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                                       How to develop a loving, caring conscious relationship with your Soul


    Most of us are unconscious of our Soul or we don't really know what It is and the tremendous relevancy It has in our daily life.

   A great Cosmic Avatar Who was also a Cosmic Teacher called George King recently left the Earth (1919 to 1997). From Him we were given the Cosmic Wisdom about what our Soul is and the important role It can have in our experiences.

   The Avatar George King also tape-recorded Cosmic Wisdom from an exalted Being we know as a Lord of Karma called Mars Sector Six Who spoke through Him. This was then written into a Book in which This Holy Being (Mars Sector Six) gave humanity amazing Cosmic Truth about our Souls and how to work with Them. This Mystical Text is called  The Nine Freedoms. Here is pure concise Truth and Wisdom that we can trust absolutely and act on it because the Creator has these Beings speak to us so that we know Divine Reality exactly as This  is and can lovingly trust in This in a practical way. 

In Mayan Wisdom this is called Alignment and without it we realize nothing.

 In Christian terminology Mystically speaking it's called the Razor's Edge meaning that Alignment is an exact focus in manifestation that we can accept and live today.

   In our past history the important conscious reality of our Souls was lost, distorted or cast aside because of our weaknesses or free will or imperfections. But here today are new Teachings I offer you in this class upon our Souls you can trust, live, and act upon. This in a way that will totally transform your life and bring you a mature Spiritual Renaissance of personal magnificence because of the authority and credibility of the Truth which came from these Sources mentioned above. I share it with you Exactly as It was given and I give you a Bridge that you can cross to have a wonderful relationship with your Soul.


  In this class about our souls with you  in mind I share with you experiences I have had with my Soul and you can have these also. Yours will be different than mine. But they will have tremendous meaning for you personally if you act upon them and live them. Let me be honest and say I didn't like these Truths about my Soul because of my tremendous personal needs and negative attitudes I had therefore I didn't really do anything much on behalf of my Soul of any real significance for well over 55 years.

   If you read this class material, take the class and act upon it, I will give you the guidance and support you need that I never had. You can make tremendous strides forward in your personal Evolution. This will become more of a conscious necessity in the near future for our choice of ignoring or acting upon the Truth is coming to an end because of the Mother Earths’ New Age (New Life) She is now Experiencing. I offer this class so that the things that held me back in my life and caused  me tremendous suffering because I did not consciously love and care for my own Soul in a practical way do not have to so influence and affect you consciously. Unconscious or repressed reality with your Soul only becomes a painful tragic regret.

In Master Class Notes I give You  a lot of fascinating wonderful knowledge about direct experiences with my Soul which are amazing poignant and memorable.You can have these experiences also.There are Special Sacred Charts available here only. See Charts for description.I.C.I.P.O. MEANS stories told in class in person only.

                                                                                           Questions Group Discussion


   This class is about your soul not mine and all I share here is only to develop trust and friendly dialogue with your consciousness

  For me to go on and on in this class is of no use to you in the experience of your Soul. For you see in the beginning (that's how it is for some of us) we experience our Soul (psychic centers and aura are the most important parts) indirectly through our emotions, thoughts, dreams and spiritual experiences. I do not mention sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, conscious mind or unconscious mind, Spirit or other people.


    Our desires or feelings are often our Souls’ way of communicating with our consciousness indirectly. Our feelings or desires can be clouded unpleasant responses of our psychic centers hunger for Light, Love, Healing Energy to flow through them. The heart, throat, third eye (Christ center) and Crown chakra (Golden Sphere is our Symbol of our Divinity Which resides at the top of our head) are our most important psychic centers. (Some men would argue this). And everybody meets in the solar plexus center and this can be a mischievous rascal if we are not able to raise our Energy up above it and use our Energy in Higher Centers as well. It's a balance.

   When we are depressed, have sexual desires, experience alcoholism or drug addiction, food cravings, distractions (Internet, TV, too much reading their music) these are ways our psychic centers are communicating with us about their needs for fulfillment. Their Primary needs are Oneness,White Light, Love,Communication,Caring and Healing Energy constantly flowing into and outwards from and through them.And they have secondary needs also.

                                                                                            Questions Discussion

    There are many ways our conscious mind and it's free will  (not our unconscious mind) maintains a dominance over the actions and function of our Soul. When we use spiritual energy (Pray, Heal) in our higher psychic centers we have less desire in the lower ones (solar plexus, food, power, relationships etc.).Lots of sexual desire is transmuted in Prayer or Healing in our Souls’ use of this Energy selflessly.

   It is a revolutionary concept but I believe that a lot of our emotions are the radar of our Soul or Spirit speaking to us as a Subject not an object that needs attention and loving care in a healthy way.

                                                                                 Questions Comments Group discussion


   This class is about you becoming more conscious of your Soul in the important aspects of the feelings and experience you will have relative to this while in your body. This will happen if you do the work and take the action to make this manifest in your life.In 50 years I have had a lot of experience with my Soul and the Truth and Wisdom about this is part of the basis of this class. There is virtually little  theory and no intellectualization, fantasy or distorted Truths in this class. It's all from the fires of experience and from the Torch of Life with which the Great Ones illumine our Souls. 

    1. What is your Soul?

      a. Conscious mind * Personality and ego* Unconscious mind (comprised of memory and bodily functions) * Emotions *Karma* Psychic Centers(Chakras) and Aura These are in your BODY or connected to it.See Charts below

      b. This is not your body but is connected during your lifetime

      c. This is not your Spirit,but we can develop this Relationship between Them Both.

      d. This Truth came from my Avatar George King and is sufficient to transform modern psychology and psychiatry

      e. The unabridged dictionary does not give a clear or complete definition of what a Soul is. 

    Why is this?

    Carl Jung had some real true spiritual truths he presented to our world. Explain why he presented them so late in life personally.


    The real problem is where do we find practitioners for the new science of the Soul?

    2. What are the enfoldments of your Soul’s (psychic centers and aura) connection to your body?  Tell my stories of feeling heart center physically and my Soul crying out through my voice. I.C.I.P.O.  The eyes are the window of the Soul – tell several stories of this experience and what this means. See M.C.N.* for stories of direct experiences which are awesome.

   3.                                                                            Questions Discussion or your Story

   4. How do we become more conscious in the near future of the psychic aspects  (psychic centers and aura) of our Soul and fulfill these needs.

                                                                              Questions and comments

   5.  We become more conscious of our Soul by sending and attracting Energy through our psychic centers. They live on Energy(Light,Love) not Internet games or ice cream. They know when we are practically aware of Them and get involved with Them. Details in class and examples from 30 years experience with my psychic centers and consciousness and body as a set working together, not separate. When you begin to see your emotions as a bridge to your psychic centers you will begin to recognize how your Soul feels and what it means on a daily basis. Medication for depression is only masking the desire of your Soul  to receive and transmit  Light and Love and we can all do this. The civilized diet is also depressing for our Soul wants to experience the Sacred Natural Karmic Law which nobody talks about. I give details on this in my class on ancient yoga diet which will make you feel good 24 hours a day.Chart there too!

   a. *Selfless prayer* Contemplative prayer*  healing *reflective thought *affirmation Praying on Holy Mountains, selfless service, loving ourselves in a healthy balanced way, Relationships with greater Cosmic Beings than ourself can all help us to become more practically conscious of our soul.

    b. Drugs and psychedelics are not good for our soul. I will mention in class how the psychic centers of the soul open inwards or outwards. They do not flap like birds wings. No legitimate Ashram in the Far East will let you in if you use psychedelics.

    c. You are all welcome in my classes. I encourage students to give up psychedelics. I used them for 12 years. I have not used any for the last 35 years. If you practice all the things I teach you in this class you can easily surpass me because I'm 67 years old and I had to suffer and learn all these things and practice them the hard way- by myself. You have the wonderful opportunity for personal support in your spiritual life that I never had. As a spiritual Teacher I share with you how you can personally Evolve Karmically.

   6. When does the connection of your Soul and body end?

      a. Your questions and comments before I answer this question.

   7. Does Karma or Free Will determine the experiences of our Souls?

       a. Your questions and comment before I answer this question.

   7. What does your Soul need during its lifetime?

     a.  Your questions and comments before I answer this question.

     b. What do you think it needs?

                            Let students offer their thoughts about this before I share the following needs of our Soul.

   1. Divine will is the need and desire of our Soul and it's depressing to our Soul if we do not learn how to bring this into manifestation. I can teach you how to do this from first-hand experience.

   2.That the Energy of our Spirit will  flow through the psychic centers, consciousness, conscious mind, unconscious mind,and our whole being is another aspect of our Souls’ desire and need.

   3. We offer the Energy of our Spirit back up to our Spirit.

   4.Oneness with another human being. If men had to tell women they wanted Oneness instead of sex they would have a whole different attitude about their relationship with women. Oneness is a desire of our Soul. Our Soul wants and needs Oneness in a balanced way with someone of the opposite gender. We call this Yin and Yang.

   5. Our soul also wants Oneness with our Spirit, Communication and eventual Holy Communion with the Blessed Mother Earth and  our Creator [Brahma, Holy Sun, Kin(Mayan) God, all the same Holy Being]through our Spirit .

     A. Tell stories of my fears repression and unhappiness with the needs of my psychic centers. How do we dissolve 20,000,000 years of our Souls’ only being connected unconsciously to our body, free will, and our conscious mind. In  my class I help you to cut down or pull the weeds and remove the underbrush that obscure your Soul from your conscious vision. Once you clear this away you can see and eat the wild natural/divine fruit (Light and Love). 

     B. Eating pie in Starman- how intense.*Our Souls’ loneliness* beauty of our Soul *emotions beyond our ability to feel*

                                               Questions Discussion, do you have any Story to share?

     C.   What is more important to you… your body or Soul or Conscious Mind?

    Tell a story about what I didn't like about this Truth and how this held me up for years.

     D.   When we reincarnate, our Higher Self (Spirit) chooses a set of experiences in perfect harmony with Karmic law.  These are the experiences our Soul needs to Evolve with when we come to Earth again: Parents, environment, culture, handicaps, gifts, wealth or poverty are part of this. Read Karma and Reincarnation by my Avatar George King, available through the Aetherius Society or my family. We evolve according to the Laws of Creation.

     E.                                                                                       Your questions or comments

   6. Is your Soul connected to your Spirit?

     a.   Your Spirit will Teach your Soul how to Evolve and also do many wonderful things for your consciousness and conscious mind as well as your soul, once you  establish your Spirit to reign over you to  be as a Goddess or God  24 hours a day. I teach this practical knowledge in my classes

   7. Does Free Will come from you Soul or Divinity (Higher Self)?

  a.   Free will is something we reincarnate with which is a major choice we made millions of years ago. You can surrender it in this lifetime to Divine Will.  It is not Divine Will.  Therefore, it follows that it is not a choice of our Divinity. Why has it proven to be a poor choice?

  b.                                                                                        Questions Comments

   8. Is Free Will a limitation to our Soul?

                                                                                        Questions Comments 

   9. When does our Soul evolve past reincarnations and death?

      a.   Read The Nine Freedoms by Avatar George King.

      b.   The Souls’ steps are  (surrendering Free Will is the first step) Bravery, Love, Service, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness (also called Samadhi),  Ascension and Three More Steps.  Ascension is when our Soul goes through a transformational transmutation and receives an eternal Body and Soul. This does not die of disease or reincarnate (per se). Jesus and Buddha reincarnated on Earth (They were Ascended Beings before They got here) so the process of reincarnation can take place again. We only earn this Eternal Body through lifetimes of Selfless Service and Sacrifice. It is not a cookie we are freely given to eat all by ourselves and share with no one.


     c.                                                         Questions Comments. Do you have a Story  to share?


     d. Be sure to have some good health food cookies or fruit to share with the students.

   How Yoga helps your Soul evolve*Your Higher Self through Yoga is a wonderful book that can help your Soul Evolve tremendously. This was written by My Yoga Master George King and is available through the Aetherius Society or my family. We will discuss this in class. This small text is a real Spiritual Jewel.

                                                                                   Questions or Discussion

   10. *Christianity *Buddhism *Islam *A spiritual life can also help your soul evolve in any culture or society on our world.

   11.   How did we lose consciousness and sight and feeling of our souls? I answer this in class after you offer your thoughts and feelings about this.

   Because we have not used our Souls consciously for thousands of years in a functional practical way we lost consciousness and the sight, feeling, Fruits and  Karmic benefits and Evolution we would get from these practical actions.


    We  also lowered our vibrations physically ,spiritually, emotionally and mentally in many ways. Our Soul is a higher vibration and we cannot experience this with any meaningful significance while we're on a lower vibratory level. I spent 30 or 40 years there so I know where Hell is. In Heaven is where your soul waits for you to reach upwards in action. This is not up in the clouds somewhere it's right with you every day when you walk around and live your life. I live there sometime-yes Heaven.

    12.   Giving spiritual healing is the most beneficial practice that you can do to help your soul have experience in a positive karmic way. I have a class on Healing.

                                                                           Special Sacred Thoughts

‘    The soul of man (or woman) is as a bright light which has been covered by numerous different colored materials. The Light which now shines from the Soul, through the thought and action of (woman or) man is a different color from the pure radiance which is the source. As he (or she) strips limitation from themselves, as layers of material from this Light, so it changes color with each one taken off and it gradually becomes, brighter and purer until there will come a time when it will shine with its original, unadulterated white radiance through all (her or) his thought and actions. At the time man (or woman) will be much nearer to God than (she or) he is at present’. I do this practice and teach this to you for I have 30 years experience learning this practice of radiating light through my psychic centers in Spiritual Healing or Contemplative or Selfless Prayer. But I am still learning how to radiate Light in speaking to everyone. The words above are a direct quote from The Nine Freedoms by my Avatar George King available through the Aetherius Society or my family. The parentheses are my add-in. You can do all this very quickly with practice and guidance from a teacher according to your individual capacity to have balanced harmonious experience.


   There's a tremendous amount of transformational Truth about your Soul in this class if you download and install it and use it If you don’t , in a day or a week you could forget or neglect your Soul as feelings and visions and psychic centers  in your conscious mind and from your Spirit.

  Today we have knocked at  the window of your Soul. We held a Light to Its window but you my friend must set your own candle in the Light of your Souls’ window.

    Others will see this Light in your window from a distance. They will want to come to your house for a friendly conversation about their Soul. You will put them at ease if you can talk comfortably about your Soul. If you have had  experiences with your Soul you can share as marvelous stories  this will help them to develop  trust and confidence in what you say. My classes are really for students who want to become Teachers to help other people with their life and their Souls in the modern world.

   Did I miss something?

   • Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

   Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

   Note: All class material is copyright protected by my family to preserve purity and clarity of teachings, not for publication profit. If you have a copy of my genuine class notes printed on paper these are PLAINLY encrypted for authenticity. I will encrypt them for you if you send me your downloaded printed copies of these class notes. If they're not,  there is some Misalignment.  I expect you to honor this.  Sharing is fine.  Your teaching of any of this is something you must discuss or negotiate with me.  Teaching means you live it as a way of life, before you teach it.

Details of Some Aspects of Your Soul

  1. Base of the spine - Kundalini chakra
  2. Sex chakra
  3. Solar plexus chakra - stomach
  4. Heart chakra
  5. Throat chakra
  6. Third-Eye - Christ center chakra
  7. Seat of the Spark of God - Higher self - Your spirit. You must establish this connection as it appears
  8. The stems of the chakra flowers which go inside the body and are connected to the physical spine. As you can see in 4, 5, and 6, the chakras are shriveled up like dried flowers because they are not used. 

Chakra 8 is in the left palm 
Chakra 9 is in the right palm

(see photo below)

These are the Major chakras only. These are also called psychic centers. These are close to the corresponding physical organs in the body. The physical body and the spiritual body are shown together here. Your aura out in front of your chakras is another part of your soul.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

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