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   This is a very important profound class, workshop that most people ignore, don't like and don't practice. It's an aspect of spiritual diet or I should say the diet of Higher Physical Vibrations. It helps to raise your Vibrations onto a Higher  Vibratory Realm ( improperly called Dimension) and you live there in your body here on Earth.  This is done physically,consciously, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It all ties together as a web. This helps to raise the vibrations of your Consciousness and have  a relationship  which is more clear and greater with your Soul and your Spirit as well as a better relationship with the Mother Earth and God and real Ascended Cosmic Masters and Avatars- if you develop this. I've been doing it for 35 years. For humility let me say I've been developing these Relationships for less time. And I don't like this and I never have but I do it anyway. The essence of mastery is balanced harmonious discipline.

                                                                                              SPECIAL CLASS NOTES

      Purification along with spiritual diet, yoga breathing, fasting (a form of purification I want to do a lot more of), Prayer (Selfless and Contemplative), Selfless Service,spiritual common sense, conscious simplicity gives you the consciousness Mystics and people who use psychedelic and psychotropic plants have 24 hours a day and you have your feet on the ground and function according to acceptable human norms of behavior. Most of your old Saints and Mystics did conscious or unconscious purification and got the same results either way – well almost. It's a wonderful amazing simple lifestyle which is safe and has no risk if you do it right. And it has none of the bad side effects of drugs this is what I teach you so it's a priceless class.

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  I don't like this purification and never have for the forty years  (1975 to ) I have done this. We learn to master likes and dislikes on the spiritual path.

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   Why is Purification important?

   All Evolved Beings: Avatars, Ascended Cosmic Masters, great Enlightened Beings,(compassionate healers and those who pray  and make a total life of this  24hrs a day), the Mother Earth, God (Brahma, the Holy Sun, all the same Being)  live on a vibratory Higher Realm (improperly called Dimension) they don't need to do the Purification that we Need to do as human beings. Their vibrations are on a permanent higher vibratory Realm 24 hours a day. For centuries we have been shielded from their Higher Vibrations. That is coming to an end because shielding us has deprived Them which is not karmically balanced. In simple English it's not fair. Purification raises your vibrations so you can communicate  There and have a personal Relationship with These Beings at any time so to speak. Purification brings you up, raises you to Their level in a comparable way. If you do not consciously do this your vibrations are not on a higher vibratory Realm.

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  If you ride the subway all the time, you never see the Sun in the sky. Prayer (Service) is a  part  of spiritual purification and necessary to realize what I just stated in a complete way.

What are the forms of purification?

   1. Fasting purifies your body, mind, emotions and Soul. Fasting can be dangerous  unless done properly. We discuss how to do this properly in class.

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   2. Diet – raw fruits and vegetables – through a transition diet. I give details on this in my class on  diet.

   3. Exercise – walking is  the  best form – I give details in class.

   4. Prayer and Affirmation can get a higher vibration flowing through you.

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   5. Yoga breathing – See  Practice Your Higher Self through Yoga which is a Holy Booklet available through the Aetherius Society or my family. This was worth mentioning twice.

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   6.  Selfless Service brings Higher Vibratory Energies into your life

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   7. Mental purification. What is it? (Hint: part of Conscious Simplicity)

   8. Emotional purification. What is it?

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    9. Personal purification[ (personality, ego, conscious mind)(you don't kill them you discipline them which is part of #10 below.] This has a balanced proper order in our personal spiritual life. The old spiritual books about this suffered in translation and were distorted through time.

   10. Spiritual purification. This happens through the unfoldment of many things listed here and discussed in class as a balanced working set of experiences.Free will and the conscious mind are cultivated into Divine Will and Superconsciousness from your Spirit.

   11. Spiritual common sense. What is it?

   I give more details on all of this in class. It looks like a lot but it's  a way of life that gradually unfolds on an inner and outer basis that evolves for you and expands all the time if you do the practical work. How do you make the change? It's a sure, slow, gradual one and you need to  make a written record of your personal combination of transformational events as they happen so that you get enough results to keep you motivated to go forward and upwards into your Higher Vibratory Realms (improperly called Dimensions).It's different for each of us how your Spirit and God and the Blessed Mother Earth will manifest for you. So many people want to ignore  major aspects of spirituality and think they are still Evolving.

   I talk about Higher Vibratory Realms quite a bit. Everything in the Cosmos is vibrating on a higher or lower conscious Realm (Dimension is improper  term). You cannot live in both places at once you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

   Sacrifice and Suffering are subtle aspects of purification. I know very few people who do any meaningful significant sacrifice. People are afraid of giving up some aspect of their personal or spiritual needs in the right way. There are balanced  healthy forms of Evolving and Suffering as well as destructive ones. To eat a lot of sugar and meat for years creates arthritis or diabetes  and you suffer pain. But these habits are not healthy suffering  and do not raise our vibrations.

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                                                                    Inspiration in our history with Cosmic Beings

    We need to do purification that the Mother Earth and God do not. They did it a long time ago. Because  we did not live the Laws of Creation by choice for millions of years the  Holy Mother Earth had to hold up Her Higher Vibrational Life because we could not live on that Higher Vibratory Plane with  Her She was on then  simply because we did not raise our vibrations up there. She cannot and will not do this for us. Nor can I do it for you everybody has to do it for themselves. I've worked very hard at this and that's why I teach this class from my experience. We can be inspired by another for a moment but they cannot inspire us for 24 hours a day. This is our Evolutionary responsibility. The word breath means to inspire.

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   Divine Will

   I need to mention Divine Will  as  a part of the process of Purification. It's important to develop this flow of Energy from your Spirit  through you 24 hours a day consciously. Free will is a lower vibration not one of purification because the Creator advised us not to choose this millions of years ago. Divine Will is a purifying Vibration of the Higher Realms (improperly called Dimensions). I have been developing this Divine Will within myself for eight years, since I became conscious of the  evolutionary necessity for my consciousness  (Soul +?)

Special  Note on Divine Will

This is a beautiful aspect of Cosmic Wisdom that I want to give you some reassurance on for the sake of your new identity of Divine Will when you establish this. We are so afraid of losing the identity of our consciousness. This is never done in Creation. It's only Cosmic Common Sense and we all have a little of it   that if we were created as an individual to Evolve no one would take this away from us – such would negate our creation as a Soul and Spirit. What I'm learning is my Divine Will becomes more of my personal Divine Will  so this will have aspects of our personality and ego(oh yes ego) that are in harmony with the Laws of Creation. Now your  yoginis’(women) or yogis’ achieve Divine Will after they've done yoga practices for a long time. They experience Divine Will when they raise or lower their Kundalini  in its entirety. My great Yogi Avatar George King could do this in 3 min, after He did years of yoga breathing. This Cosmic Consciousness – Samadhi(Eastern  terminology) –Divine Will  are all aspects of purification. It's a much slower process to manifest Divine Will  in your life without the Yoga.

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   Let us honor the Holy Truth that Muhammad taught this.(Divine Will) Let us honor the wonderful Holy Wisdom of the Koran.

   Another example of One having Divine Will enfolded into their personality is the great Cosmic Master (Ascended) Saint  Goo Ling. Now He is Ascended  He speaks with an Asian accent but He certainly wasn't Asian in all His reincarnations. But this individuality is a personal aspect of his Divine Will. I do have a class on surrender to your Spirit. This is only taught to advanced students who are living the Truth as a way of life. That's not my idea. Ask and I'll tell you the wonderful story about this.

   As you can see there are many aspects of Purification which are physical and spiritual. If you don't do the physical you deny  the Holy Mother Earths’ role in your life of Her Sacred Natural Karma which is a reality eventually we all have to face. Many people do the wonderful health diet and no Selfless Service. They lose the great Evolutionary physical aspect. I hope you have faith in yourself to embrace this wonderful reality as a lifestyle. When you do you are possibly permanently motivated to radiate pure Light into Creation. What I took 55 years to learn and practice you can learn in two years. My devotion to my valiant Cosmic Avatar George King Who lived Cosmic Wisdom far more than I ever did has brought me to the portal of your existence.

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   I hope you're not intimidated or put off by certain aspects of the spiritual path I mentioned here. When we work in harmony with Creation things unfold in a wonderful beautiful way for us personally. And you have the marvelous  benefit of being supported personally by many  kindhearted people  who will help you in a caring human way. I had to do it largely alone. That was real difficult. Yours can be relatively much more simple – still the hard work – then mine has been. Let's cooperate, that is how the world will change and ourselves also. The Spiritual Path is not a dreary nasty place like many people make it out to be today. This scares people off which should not be the case. The big secret is to move forward according to your individual capacity in a balanced way.

   Did I miss something?

   Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

   Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

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