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                                                                                                                 Foreword                                                            D.S.W and  S.C

                                                                     Selfless Prayer a Splendid Cosmic Experience for Each of You

    This class on Selfless Prayer is a Historic Document and this Cosmic Personal Science will lead you into a astounding Relationship with the Majestic Cosmos.I am there now.This is a radiant Experience not flowery prose.


   Most people don't even know what Selfless Prayer is. This is how you consciously radiate your own power of your Light and Love out into Creation visualizing white Light going out through your psychic centers. Lots of people don't even know what psychic centers are. These are the six energy centers of your soul which are very close to and with your body; the seventh is your Spirit. This class shows you all these things which I learned from a great Yoga Avatar Master George King. We don't see the energy. But we do see the light showing every day but we take this for granted. People don't realize they have a responsibility for it. The Sun is not like a lifetime 24-hour daylight bulb. We don't see the psychic centers. But you can feel both of them in a unsurpassed wonderful way. And eventually you can also see the effects of sending out your Light and Love in a extraordinary splendid way. I have 30 years of practice to know these things will happen for you. Nothing will happen if you do not gradually embrace the composite Truth of Spiritual Reality as a way of life.

   We have so many conveniences in the modern world. Unfortunately the Cosmos doesn't offer any. And no one could invent such a thing. That is because the structural order of the Cosmos is a fixed reality for the last 50 billion trillion million years multiplied by  those numbers by the same amount 10 times back to this Ones’ Original Creation. The Light we see every day is a personal responsibility. There is only one way to live up to it. That is to(Pray) which is letting it come in and sending it back out. Every Avatar or mature Mystic does this.

   What I offer you in this class will bring a total spiritual Renaissance to your life if you get into it body, Heart, Soul,  and Consciousness. 

    I have.   

    You can't do it overnight.  Though you can do it much more quickly than I have.

    If done with proper respect and appreciation we should lay some of  this Cosmic Wisdom which brings maturity to human Prayer( that we have not known since it was lost in antiquity if we had it then) at the  Feet of the great Cosmic Avatar George King who gave us this magnificent mature way to communicate worthily with Cosmic Beings such as the Mother Earth and God (Brahma Holy Sun, Creator) as well as our own Spirit  and Soul. But we should lay All this Cosmic Wisdom at the Feet of God Who gave it to us through Him. 

   Over a period of years I learned to Pray Selflessly well enough to change weather conditions at the beach more than once. As I remember in our Bible this was one of Jesus’s great Miracles. But when I tell people this Experience no one says anything – a tragedy for both of us as this is a real manifestation of how Selfless Prayer can develop.

   This great exalted Cosmic Master we now know as George King has inspired Worlds far more Evolved than we are to (selfless Service) Pray -to radiate Energy Selflessly to Others. We owe it all to Him. Well really we owe it much more to God that in This One's Mercy we are offered Light and were  lent George King only from 1919 to 1997. Now He is gone I hold out the torch of Light to you that your own Soul may begin to radiate Light and Love through  you to all Creation.

   I have been totally overwhelmed doing Selfless Prayer many times but the beauty of this is; the Cosmic Wonder of This is; you are always returned to your consciousness to tell the story – the true story. And you know absolutely that this is as much Truth as you can bear and offer to share with others.

   I have been taken up into Heaven doing Selfless Prayer. This was not Blissful so don't get the wrong idea. It's about our tiny magnetism and God's Majestic Magnetism which holds Planets in place. It's a beautiful sacred story I will share with you in this class in person.

   If enough people did Selfless Prayer in a pure dynamic way the world would change overnight not might- absolutely would.

   I am reaching out to you as an individual Soul and human being and that's all I can do.

   All hail the Ascended Cosmic Masters Who hold the Light for our world lest we surely perish  on the morrow.

                                                                                                Master Class Notes

                                                                                   CLASS DISCUSSION GROUP  WORKSHOP

                                                                                 INTRODUCTION to Selfless Prayer


   Historically, our prayers have been limited because we ask for something.  That’s okay, but it’s not balanced unless we offer something (Selfless Prayer) in return for all we are given.  To fulfill our soul’s needs, both are Karmically necessary.  Throughout our history of 20,000,000 years of reincarnation, we have failed to Evolve much as a race because we did not radiate enough Light Selflessly.  I learned this indirectly as Truth from real Cosmic Masters, such as George King and Jesus and Mars Sector Six. For years I only did Contemplative or Selfless Prayer and not Both, and not enough of Either One. Now I do better and have much to improve myself in Praying. We all need to have a decent job, maybe a life partner, good health practices, fun and relaxation, as well as to fulfill our spiritual needs to receive and radiate quality Spiritual Energy.  Most of us are conscious of our hands and feet, but not of our Spirit or psychic centers or aura.  In the beginning it takes some faith and practice.  I have prayed for 57 years and I have had only some experience of my spiritual aspects.  But I have had a lot of feelings and Mystical experiences which absolutely prove They are there.  My psychic centers have been sore (heart) in the physical body (explain). They have been filled to their exact dimensions with Energy (Big Bear  Resort and purification), and other examples. Ask if you want to hear. (Tell about tottering out of the Aetherius Society or Mt. Baldy after group Prayer.)  Our life can be a wonderful experience of the balance of Contemplative and Selfless Prayer.  We need Both.

                                                                                 Questions Comments Discussion

   1.   What is Selfless Prayer?

      a.  Selfless Prayer is when you consciously send out Light and Love to other beings with no motive for you to get something in return.  Besides no motive (this takes practice), we let go of looking for emotional, personal, material, mystical, Karmic, psychological, mental, shamanic, psychic or spiritual conscious or unconscious response or reward or gratification. That’s Selfless. For personal selfish needs (we all have them) do Contemplative Prayer to start. And some Higher Vibrational Feelings of Selfless Prayer are above our ability to feel or see. That’s how I do Selfless Prayer today as it evolved for me – letting go of all of these! It’s important that you start. Selflessness unfolds in the consciousness of your Being and your Soul.  Read Introduction and Orientation to Prayer to see the guidelines for success.  You can do this alone or in a group (group and/or on a Holy Mountain is more powerful.)

    Selfless Prayer has personal and Karmic Value to God (Grandfather Sun) and the Blessed Mother Earth. Very few people are doing Selfless Prayer for the simple reason that they are largely unconscious of their psychic centers and the necessity of using them and selfless ways outside of human life. Here are the simple details on how to get started.

                                                                         Questions Comments Discussion 



   2.  How do you hold your hands?  See illustration above ,also in class.  You can stand or sit. I do not recommend lying down.  Why? At nighttime when you go to bed you can pray Selflessly or Contemplatively.

    a.  Mantra is the highest form of Prayer. Contact the Aetherius Society or my family for mantras to use.  It’s best to use mantra as a selfless practice not to charge a bottle of wine.

   3.  What are other forms of Selfless Prayer? 

    a.  Absent Spiritual Healing

    b.  Operation Prayer Power (contact the Aetherius Society)

   4.  What are good Prayers to use?

    a.  The Twelve Blessings and Book of Sacred Prayers available through the Aetherius Society or my family.  The Master Jesus gave many Prayers through my Yogi Avatar George King.  These are the best I’ve ever seen or used because of Jesus’ great Evolution.

    b.  George King also created some wonderful Prayers available through the Aetherius Society which offers your power to do significant Cosmic Work and  honor Holy Beings in a way practically relevant today.

   These two Avatars were Selfless for thousands of years. So they clearly create Selfless Prayers. The Master Jesus gave The Twelve Blessings (a wonderful set of twelve Cosmic Prayers) in 1958 through my Avatar George King. My Cosmic Master George King was in a higher yogic state of consciousness (Samadhi-detached) when Jesus spoke The Twelve Blessings through Him.  They were recorded at the time and then printed word for word from the recordings into the Holy Book of The Twelve Blessings – beautiful wondrous Prayers.

    c.  Create your own. I put this last for Truthful reasons.

                                                                                  Questions Comments Discussion

   5.  What enhances your Selfless Prayers? Each one of the 13 elements mentioned below will enhance your prayers from 20 to 15,000 times at least. If you come to a class in person we will discuss this splendid paramount arithmetic of enhancement.

    a.  Surrender to God through your Spirit

    b.  Yoga breathing will enhance them 1000 times plus

    c.  Purification and Spiritual  Diet

    d.  Practices of Aetherius (available through the Aetherius Society)

    e.  Practice – psychedelics do not although it may feel like it.

    f.  Do them in a group – some people pray better alone, so this is a question.

    g.  Doing them during special times of the year (inquire when these times are, it’s not a full moon or equinox).

    h.  Do them on a Holy Mountain (there are 19. Where are They?)

    j.  Have a Prayer class available through me.  I can Pray and change weather conditions (I don’t Pray for that, it’s a natural result.) I am well qualified.  My Avatar George King taught me and my Divinity has been teaching me.

    k.  Praying outdoors in direct sunlight.

    L.  Prayers at the Aetherius Society are Karmically profoundly significant. It’s why I go there.  It’s worth the effort to learn to pray with a group. It took me many years. You put out more power as a group. It’s part of the Law of Oneness. Never allow another to judge your prayers negatively, as we are all evolving in this Song of our Souls.

                                                                    Questions Comments Discussion

   6.  Pray in whatever language you are most comfortable. I Pray in Spanish and English.  With a group, I Pray in the language used by them.

   7.  How long do you Pray?

     a.  To Pray for an hour and then do nothing for two weeks isn’t worth as much as 10 or 2 minutes or 10 seconds every day.  But don’t hurry, there is no familiarity either. The old saints Prayed for many hours.  It was a recent embarrassment to me to realize I did not Pray as much as the old mystics, so I have a lot of growing to do into Selflessness.

     b.  The Twelve Blessings is available in Spanish and English. I will Pray with you in either language.  I did specialized language training to learn Spanish prayers. Still, if it’s your mother tongue, you could Pray better than I do in some way, whatever the language 

     c.  Prayer is not a conversation. You offer your words into manifestation. It’s worthwhile to listen to a recording of your Prayers. It’s intensity, purity, not how loud you say them. I have always found it necessary to say them more slowly than personal human conversation. And consciously listen to what I say as I say it.

                                                                              Questions Comments Discussion

    8.  Enthusiasm to pray

     a.  It’s a treasure to watch over and always have. Prayers are a treasure that never rusts. After all when you Pray your Energy comes back to you. This is how Creation functions in the Cosmos.

    9.  Focus and concentration.

      a.  If your mind wanders onto a recent movie, what is for dinner as you Pray this discolors your Energy and lessens the quality of it. Quality is determined by concentration and purity of motive, pace, practice, guidance. You can change weather as I have done and see other signs of affirmation, eventually, at some time. Don’t look for this. And you can do miracles as a healer.

    10. Visualization. See White Light going out your Heart Chakra and the psychic centers in the palms of your hands as you Pray.

    11.  M.C.N.I.P.O.*  Mention splendid varieties of spiritual and mystical experience you can have while doing Selfless Prayer.

       M.C.N.I.P.O. Means master class notes shared in person  only  during the class

    12.  MCNIPO*: Tell story of how my Avatar humbled me during Prayers. Big surprise at the time.


   The Light you see in the world every day is only What is coming into our world not what is going out.  We live in a world of darkness as not enough people get the Light coming in to flow through them as White Light out into the world. 

   The world would change dramatically in a week if more people sent Light into the world consciously. A reasonable simple conclusion about everything I have said here which show you clearly that every civilization we had which ever failed came down to one word-Light.

   I offer Shamanic Prayer rings, Prayer feathers, Bodhi Tree Leaves and Shamanic stones to help you develop consciousness to radiate Light 24/7. It’s a process. These will work for you in a transcendent ineffable way. See website Class on Shamanic Articles.

   Don't drive and pray.

                                                                       Questions Comments Discussion

   Eventually the magnetism of Selfless and Contemplative Prayer permanently becomes the priority in your life.  Some would call this living on a Higher Dimension (Realm). But in actuality of reality your total being becomes composed of  Higher Vibratory Energies. This brings your consciousness closer to Higher Realms where your Spirit, Cosmic Masters, The Blessed Mother Earth live. You will never do this with a civilized diet.  The physical body and spiritual bodies (psychic centers, aura) complement and enhance each other’s Vibrations.  I’m only telling you some of it, enough to build a good spiritual personal foundation.

   I have 55 years of studying and practicing everything you read that I teach. I live what I teach and I don’t teach weaknesses.  

   It’s important to become a conscious thinking human being of compassion.

   It’s only common sense to see that with 700,000,000 – yes, 700 million+ - people doing yoga, meditation and reading metaphysics and praying, something is out of alignment as the world is not Evolving harmoniously. Yet we can do this if we cooperate to radiate a quality and quantity of White Light/Love into our world and the Cosmos. Most of what I share with you is Truth offered to me by Real Ascended and Enlightened Cosmic Masters and Avatars.  We have every answer to every world problem if we live these answers.

   And do the arithmetic. Keep a record. There are 167 hours in a week and you can radiate Light in some pure form for at least 100 of these hours. That is not 30 seconds which is only a start.

   Any criticism of material or presentation?

   Did I miss something?

    Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

   Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

   Note: All class material is copyright protected by my family to preserve purity and clarity of teachings, not for publication profit. If you have a copy of my genuine class notes printed on paper these are PLAINLY encrypted for authenticity. I will encrypt them for you if you send me your downloaded printed copies of these class notes. If they're not  there is some Misalignment.  I expect you to honor this.  Sharing is fine.  Your teaching of any of this is something you must discuss or negotiate with me.  Teaching means you live it as a way of life, before you teach it.

Introduction to Selfless Prayer: Selfless Prayer Lady on a Holy Mountain with a Group.

I did not show the rest of the group from this experience I have had on a Holy Mountain with them. I did try to symbolically try to show the tremendous amount of spiritual love and light we have radiated on these pilgrimages. But, I have also symbolically colored her spiritual body to look like that of a vegan who does purification, spiritual diet, selfless service, spiritual healing, and some before she prays.  But I have been with people who went on pilgrimages and never came back again. Look in some of the other charts and see if you could tell me why. Why is the energetic wheel so dark? In this case the energetic wheel represents the 167 hours in a week. She prayed for two hours on a Holy Mountain. The little white slice in the energetic wheel reflects these two time values of sending light into the world. She is also doing sexual transmutation if you look at the picture closely in relation to the other charts I show you.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

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