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                                                                      The Mother Earth as a Sacred Conscious Living Being

   We can have a momentary thought or consciousness or  fleeting feeling about the  Earth as a Living Being  but unless this is practically integrated into our life and our heart as some sort of regular action on our part it has almost no real meaningful value for us. She doesn't live for us but She can live with us in our hearts and souls.

   There are many aspects to this Wisdom in our daily reality which we discuss in this class. Primarily this is how to bring them to life for ourselves with Her.

   If you read all this class outline and then get yourself a copy of The Twelve Blessings (available through www.aetherius.org or Amazon.com) and read the Seventh Blessing to start this will give you a tremendous Orientation to the Existence of the Blessed Mother Earth. This is Transcendent Pure Wisdom about This Goddess and You and the rest of the races on Earth.  The beauty of this Blessing is that it is also a Prayer you can say and that is the language of Communication with the Goddess Terra.

   And now after 35 years with this Blessing memorized and said  in its entirety from my hearts with my total being this devotional practice has unfolded for me to become a Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth.


                                                                    Formal Introduction to Communication with the Mother Earth      

                                             The Planet, Mother Nature, Gaia, Nature, the Blessed Mother Earth  ( all the Same Cosmic Being)                        



Most of us just don't think of the Planet as a Living Conscious Intelligent Being with a extraordinary Cosmic Heart ,Soul and Spirit. Or if we do think this is a momentary Thought that passes through our mind or we dismiss this very quickly.


 We tend to take the Planet for granted. Our footsteps cover 1000 places where we should've knelt. We purchase a mortgage which gives us faux rights to a home we have not asked Her for. Who is grateful for the warmth of Her Clothing?

 It's an accident of our birth as we’re not taught as children that the Planet is a living Cosmic Being. And we are not shown how to have a loving conscious Relationship with this Exalted Cosmic Goddess. Please look at the Chart showing some of The           Beautiful Majestic Cosmic Energies that Flow in to Her  and Outwards into Creation as well as You.

 She Thinks, Feels, Breathes, Meditates and Communicates with Other Cosmic Planetary Beings. .SHE HAD A HIGH VIBRATORY OCTAVE  MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO before we ever got here.

 In this class we share some understanding of Her Life and the changes being made to the world which are the result of Her Pralaya (Rebirth) in 1964. This is Her New Age which we share in through Her Merciful Grace. It is more Her New Age than ours.

 We also discuss the tragic changes we have made to the world and the old imperfect concept of dominating or harnessing Nature becomes scientific Karmic foolishness. We harness our horse not the Sacred Natural Vibratory Octaves of Karmic Law relative to an Intelligent Planetary Being. Oh yes you can cast this aside and remain unconscious. But these days are                coming to an end. What do I mean coming to an end?*M.C.N. marvelous revelations there 

 For She is having a new Higher  Octave Vibratory Life of Her Rebirth (1964) as an earned meritoriously demanded Experience Cycle. She did not demand this, Karma Did THROUGH  HER MERITED LIFE THRU MILLIONS OF YEARS OF HER EXPERIENCE WITH WE HUMAN rascals to put it nicely.SHE suffered greatly. These Karmic Lords  mete out Justice into Manifestation throughout the Cosmos.

 I think we would all agree using a little spiritual common sense that once Something is brought into Manifestation in the Cosmos (Karma) we need to learn how to go along with This.But most of us are afraid to learn to manipulate our Karma. This is a new concept which the Valiant Avatar George King brought to humanity on Earth. This is called working with your Karma selflessly. I am learning to do this so you can too. This means dramatically consciously changing your active patterns of behavior in relationship to the Blessed Mother Earth. This is in Manifestation Today as your opportunity to grasp.

 This class shows you how to share Her Life Harmoniously.

                                                           Comments – Questions- Group Discussion


                                                             Formal Introduction to Communication with the Mother Earth

                                                                                           Master Class Notes

                                                                        CLASS WORKSHOP and DISCUSSION GROUP

These classes are only an outline. There's a lot more reference material and understanding in the master class notes. shown as MCN* or *starred* I use these in a personal presentation when you come to class.Master class notes are primarily for people who can not attend a class in person. They are only available printed out on paper. See Class Fees for more details on Master Class Notes. There are an additional 2400 words (40% more)  in master class notes on the Blessed Mother Earth.

                                              Historical Background on the Goddess Terra – the Mother Earth and You

Prior to now we did not know much about the Mother Earth, Herself as a Living Conscious Being. Everything I present in this class is from only a few major new sources.  That is because most information we had up till now was about physical aspects of the Mother Earth, and much of this physical aspect  was manifested by Terra for humanity to have a livable home.  Some outstanding Lady Writers, Shamans, Wiccans (Natural Priestesses), Mayan Truth (the Mayan Factor), the Cosmic Avatar Jesus (gave the Twelve Blessings), and the Cosmic Yogi George King, are my major sources of Truth and Holy Wisdom  presented.  I give you a partial sample, so that you get a picture of the Mother Earth that you can personally serve and get to know.  That’s how we develop any Relationship, by putting time, loving effort and attention into it.  You will receive wonderful conscious benefits, if you invest some of your experience in these ways:  outdoor experience, Prayer, Study, sharing your thoughts and feelings and life with the Mother Earth in your own way, and with other people who care about the Goddess Terra. It is about learning to do some Selfless PRACTICAL Service for the Goddess Terra.

  There is great advanced spiritual work being done for the Mother Earth by the Aetherius Society, called Operation Sunbeam.  This Cosmic Mission gives back some Holy Energy to the Mother Earth for all we receive.  You can share in this and it is worth looking into. 

 I have supported the Aetherius Society for 35 years, in part because they do something significant for the Mother Earth, Herself.

  This can be your treasure of personal loving Care for Mother Nature also. I have spent 35 years studying, reflecting and sharing in Cosmic work and Prayer for the Blessed Mother Earth.

  You can read books, go to lectures, watch educational TV and movies, but unless you act on these things it is almost of no value to the Goddess Terra.  With Environmental and Conservation organizations – look around, nothing much has happened – the oceans around the world have less than 10% of the fish left in them, and are out of balance. But for humility, respect and self-effacing appreciation I need add  that many organizations such as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace have worked very hard to accomplish some things in our world. And if these organizations had the financial backing they should've been given by many metaphysical and New Age people they would've accomplished much more. Many times their wonderful initiatives which would've become public law were defeated by money. Right now today we have a tremendously dangerous reality of nuclear radiation in Japan at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. This is being resolved in a way which compounds the terrible radioactive risks to the world and the Blessed Mother Earth by unskilled uneducated workers hired  through organized Japanese gangster labor brokers. Hard to believe this is direct from the New York Times on March 17, 2014. On the facing page in this issue of the Times there is a ludicrous full-page ad which promotes greater nuclear power use in the United States. The article also stated  how these destitute men working to clean up this radioactivity at Fukushima also get drunk the night before. Our ignorant abuse of nuclear power has caused the  Goddess Terra terrible suffering for many years. Our primitive nuclear technology does not even measure all the levels of radioactivity.

  People just dismiss this.  It need not continue to be a tragedy.  


                     Questions Comments Discussion. Any feelings you  wish to share

A. What is “partial consciousness” of the Blessed Mother Earth?

This is what most people have and little knowledge of Her Heart, Soul and Consciousness and Her Life Experiences. People might love to go to the beach or  the Park or camping. This is because they feel some of Her Being there as a relaxing peaceful experience. But this doesn't mean that they have conscious knowledge of Her Planetary existence.

  a) Nature lovers: Why do some people enjoy being outdoors in the woods or parks or beaches outdoors? What is happening emotionally and spiritually when they go there? Read some Amazing details in the master class notes*MCN

      And More details for those who attend class in person.

  b) Outdoorsmen* lady naturalists. These people experience the Mother Earth and receive Her Energies in the forests or on a lake. What does the Mother Earth get back from them while they are? As human beings sometimes our presence is sufficient for another human being. Unless we consciously offer our Light and Love to the Mother Earth we are taking  Energy from Her. We don't necessarily consciously  see this but we definitely feel the difference between a city street and swimming in warm tropical water or sitting relaxed at our campsite. She is more of a Spiritual Being than a Physical One. *MCN has splendid provocative details

                     More details in class-in person also.


B. How a more complete consciousness unfolds for us through

  a) Prayer. See classes on Contemplative and Selfless Prayer for the distinction between the two.  Prayer is the formal word for how we we can communicate with the Blessed Mother Earth. In the last 50 years we have been given Cosmic Prayers that are worthy of the Goddess Terra because they are selfless (more about Her than us.)*M.C.N. 

   b) Thought When we think about the Mother Earth what  is the  content o our thought ? How often during the day do we reverently think of Her ? 

  And if we are thinking of doing something for Her do we act upon it? Consciously beginning to think about the Blessed Mother is sort our beginning. A significant thought that we act on might be a Prayer, or sharing in something that is being done for Her. The Aetherius Society does these things and they are worth looking into. But honestly most of the  environmental action is about cleaning up our mess to restore Her Natural Beauty. It's sort of like you don't do anything for somebody because you  make a mess in their house and then clean it up. So we have a long way to go in terms moving beyond the present environmental crises and the nuclear one to someth which actually benefits the Mother Earth Herself. You can find these opportunities at the Aetherius Society. They are physical, material and spiritual actions for  Terra.

  c) Spiritual diet- read class on Spiritual Diet. This will tell you some of it. The Mother Earth is a Being of Higher Vibratory Octaves. Her raw wild natural foods are composed of  much Higher Vibratory Octaves than virtually anything in a civilized diet such as coffee or barbecued ribs. The totality of our physical being is composed of Vibratory Octaves of what we ate. See Charts which make this  crystal clear.


  d) There is more than these three but as She is partly a Cosmic Mystery we will see what unfolds during the class. 


                                  Questions comments discussion

 C.  Who is the Cosmic Mother Earth?*Master Class Notes. These details in class only

  a)  Age more than 300,000, 000 years* M. C. Notes

  b)  Her physical body* are there things we don't know about This? One of the most important Truths is that the physical Earth is a limitation She has for us to have a physical home to live there.We will discuss the* starred* elements in class in more detail if you read the master class notes.

  c)  Her Spiritual Body Which is Her Aura, Psychic Centers(She has more than 30 very Large Ones)-( we have 7 very small ones) Heart, Soul, Consciousness, Spirit.*

        Some feelings or thoughts you might want to share

 D.  Some Primary Experiences of the Goddess Terra –These are Cosmic Mysteries and only through Her Merciful Grace will we discuss a Few of These in class. Usually a person is not allowed to touch in These Cosmic Galactic Life Experiences  such as;

  a)Her Pralaya (Cosmic Rebirth-Totally Different than ours).See  letter  “U” in this  outline.

                 Questions-- Comments Discussion

   E. Her qualities as an Evolved Goddess*

             a)  No anger, jealousy, possessiveness, selfishness*

             b)  Her Compassion, Suffering, Selfless Service,SACRIFICE

             c)  Hear, See, Think,Feel,Communicate, called the Cosmic Mysteries some details in master class notes*

           Questions- Comments-we will discuss the* starred* elements in the class

    F.   Who creates earthquakes, tornadoes?  Absolutely NOT Her.  These come from our energy of murder, hate, greed – which must be manipulated exactly  as we manifest it .

 Please look at the Charts which will show you the color of these energies. Compare this with the colors of the Chart showing the Mother Earth's Energies.

           a)  Tsunamis, hurricanes, these come from our energy.  Explain why.*  Atlantis, this is the true story of Noah's Ark. (Lemuria). Please look at the chart which will show you the color of these energies.These were all major nuclear explosions done by humanity.                                                                                                                                   Our unconscious guilt can be transmuted by hard, selfless service to Her and Grandfather Sun.

           more details  in class in person.

   G. Who are Vandals that “tear Her body with wounds?” This is from the Seventh Blessing from the Twelve Blessings, available through the Aetherius Society or my family.*  Gold mining.*  Oil well drilling. When we perform underground atomic tests we are terribly wounding the Body of the Blessed Mother Earth.*M.C.N. 


   H. What is organic metal compared to steel?

             Questions comments. Any feelings you wish to share. We will discuss the                            *starred* elements in class.

   I. What does the Mother Earth give us?*  A physical body grown from her foods, fresh air, water, computers, clothing, a home in the jungle or the city, cars, ships, airplanes, books, and more.

           a)  Healing – she can give us “outdoors”

            b)  Healing – natural foods* - ADULTERATED FOODS

   J.   Native people say, if you go into a market and purchase a piece of fruit, without asking the Mother Earth first, this is stealing.Because we have to pay for things such as rent for our house, a plane ticket or a computer we tend to think we earned these things for what we paid to the people who sell them to us.*M.C.N.* give a totally different amazing reflection on these realities

               Questions Comments Discussion.  Any feelings about this you want to share.

   K.  What are the Mother Earth’s dangerous gifts?

a)  Foods . I will discuss a variety of dangerous ones in class

b)  Holy Mountains. explain the risk involved in climbing any 14,000 foot mountain   I will discuss the risks and benefits in class for those who do not know.

c)  Psychedelic plants and herbs open our chakras inward instead of outward*.  This process spans over months. We will discuss risk management  of psychedelics in class. This includes marijuana peyote,etc.

                     Prayer and healing open our chakras outwards.*M.C.N.*Marvelous first-hand  story of my use of psychedelics (1965 to 1977-Virtually None-Since then)** The way the Cosmos is ordered we Evolve only through sustained hard work. I never found it hard work to smoke a joint.

              d)             Questions and Comments.

     L.  How long have we been on Earth?  More than 20,000,000 years.

a)  Have we evolved?* Not much. We are still murdering and lying and causing tornadoes and earthquakes with our negative energy  as we have done for the last 20 million years. It really comes back to some of the significant negative karma we created when we blew up our first home(Maldek). Saints and Teachers have come but we quickly forget to do what they show us to move forward in life. More details in class in person*


               b)       Questions and comments or feelings you have about this.

  M.  What can we offer to the Mother Earth? 

a)    Prayer, the Seventh Blessing especially

b)    We offer thought -superb interesting comments about this if you look at my class on Introduction and Orientation to Prayer all of these things generally apply in thinking about the Blessed Mother Earth. When you do this it has a wonderful influence on the mind belt of the Earth and this benefits other people who can pick up your thoughts from there. Over a period of time you will begin to feel and realize immediately that the Goddess  Terra  hears and feels your thoughts. And you begin to sense that you're sharing a small part of Her Supreme Majesty. It's a beautiful Cosmic Feeling but you have to develop a different emotional frame of reference. A lot of our emotions are like steamy hot water. This is more like a warm breeze which touches your heart-your physical and your Heart Chakra both at the same time. 

c )    Natural living this is a lot more than driving your motorhome out into the wilderness*MCN*.

d)     Cleanliness throughout the Earth. Why are we so weary about not cleaning up the mess?*Master class notes*

e)      No over population this has been discussed endlessly in the media*MCN*sadly this has been talked to death but I do mention a few important realities.

f)      No pollution . How vast is this most of us really don't know*MCN*this is a tired subject subject so I only say a little bit.

               g)       No neglect. I realized this might be a question so there is a comment in *Master 

                class notes**

               h)       Reverence and practical respect*MCN*

     i) You can set an example for others in many ways, and many people certainly try to do this.

                j)  Prayer on Holy Mountains. These are old mountains newly charged with Cosmic Energy during the late 1950’s..*MCN*

      1)Where are the 19 of them? - details from the Aetherius Society and their book, Holy Mountains of the World.

  Why it’s important to get Pilgrimage advice from the experienced mountain climbers of the Aetherius Society in America or Europe.*  Severe weather conditions, harmonizing with an intense natural environment so you don’t get lost,* finding the charged spot where the Energy was put into the Mountain initially.*M.C.N


    N. Why go barefoot when possible?  Not climbing Holy Mountains


     1.                     Questions Discussion  

 o.  What are good spiritual books about the Goddess Terra.* There are many books you can acquire that talk almost directly about the Mother Earth. What is interesting is  that the positive ones were generally written by ladies(with the exception of George King). And you would find these books only affirmed and validated the Cosmic Wisdom about the Planet that is in the Aetherius Societys’ Holy Teachings.** You can look in  365 Earth Prayers, generally self-centered humanistically, but good. I will mention others in class and we will discuss this as you may have read some wonderful books. The master class notes which are in this section have some splendid easy to understand scientific realities which some old souls could grasp immediately. These master class notes on the Blessed Mother Earth are well worth some serious reading. They open up a whole new world that is 100,000 years into the future. And you can step into this today. For the New Age of the Mother Earth is 100,000 years ahead of our present Evolution. Here's a chance to move forward with your feet on the ground in the present civilization.

      a)  The Twelve Blessings – Wonderful Sacred Truths about the Goddess Terra in the Seventh Blessing (a Prayer you can say )  and other Places in This Holy Book.

These books or{ booklets(mentioned in master class notes) } are available from the Aetherius Society or my family.  The value of these Books is that the Cosmic Truths in Them are very pure and from true Enlightened and Cosmic Sources.


               Questions- Discussion or any feelings you wish to share about this .


   P.    You can read naturalists, anthropological, metaphysical and spiritual books for hours and years, and have long conversations about all of this, too, with other people .There is so little in them of practical value that you can live, and a lot that can distract, confuse, or waste your time.  It’s like eating spaghetti, tacos,sushi, or olive paste – they have little vital food value.  The Holy teachings of the Aetherius Society are some of the best Cosmic Truth about the Mother Earth.  Even here, relative to the Mother Earth, you can spend years of study, but it’s not of much practical use to the Mother Earth unless you do something for Her.


  Q.   By physically working and praying at the Aetherius Society, you can do balanced spiritual work for the Mother Earth, and donations are a part of physical manifestation. 

 By praying, you are NOT having a physical relationship with the Mother Earth relative to “physical” work.  As my Valiant Avatar George King used to say, “You can pray all day, but it won’t put a fire out.” A balanced practical  expression on your part is important.

  R. You need to see yourself as a Lighthouse to inspire others to love the Mother Earth.

                                            Questions- Discussion, Do you have any feelings about this?

   S.   Can the Logos (what is a Logos? Discussed in class in person only* ) of Earth heal us of disease?  Yes and no.**The Sacred Energies you can receive from the Blessed Mother Earth today are well explained and practiced in the Aetherius Society.

   T.  Why is the Mother Earth’s Energy more beneficial, generally speaking, than that of Any human being. ? In class you  may tell me which you think and then we might share something more because you may be able to intuitively answer this.                

  U. When did Her New Life (New Age) begin? See paragraph below. 

          a)  What  does this mean for us? See paragraph below and we will discuss this

          b)  Can we ignore this most Holy Cosmic Truth? Yes and no.

          c)  The New Age,* Millenium of Peace,* Paradise. Master class notes have some superb revelations about this today.***


     d)-  The Mother Earth’s Vibrations were always powerful, but we have not (outside of shamans as a rule), been consciously aware of Them.   Now Her(Being) Vibrations are on a much Higher Vibratory Octave  ( Dimension as people say but actually Realm) since Her Rebirth (Pralaya in 1964) and She is gradually releasing these Cosmic “Fire” Energies.  If we don’t raise the Octaves  of our vibrations physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically, we will be overwhelmed and traumatized by Her Higher Vibrations as They flow outwards from Her Being ,through each of us upward and out in to the Cosmos.

  We will perish – like too much electricity going through a small wire. We have been protected and screened from these energies for millions of years and this is why we are not conscious of Them.

  She cannot modulate  Karmically the release of Her Energies, as They becomes greater.

  She was supposed to receive and express this much more quickly.

  She cannot hold up Her experience of Her Evolution any longer for us.

  She did hold it up for millions of years, in many ways.  It’s only common spiritual sense that She deserves to have Her New Age (New Life).  

It’s Karmic common sense that greater Beings(such as the Blessed Mother Earth) need Karmic balance with lesser beings, such as humans..

           Questions Discussion  Do you have a story you want to share ?

  V.  Does the Mother Earth have any needs dependent on us? 

          a) Yes and no. Explain  *M.C.N.* this is an advanced class which you will find listed under Introduction to Classes part Two( Cosmic Mysteries) and just to show you some of the modern foolish spiritual fantasies that people embrace, one person said recently that Mystery Schools are outdated and they aren't needed anymore. These have been around for more than 5 million years so they're not going out of style.    

                               Questions and comments.

We need to learn how to address(Pray) and think of and relate to Cosmic Beings greater than we are, with respect and reverence.  My class on Orientation and Introduction to Prayer gives you some details on how to do this.  These Beings will respond to us, if we use practical sincerity to address Them.  It’s a learning process.  We need to offer Them something (Selfless Prayer), because They give us so much before we even say a word or think a thought.  

When we address a human being, we expect the courtesy of a response, if we know they have heard us, almost immediately.  Cosmic Beings, such as the Mother Earth or our Spirit, are never unable to hear us, but They relate to us on ON THEIR TERMS, not ours.  But we have a relative importance to Them, and Their Attention and Focus when It is expressed to us, needs our reverent conscious trust and faith to recognize this Manifestation from Them.  It may not be what we want to see and hear, but it will be real and from Them. And that last sentence can really cloud and spoil our Mystical experience with Cosmic Beings such as the Logos of the Goddess Terra. 

We cannot have human expectations of Cosmic Beings. As a simple example, we cannot run into the office of a king, president or wealthy person, and expect them to stop whatever they are doing and talk to us.  Here is a Cosmic Goddess, who is millions of times more important and evolved than anyone here on earth.  Please act accordingly.  Wait for a response, learn to recognize it.  Let me with humility say that many, many times, I did not recognize the Response, nor did I respond appropriately, and I suffered greatly.  You do not have to.  That’s what classes are for.

                        Questions – Comments

 W.  Mayan Truth and the Goddess Terra.

A. What is the real truth about 2012 relative to us with the Blessed Mother Earth. I will share an amazing document  from the author of the Mayan Factor. This is the definitive spiritual text about what the Mayan Calendar means for each of us. Shared in class in person only.

   X.  Shamanism – natural priests and priestesses are shamans.(Being outdoors a lot of the time is a part of it)

a)  Western shamanism (as opposed to Native American), is civilized and therefore less effective.

b)  Shamanism without psychedelic or psychotropic plants such as peyote or marijuana.

c)  Great shamans I have known, admired and am humbled by, such as George King, Prechtel (The Secrets of the Talking Jaguar), Pacal Votan, and “Snake Lawyer” (a lawyer who had a vision of a python and returned to his native Africa to be a Spiritual Leader and Teacher instead)

    1)  I am an urban shaman Initiated after saying the Seventh Blessing  to the Blessed Mother Earth in its entirety by Heart for 20 years. And also doing physical work for the Blessed Mother Earth at the Aetherius Society for 37 years. The formal title is Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth. Any of you can earn this wonderful opportunity to serve this Goddess today.

   Y.  Did I miss something?


                                              Special    Thoughts

          These short notes open a Majestic Illumined Window so that that you can see, hear and begin to feel and consciously develop your Relationship with This Wondrous Planetary Goddess.

 Please look at the class Selfless Prayer. Most people don't know how to radiate their Light and Love to the Blessed Mother Earth. We all have this.

            Yet there is a tragic paradox of consciousness.

     You can forget all this in a few days.

        Then I have only planted Seeds

           This class is a Small Fruit Tree,if you take this to heart and then act in an open minded way

                                         Multidimensional Thought

  For those of you who have heard of the Book of Kells or have seen Illuminated Manuscripts you have some small idea of the type fonts and letters my heart wished here for to create some symbolic Beauty herewith set before the Blessed Mother Earth. 


Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.  A good spiritual Teacher has to have courageous responsibility for you and him or herself.


Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

The Blessed Mother Earths’ Loving Cosmic Spiritual Being Shown as Rays From Her

We have only recently had some of the Holy Colors of the Goddess Terras’ Energy of Her Being revealed to us. These are the colors I used in Her Sacred Chart. These are only some of them. When you compare this chart to the color of the energies in a tornado it is plain to see there is none of Her Energy in a tornado. I used only pure clear colors of a higher vibratory nature. These are purple, magenta, clear light blue, violet, yellow and others.


The dark gray, browns, black, adulterated greens, contaminated blues, dark and bright red, and impure orange are the colors in a tornado as these are men’s and women’s accumulated personal spiritual energy which is then manipulated into a tornado. Look at my charts of people’s life they are full of this type of energy. If people transmute their anger and their pain and their sexuality you see the light colors of higher  vibratory energy. Hurricanes are the same SOURCE FROM HUMANITY and my chart plainly shows this. Earthquakes also come from our destructive energies. They have absolutely nothing to do with the Mother Earth.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
Box 3659
Los Angeles, CA 90078

© Gregory Mills 2012