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                                                        Astounding Ancient and Modern Spiritual Diet


   This class is worth hundreds of dollars and will save you a tremendous amount of money and time because you don't have to buy a lot of books and do a lot of research. This is a wonderful comprehensive practical class on a spiritual diet for a Yogi or a Muslim or Christian or a Buddhist or any SPIRITUAL PERSON. There are secrets and truths in this class you won't find anywhere else. That alone is priceless for spiritual man (more so than a woman) has a great difficulty on the inner and outer path and frankly nowadays we have to multitask. It's important to remember this is only an outline and I can give you  most aspects. This class is about the SACRED NATURAL Vibratory KARMIC LAW  Of THE BLESSED MOTHER EARTH. People do not realize that the Goddess Terra has a significant role in our spirituality relative to what we eat and drink and breathe. These things come from Her in part.


   Ancient Spiritual Diet was taught thousands of years ago in the East. As Spiritual diet  has come to the West recently, the ancient Truths were lost or distorted before it even got here. The purpose of this diet is to Raise your Physical Vibrations and body chemistry (blood ) onto a Conscious Higher Vibratory Physical [Dimension (Realm) permanently]. I say Dimension and Realm but this is right here in your body not off on the clouds somewhere and you have to do it. No one will raise you up or carry you there. This happens if you make the Spiritual Diet a way of  life as I have for 35 years.

   This Higher Vibratory Frequency or Octave[ Realm (Higher Dimension)] is a process, a transmutation whereby we raise the vibrations of our body, heart and Soul onto a Higher Conscious Vibratory Frequency[ Dimensions (Realms)] permanently through consistent hard inner and outer work. The key word here is conscious for as we raise the physical vibrations of our body consciously we raise the vibrations of our consciousness. This is the disliked mature reality of the New Age today. There is no other way. This is the Bridge I help you to build for yourself. I have crossed mine.

   Asana and yoga breathing and  spiritual diet  are only part of Ancient Yoga.

   These are only part of the Ancient  Spiritual Path of Oneness through Selfless Service .It is all to enhance your ability to give Service, not better health or prosperity.

   Our Spirit, The Blessed  Mother Earth,Almighty God, All live on Higher Conscious Dimensions (Realms). We need to learn to make our way up to living  there on a daily basis. Nothing, no one will carry us up there. We need to climb. No one will give us this is a gift. We need to work at this as I have for 35 years. You can too!

                                                                        Special New Age Renaissance Mention

   I am redefining Consciousness here IN THESE Classes as a new Human Science. Consciousness is individual intelligent Evolving Life. Everything has this. There is one exception and that is God as the Macrocosm. This Magnificent Exalted Being is the only One in CREATION with COMPLETE CONSCIOUSNESS . This One is Absolute Perfection. This is also the only Absolute, Categorical Cosmic Wisdom in All Creation. All other aspects of consciousness are only Opinions. I suggest you look that up in a good dictionary and tell me what definition you find . I will tell you if that is the Absolute Truth. I have made this statement only through seeking Cosmic Wisdom and earning it through Suffering Sacrifice and Hard work. And bluntly, there is no other way you will get it either. There are no credit cards in the Cosmos. You cannot buy Wisdom, you can only earn it. And for humility I will add I am sharing this with you through the Grace of the Great Ones. Grace means I didn't deserve this and I'm working on this spiritual debt.

   Today your physical body vibrates on an Energy level and this affects your Consciousness (mind, heart and Soul) relatively in a significant way. Most health books are not helpful because they pander to lower vibrations in some way. And the livable Truth is only 15 or 20 words so who can sell that as a book.  We only need to discipline and master our tastes and food desires. We only need raw fruits and vegetables, distilled water and maybe a little grain or nuts. It's important to develop this through a transition diet. Good food can kill you as well as living on Sunlight can unless you do these things in a balanced way.  This is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Take careful planned action. *MCN class notes* tell story of people who were……….

                                                                                   Questions and Discussion

                                                                 CLASS ON ANCIENT/MODERN SPIRITUAL DIET                    


       Ancient/Modern Spiritual Diet Development (Transition) Stages

    A.  Carnivore transition (meat,fish,animal byproducts,vegetables,fruit etc.)

    B.  Vegetarian development ( animal byproducts, grains, vegetables,fruit, less meat)

    C. Vegan diet ( vegetables, fruit, grain ,(no meat, fish,etc.)no animal byproducts.

    D. Raw vegan (all raw food: some grain) no meat, animal byproducts etc.

    E.  Living on Sunlight and Pure Energy from the Mother Earth. This is very dangerous without supervision of a practitioner and could kill you. I had this experiential opportunity to live on Sunlight in 1965.

   Let's discuss these five stages as I have inconsistently lived them since 1975 and teach them today. All this dietary knowledge needs to be seen in the wider context of its purpose to give Service (Selfless Prayer and Healing) and live the Laws of Creation. People do not have awareness that All the Laws of Creation affect our consciousness and  our  physical body. Our psychic centers need spiritual food (Light and Love) not pineapple or hotdogs. This food is the Cosmic Energy we attract consciously and radiate selflessly or use personally.


     A.  Carnivore  transition

   Eat less meat, eggs, cheese, fish etc. and mix it with cooked or raw vegetables. Do not mix fruit and grain and meat if possible. If you find a good source of steam distilled water this will be a tremendous help in making the transitions. But there is more frequent urination. The modern workplace frowns on this use of their restrooms frequently during the day. But you can drink several quarts of steam distilled water when you come home at night and a lot more than that on the weekend. For the cleansing and purification it will do is worth the effort of having to get up during the night and use the bathroom.*MCN* our bodies are comprised of……. .    More details in class

   Our body is a spongy material which collects  deposits ( or vital energy at the other end of the vibratory spectrum)) from food and eventually puts us on dialysis, with a pacemaker or walking with a cane. Our body does not age, we gradually lower its Vibrations cumulatively with deposits from adulterated, processed, cooked foods, meat, pies,etc   More details in class.*M.C.N.*

   Once we  Raise our Vibrations of our body with raw foods this becomes our physical structure of  Higher  Vibrations from the High Vibratory Substances of the Blessed Mother Earth. Animals (beef, pork, deer meat, rabbit) were man's creation largely not God's idea. They were a product of free will; look at all the grief we brought on ourselves from this meat, dairy, grain to a degree are sexually stimulating foods that should be avoided by all spiritual students on any Path.

.                                                                                            Questions and Discussion

    B.  Vegetarian diet

    Gradually eliminate meat, fish, fowl (chicken etc.) and try to cut back on animal byproducts (eggs, cheese, milk: use raw dairy) cook your eggs, boiled eggs are healthier than fried.

     Do you want an easier task of the transmutation of your sexual energies as a man ? Why make it more difficult than it already is. It's a far greater task for men than for women. In class I discuss the many sexually stimulating foods you can give up as I have for over 30 years. There is a physical and spiritual aspect of this. I have only found several books that discuss this directly.This is a wonderful spiritual discovery.(MCN) sexually stimulating foods are …… More details in *M.C.N.* 

   Try to eat some raw vegetables as a meal mixed with grain (brown rice,baked potatoes). Boiled potatoes are not healthy yoga food.Why? When you eat cooked vegetables use as little distilled water as possible to steam them. Drink it afterwards as it has the vegetables’ minerals and vitamins in it. Gradually over a period of time steam them with less and less . Enjoy your food and eat slowly as some digestion only takes place in the mouth. Try to eliminate condiments (spices, catsup, mustard etc.) use natural spices – onions, raw garlic (people do complain about garlic odor) cilantro. Drink only steam distilled water. Use raw nut butters or avocados. All other oils: canola, peanut, olive (this is mixed with other oils and thus not so pure) are not good for you. Canned juices are worthless – the enzymes die in 15 min. after juicing oranges etc. More details in class if you ask for it. As a rule of thumb anything in a bottle,can, packaged box is not fresh and live and probably isn't any good for you. Let me say again spiritual food is just raw fruits and vegetables it's that simple. Use honey, no sugar or fructose drinks. One big secret is buy the smallest quantity of non-spiritual  food (3 to 4 ounces instead of 12 ounce). Eat dried fruits instead of candy or pastries (figs, dates raisins). Who was Fletcher? I will briefly explain this in class. 

    It's important to mention elimination (bowel, urine). Your stools get softer (bowel) and you urinate more. With a 9-to-5 job it is not easy to use the restroom a lot. It should be. Drink a lot of water after work and plenty on the weekends. Don't worry about getting up during the night to urinate. It's more important to keep your system purified.

     Eliminate marijuana, alcohol (a little wine is okay), as much drugs as possible, especially psychotropic plants and herbs (peyote, ayahuasca)

     Over a period of time I teach you how to permanently alter your body chemistry to a parallel of what people have when they smoke marijuana or use psychedelics. The big difference is you begin to have emotions that are Karmically beneficial – psychedelics are not. That said I did use these things a long time ago – not at all for the last 30 years.

   Very enthralling and extraordinary charts in the master class notes on diet and there are pictorial Charts also These are very sobering aspects of truth which most people conveniently dismiss, ignore or rationalize. So we have many spiritual people filled with tragic illusions about what vibratory Realm they're living on or the quality of their spiritual energy. No one will take you and your body onto a higher Realm. And if you don't consciously pray all day  your vibratory Energies do not  stay up on a higher level 

                                                                                        Questions Comments Discussion

    C. Vegan

   Let go of eggs, cheese, animal byproducts, butter (all dairy) meat, fish. Try to let go of cooked grains (rice especially). The list is really endless. Candy, processed foods, salami, canned, frozen, pasteurized foods, potato chips, donuts, pizza, tacos, chow mien, every culture has unhealthy yoga foods by the hundreds:miso,mole, tamales, fried food, cooked food, cakes, pies, canned soda drinks and fruit flavored drinks, white rice, hotlinks, soy sauce, tofu isn't really that great. Why? Health food  books on food are worthless because they cater to our weakness and variety in taste and prey on our lack of the continuity of written awareness. This desire of taste needs to be disciplined and mastered. Most of these books tell you some truth at the beginning and by the end you've totally wasted your time if you follow what they say which contradicts the beginning of the book.

   Here it's important to say spiritual diet is almost no mucus forming foods. The neti cup to clear the nostrils is totally unnecessary unless you eat too much mucus food. We need little or none. Eat baked potatoes only or toasted whole wheat bread. Boiled potatoes are mucus forming so have as little of these things as possible that are not spiritual food. Keep a record. It helps to face the Truth of what your present diet is. Eat whole meals of raw vegetables. But don't mix them with fruit. Have complete meals of raw fruit. The idea is you are Raising the Vibrations of your physical body to enable you to become more compassionate. This diet helps give you the opportunity to be sensitive,loving  and caring to other people and the Mother Earth and your Creator. It gives you more clarity of thinking and with your spiritual Service these diets enhance Selfless Prayers and Healing for others. I have met many selfish self absorbed spiritual vegetarians and vegans. Our personal human opportunities need efforts of our heart no matter what we eat. More details in class.*M.C.N.I.P.O.

   If I don't mention something as a food it's not. You need to gradually let go of them as you can and don't listen to peoples’ confused illusions, about wisdom on diet. There are thousands of items on this list and I have eliminated  99% of them from my life. Don't be a fanatic as you can get obsessed about diet and don't make an excuse about eating non-spiritual foods. It shouldn't take you too long to go from carnivore to raw vegan especially as you can have support and help that I never got. That's another reason for having a class and fellowship on your spiritual path. Loving,caring,sensitive spiritual friends can make all the difference if they live the Truth as Wisdom.

                                                                           Questions  Comments  Discussion 

    D.  Raw Vegan

Raw foods, raw vegetables, avocado or raw nut butter, no oil, no cooked foods. Plenty of steam distilled water. Eliminate as much grain (potatoes,rice, tortillas,corn bread) as possible. Good yoga foods are only a handful which comprise a complete balanced diet and are fresh and what is known as ascending  and descending proteins. Descending proteins are meat and eggs, cheese and have less vital protein than ascending  proteins foods such as bananas,avocadoes tomatoes. Canned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce a candy bar for dessert;these are called adulterated foods from the word adultery. It's worth looking up in an unabridged dictionary. From this you can see the High Vibratory Powers of the Blessed Mother Earth are fresh fruits and vegetables. Canned, frozen, cooked foods have 25% or less of the food value of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. This is a natural diet not a civilized one.(mcn*) Mention Secret Life of Plants at this point and explain……. Details in class

   It's worth mentioning here that when animals are killed for food their adrenalin is released into their flesh as they are slaughtered and we ingest this as part of the chemistry of fear in us which we thus feed. All the Kingdoms of Creation are interwoven and They influence Each Other for better or worse.

                                                                                    Questions  Discussion Group 

 A lot of violence in people's behavior comes from ….. Details in class (M.C.N.*)

   E. Other important  elements I will discuss in class in person only.

    1)-Exercise is vitally important what's the best form?

    2).-Social eating?

    3) Karma and diet?

    4)-  Resistance to dietary change and false messages within ourselves about what we need to be healthy as our blood sends messages to our brain?

    5) -Why is a transition diet generally necessary?

    6)- What is the  Natural Karmic Law? How do we embrace and surrender This?

    7)- Shopping for food?

    8)- Mayan truth and diet?

    9)- Cosmic Eastern Wisdom and diet – Ancient?

   10).-Cosmic Western Truth and diet?

   11).-I mention special powerful foods and practices during the class such as lemon juice and fasts and raw nut butter, molasses ,distilled water, etc. These are wonderful and they do utilize civilized production in their making. Fasts need special guidance to do them properly. The Practices of Aetherius are available through the Aetherius Society or my family These are beautiful amazing Practices that complement and enhance your diet in a tremendous way. I have done some of these Practices as  they tie in with my diet for 30 years.

F.                                                                                            Special Note

   You can get obsessed with diet, or Asanas (yoga exercises) reading spiritual books etc. It's important to do spiritual Service and Pray -{ (radiate Light)-(Consciously Use your Psychic centers)}  and have healthy human relationships and communicate well with oneself and others. It all takes time. There's no shortcuts on the road in your personal Evolution.


   With the right kind support and friendly appreciation of your inner efforts you can do all this a lot quicker than I did. It's very difficult to do it alone because you're surrounded by so many people that aren't doing a good healthy spiritual diet. My Yogi Avatar George King did all this and fasted too. If you don't raise the vibrations of your physical body you cannot live on Higher Dimensions (Realms). If you live at home you must get the household to agree to your new lifestyle and accept and honor it. The same is true in a marriage. There's a lot of opposition from people you need to detach from and live your Personal Wisdom. This dietary practice will enhance and intensify your spiritual life of balanced Service by 200%  more or less by the same amount if you eat whatever you want. I have done a pretty good yoga diet and purification for 35 years. Bluntly, frankly, if you don't live a complete spiritual lifestyle you don't get amazing results and really do not manipulate much Karma for yourself or anyone else.

   Enhanced practical conclusions you can work on:

   A-How diet affects your thinking.

   It is not widely held but I have years of research into what I'm telling you there. People don't realize that when you eat or drink something this is like burning  wood. The vibratory frequency of the wood you burn or drink produces a fire you could call your thoughts. If you burn low vibratory wood such as meat or fish or eggs or pastries(the foods I mentioned above) these substances create low vibratory thoughts such as sex fantasies, hatred, desires to go see a crummy movie, desires for psychedelic drugs, an interest in reading trashy novels or playing Internet games. *M.C.N.*more details in master class notes

   B- Diet and your emotions

What is amazing is is that diet also affect your emotions. Once again it's the wood that you burn and your emotions are the fire from that wood. It's the same principle as stated under thoughts. Even selfishness which is a feeling is partly the result of dietary densification which the lower vibratory foods such as meat or eggs or angel food cake dampen our sensitivity to others and make it far less than if you ate a raw vegan meal of 10 raw apples. You can not do this successfully by trying to jump from a carnivore diet to a raw vegan diet overnight. You must go through the transition.

   Look at my Charts you can see it in pictures.

   I give cooking classes and we cook together.

   I do shopping with you. Inquire about this practical helpful support.

   Did I miss something?

Selfless Prayer Man in Country with Purification, Yoga Breathing,
Spiritual Diet, After Two Hours with 25 Years Practice Prior

I have filled the body with the of colors of purification, yoga breathing and spiritual raw vegan diet which are all on a higher realm of human consciousness. You can plainly see the transmutation of the sexual energies going up through the body as a red and becoming the higher colors of pure spiritual love as they  radiate out wards.  Please look closely. It is crystal clear so illustrated. He also has a large energetic wheel of pure white light shown in the lower right. And the sex center is filled with symbolic higher frequency spiritual energy. Sometimes I have lived this chart. It is a beautiful splendid story of inspirational spiritual reality, not mine. This chart reflects the fact symbolically the more years you pray and do the spiritual practices mentioned above more your spiritual body and your chakras  open up and become more receptive to spiritual energy. More details in I.C.I.P.O.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
Box 3659
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