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                                                           Introduction and Orientation to  Prayer


   We live in a sea of energy like fish. But ours is a Ocean of Light and Love from the Creator. We feed off of this primarily through our breath, food,other people,things, and our psychic centers(chakras). But we are largely unconscious that we are only taking this energy and not giving it back as Purely as it is given to us by the Creator.

Look at the Charts. These are well researched from practical experience of thirty years.

 We take more energy throughout our life than we give back.Look at Chart 15.The body is filled with Light and Love but the chakras (Heart, Throat,Third Eye are shriveled up like dried flowers as they are not being consciously to send out Light.   

The Light you see every day coming in is not what's going out. We feed off the energies or the lack thereof that humanity manifests. Eventually many of us create an energetic Karmic imbalance which results in a major life tragedy.

   It is all about how we manifest the Pure Spiritual Energy which we receive from the Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth. Although Prayer and Healing are the formal ways of manifesting Pure Energy  we can also do this consciously by sending Light and Love out through our psychic centers(chakras) without words at all. We focus and visualize and concentrate with undivided attention and transmit Light and Love into the world.

   It is also all about the quantity and quality of the Light and Love we transmit. There are 167 hours in a week. Add up on a piece of paper a much of that time you consciously transmit Pure Light and Love through our primary Channels which are our Psychic Centers. Without looking at your arithmetic the Chart Energy Wheel Shown bottom right  shows that we largely live in and feed off various degrees of dark energy.

 This Class is part of the set that goes with and precedes the Contemplative or Selfless Prayer classes.

                                                     Introduction and Orientation to  Prayer


 1. Why do I suggest this class first before taking one on Contemplative or Selfless Prayer? I want  you to get results and don’t give up.


 2.What is Prayer?

     a. We have German, Spanish, English and Prayer is a language of its own we can learn to use.  This is how we communicate with People or Beings greater or more Sacred/Holy than us as a Soul.  This is how we consciously offer Energy from one point to another or ask for this. But wait a minute that is categorically Contemplative or Selfless prayer.

    b. I wasn't going to state this but if you don't read it here you may never hear it. Mostly for millions of years we have been doing selfish prayer which is where we ask for something. Or we're looking for some sort of emotional stimulation like many Mystics did. Great Cosmic Avatars like Jesus or Buddha or George King (1919-1997) did teach Selfless Prayer and Healing. Usually this Selfless Prayer was forgotten.

 In the case of the Lord Buddha Meditation(which was really Yoga Breathing) has become Contemplative Prayer. Look at the Chart. It is as plain as day. The  chakras are like flowers closed in darkness.  Prayer is only Balanced when we consciously do Contemplative and Selfless Prayer. And though Contemplative Prayer has a place in our life we don't evolve very much Karmically if it dominates our Spiritual Practices.

 In a profound sense the Blessed Mother Earth and the Creator offer us Their Selfless Light and Love(Prayer) 167 hours a week. Do we spend 10 consecutive minutes in any week offering Prayer to Them? That 10 minute is only a shocking tiny 1/1000 %. Usually we spend 10 min. a week may be asking for something. It doesn't matter whether you asked the  Creator for something for somebody else or you.

 If you buy groceries for your family you are still taking from the Blessed Mother Earth. Because we pay for the groceries we think we have rightfully earned them. We are still taking not giving if you honestly think about  the apples and the bread. Native people say if you go in the store and take a piece of fruit without asking the Mother Earth for this you are stealing from Her. Loving Selfless Gratitude is asking the Blessed Mother Earth for the Apple and then offering something in return to this Goddess(your Selfless Prayer).

   c. Is Prayer  a spoken language? Yes and no. it is offered so this creates the necessary space and flow. Our Prayers can be accepted or rejected so to speak. How do we know the difference? 

1. What are orthodox, selfish,Selfless, balanced, Metaphysical, Contemplative or silent Prayers?

2. Persons in the class will offer their thoughts on these different categories.

3. Why use the Master Jesus or George King or Aetherius Society’ new Prayers given since 1956?

4. Preparation, Attitude, Focus are important.  Why? 

                                                                    a. Your questions or comments

b. Preparation:  clean, bathed, relaxed, light meal, no drugs or alcohol (for at least 8-12 hours prior, overnight), pray inside or outside, well-rested,  yoga breathing enhances prayer a thousand times, don’t pray while driving … this is dangerous; walking is ok, watch where you walk , prayer clothes, the most important of these are underlined.

c. Do as many aspects of preparation as you can

d. Attitude: reverence, humility, love, light, sincerity, full attention, respect, alignment, purify, awe (inspired reverence with a sense of wonder).More details in Class if you need them.

e. Concentration * this develops with practice.

f. What to do with distracting thoughts. 

g. Feelings * don’t look for them, some can be above your ability to feel . Don’t be angry, upset or disturbed . Accept all your pain before you pray.

h. Gradually you will learn to put yourself totally into your prayers and develop spiritual maturity.

i. If you pray selflessly for more than five or 10 min. and use your psychic centers it may be necessary to schedule this into an active sexual life. I have done this for many years successfully. Attend my Class on Selfless Prayer and ask for more details on how to integrate sexuality and spirituality harmoniously.This is easy to do.

5. Detachment is necessary in prayer. It is not forgetting or suppressing your prayers. It is letting go of them. My story of detachment.

6. Place to pray:

     a. Home, park,Beach * on special Holy Mountains if you know a real one. Some have been recently charged in the past 60 years (since 1955) with Cosmic Power from God. You can also Pray in a church, alone or in a group.

      b. If you go to a real Holy Mountain and pray and follow these guidelines, you may be overwhelmed by the Power for a time during or afterwards, or you may feel nothing much at all.

      c. This has happened to me many times(overwhelmed) on Mt. Baldy and also Mt. Tallac.  It is not something to be afraid of. The Cosmic human beauty of this is that you will know with absolute certainty that this is a Holy Mountain so charged initially by the Avatar George King. Yet during your overwhelming you may not be able to consciously function too well.  Cosmic Truth like the Aetherius Society has can overwhelm you.

      d. The tragedy of this is that you may not do much evolving Service. This does not have to happen.  Focus on the capacity of your consciousness to take balanced selfless and personal direct action.

      e. I think journaling your experience is the best way to bring this about.

 9. Places not to pray:

     a. In a bar while drinking or at work in the beginning. You have to be very careful of distractions.

     b. Praying Selflessly outside for more than 15 or 20 minutes in direct sunlight can be very powerful. Following a spiritual diet and a few other necessary guidelines  mentioned here can make this a wonderful Mystical Experience . But if you don't do these things you can be overwhelmed in a discouraging way. I have had plenty of  both sets of experience; discouraging and wonderful spiritual and emotional fulfillment. It's not necessary for this to happen. But you can't have your cake and eat it too. To have a real spiritual life means you will eat less angel food cake not no cake. See more details in my class on Selfless Prayer.

10. We can all pray as imperfect humans. This is a big lesson I had to learn. Don’t be afraid to pray. Prayer feathers, prayer rings, shamanic stones, or pendants preferably not metal or precious stones. Why use them?(See my  explanatory piece on shamanic articles)

11. You can use your own symbol to awaken your consciousness to Pray more.

12.The law of Creation is your Prayer Energy you send comes right back eventually. It just takes time to realize your prayers are always answered. It has taken me years to become conscious of what was happening  during the experience and after my Prayers. I explain this more in my Classes on Contemplative and Selfless Prayer.

13. What is your motive in Praying?

14.Be creative if you wish when you Pray at times.

15. The Prayers in The Twelve Blessings are wonderfully selfless (available through The Aetherius Society). 

                  Questions- Comments

Did I miss something?

Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.


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