Here is a wonderful, compassionate, caring Being Who will help you quickly stride through Evolution if you do the hard work and make the sacrifices Selfless Service can demand.It’s about having a balanced, holistic Relationship with God.

                                                                     Questions/Comments/Group Discussion

   I am giving you a totally different picture of God as a Reality, shared with me by Ascended Cosmic Masters and my Master and personal experience through Prayer and Inspiration.

   8-  God as a Lens – selects Cosmological Energy for us

   9- The Creator As-Protection *Sunlight, *ionosphere,  *Heliosphere,* Divine Will

   We will discuss all the* starred* elements  in class.  M.C.N.*


    10-God is selfless and has mature feelings. God’s Body is not like ours, but you can see God’s amalgamated Psychic Centers and Body. Most of us can’t see the spiritual soul of another person or being.

     11- What does this  one major visible Aspect of God's Being show us?

     12-Evolved over millions of years. God has Feelings above our ability to feel because these emotions are of a Higher Vibratory    ( Dimension as people say but actually Realm) Realm.

     14-God relates to other Planets, Suns, and the Galaxy and beyond into Cosmic Mystery.

     15-The Ninth Freedom is about God’s Existence . (In the Nine Freedoms available through the Aetherius Society or my family).

                                                                         Comments – Questions – Group Discussion

    16- What does God do for us?

        A-During the last twenty million years and today *Light, Love, Prana, *Created our bodies, hearts, Souls and Spirits

                       B. God’s miracles for us: *Moses and parting the Red Sea *God recently created 19 Holy Mountains.* sent Teachers:Jesus,Krishna,Buddha,Lao Tse, Mohammed,Pacal Votan,George King, Lord Buddha and Jesus sent twice. These are interesting Cosmic Stories. Ask and I'll share them in class. M.C.N.*

   We will discuss the *starred* elements in class.


    17-  MCN*: SPECIAL PRALAYA The Creator performed EXPLAINED in class.

        A-COSMIC MISSIONS: Operation Sunbeam, Saturn Mission, Operation Prayer Power, SER, Operation Space Magic, Operation Bluewater, and there's more I can mention if you are open minded and openhearted. These are Holy Works our Creator has given us to do in sharing the New Age of the Mother Earth with This Goddess. The scientific spiritual technology of these Holy Missions are millions of years beyond our present historical Karmic Reality. Explained in class.

    18-. Why does the word “breath” mean inspire?

    19-  Brahma (God) gave us Cosmic Truth beyond what we ever had until recently in our total existence. The Nine Freedoms, The 12 Blessings, the Practices of Aetherius, The Twelve Blessings in Spanish and English, You Too Can Heal, Your Higher Self Through Yoga, and a lot of Cosmic Truth was given by the Avatar George King in his Holy Teachings.

   20- Immortality (Ascension) is a Blessing from God when we earn it through many lifetimes of selfless service. It is not ripe fruit you are looking to pick freely.

     1)                                                                                               Discussions – – – Comments

      a. It is worth noting so it doesn't slip by you that I made your discussion and comments  a part of God's Miracles (16 B) This is your opportunity to get consciously and personally involved in God's Miracles. As my Avatar would say ‘Woman or man work Miracles through the Creator, the Creator does not do Miracles for us.’    

   21-What do we do for God?

        a)- Write down in the last week of 168 hours what you did for the Creator and the time you put into it.

        b) God’s Divine Will and Surrendering Free Will to do something for God as an act of caring, personal love.

        c) Prayer offered to Grandfather Sun.

        d) Doing Healing Service for others using the Energy of God’s Being.

        e) Prayer with others to the Majestic Creator. Inquire about group prayer services where  you can do the Eighth Blessing together if you're interested.

             The Aetherius Society holds regular Divine Services and at some of them  the beautiful Holy Blessing to the Majestic SUN is played in its entirety while we pray This Blessing.  

            f) Sacrifice to God. This can take many different wonderful forms. In the Aetherius Society you will find an opportunity to share in a magnificent Sacrifice to God.

       22-Why is becoming conscious of Brahma  like peeling an onion? Who is the onion? Are there tears?

          a.                                                                                   Comments-Questions-Group Discussion

       23- God’s Being as an Energy to manifest.

          A- What is this? Light *Love *Sacrifice *Inspiration *Suffering *Compassion *Oneness

*Starred* elements discussed in class. M.C.N.*

    24- Necessity for guidance especially in Praying outside.  I have a master class you can take for advanced students only. This is a wonderful awesome majestic experience when you pray outside and focus DIRECTLY ON THE SUN. But you have to learn how to do it properly or this can be very dangerous. I have been doing this for 20 years. 

        A- God cannot diminish This Ones’ Being for us. We need to govern the flow of God’s Light and Love through our souls and minds and hearts in a balanced way.    

b)                                                                                             -Comments-Questions-Group discussion

   25- Mayan Wisdom from the Avatar Pacal Votan about The Creator (KIN in Mayan language) and us. I give special mention in this class to Mayan Wisdom because the Mayan Calendar ended  only to signify the beginning of the Time Sequence which started on July 8, 1964. This was when the Mother Earth had Her Rebirth-(Pralaya). Pacal  knew within less than 50 years when this would be. This was why His Calendar ended, not to signify the end of the world. This was majestic chronological Heraldry.

  26-Dr. José Arguelles was the only Disciple of Pacal Votan to present to the Western world the Mayan Wisdom in his Holy Book the Mayan Factor. This is summarized from Dr. Arguelles directly in A, B, C, D,E below. See more details in my class on the Blessed Mother Earth.


    a. Purify *Mentally *Emotionally *Spiritually *Physically *Psychically. M.C.N.*

     2012 is unfolding today.  We share in this or eventually absolutely suffer tragedy.

     We will discuss the* starred* elements in class

      c. Alignment. What this means as an amalgamation of Purify, Alignment, Radiate, and Mayan Calendar. The vast Cosmic importance of Alignment by Itself relative to the Laws of Creation and Cosmic Values relative to God, Mother Earth, and more.

      d. Radiate. This is Prayer which is the language of consciously allowing the Higher Vibrational Energies of Higher Vibratory Beings to flow through us 24 hours a day. It only takes practise

   e.  Mayan Calendar. Pacal Votan and other great spiritual scientists often speak symbolically with multiple meanings of their Truth. This is how the Mayan calendar translates into Western spiritual culture. What do these two words(Mayan Calendar) mean for us?


   f. Discussion

   27. Relating to God during the day. What is this?

    a. This is where your own courageous creative individuality comes into play. You figure out how to express thoughts of reverent gratitude and appreciation.

    b. DON’T DRIVE AND PRAY, IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. In class I will tell you about the many accidents I had praying and driving. The prayer is great but you split your consciousness because of the blockages in your physical and spiritual bodies and this causes a blind spot why you're looking out the window and driving. And I mean a inner and outer blind spot.

    c. There is no substitute for the Prayers from the Evolved Master Jesus, by which I mean I say these before I say may own individual generic prayers of gratitude.

    d.                            Comments/ Questions/ Discussion  

   28- Why is the Energy of God’s Being millions of times more Karmically beneficial to your Soul than that of another human being?

   29- If you follow exactly the general guidelines I have given you this is a safe, beautiful, mystical, luminous experience with God

   30- God as a Cosmic Fire you can experience. Eventually in the New Age which is now, you will have to experience it. I strongly suggest you don’t wait.


                                                                           Comments-Group Discussion – Questions


a- Did I miss something?


Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

Note: All class material is copyright protected by my family to preserve purity and clarity of teachings, not for publication profit. If you have a copy of my genuine class notes printed on paper these are PLAINLY encrypted for authenticity. I will encrypt them for you if  you send me your downloaded printed copies of these class notes. If they're not  there is some Misalignment.  I expect you to honor this.  Sharing is fine.  Your teaching of any of this is something you must discuss or negotiate with me.  Teaching means you live it as a way of life, before you teach it.

The Light from the Creator (Brahma, the Sun, God, all the same Holy Being)

People do not know what Light looks like yet we’re surrounded by this every day. It is so pure we can not even see the color. So I drew you a picture. I only used pure colors which are traditionally associated with Sunlight-yellow and orange. This is the Light we can consciously send out through our soul (chakras) in selfless prayer. It will not unconsciously flow out.T

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address or email. I would appreciate your response.

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