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                                                           How to Communicate with your Body, Conscious and Unconscious Mind


   The body, your body, my body has always been a historical spiritual negative reality

    Why ?

    Our bodies are very magnetic and sensual, spiritually and physically. 

    We beat it, we ignore or repress it,we take it for granted, we overindulge it and get possessed by its needs. This is not a healthy spiritual bodily love.   

    It's really simple. It's a very emotional experience of feelings and desires for food, friendship, distraction, physical and mental stimulation, or sexual desires and Spiritual Oneness with Creation

   You start by accepting the reality that you feel your body and this is a good thing. If it doesn't feel good your body  is sending you a message. All the negativity and repression is our unclear experience.     

   It's master desires. Creating desires that are not your Divine Will – yes yours – your Spirits’ Divine Will is yours if you download install and use it every day. This sentence represents 62 years of my life experience. I can't give you all the answers it would cripple you. You need to" walk and find yours". I do give you a Golden Gate Bridge to the 

ancient Truths. 

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    We can love our bodies  in a healthy way that helps us Evolve spiritually. My classes on diet, prayer and  purification make it easier (more harmonious to master and discipline ourselves). You can learn to clearly accept your body, conscious and unconscious mind and they will help you to understand and  love yourself  in an aware mastered way.

    This class on your body and unconscious mind gives you major amazing Revelations I share from suffering in my body and unconscious mind so much that I accept the pain (I feel good) and can share some fruits of discipline and mastery with you. After all, the Creator gives us compassion (positive bodily emotion)of the soul which ameliorates pain up to a point in our body- up to a point.

1.  How to Communicate with your Body

   If you can't learn to speak to your body, try to start by listening to it. It speaks in  aches, pains, joy, a feeling of well-being , and emptiness (loneliness). It's a very sensual part of us. So if you learn to speak and hear clearly what your body says to you this is firsthand truth in part from the best doctors in the world – your body and unconscious mind. They work as a team if you develop this experience with them.

   When I first heard of  speaking  to my body and its various different organs as a Yoga technique I was self-conscious and felt that was a silly idea and I ignored it. That was in the 1970s when I was 30 years old. In the late 80’s I began to speak to various parts of my body as a Yoga technique and I got wonderful results. You can communicate with your feet, heart, brain, breasts, penis (every man thinks of this but does he speak to it with the dignity and respect it merits),eyes, teeth and your total body as an entity.            

                                                                            Questions or Comments

    A. Why do this?

   To express your love and appreciation to these parts of yourself which cooperate and work as a team to help you through your life. They work better individually and more harmoniously as they are a Cosmic creation so there's a lot of beautiful Energetic structure you can share. We take our body for granted and abuse it in many ways. What we’re speaking about here is conscious care rather than unconscious neglect.

   B. How to communicate with your body's parts. I will discuss this in class.

   C.   Loving your body in a healthy and unhealthy way. Would you give a fish birdseed? We drink diet soda and eat chocolate and meat. All these things gradually cause the body to function weakly and destroy it. Old age is not a natural process but the result of poor diet, personal habits such as lack of exercise and no healthy spiritual life. Your body is crystallized Sunlight held together by magnetism. I will share an amazing profound aspect of this in class.

   My classes on yoga diet, spirituality and other aspects of personal health help you to have a wonderful body which can last and work well over 100 years plus. Disease is a lower vibration. Your body can exist joyfully composed of Higher Vibratory Frequencies of Energy which are here on Earth today not off in  the sky somewhere. This is part of the Sacred Natural Karmic Law which I discuss in my classes on Purification and Ancient Yoga diet.  The New Age is now physically here if you want to get into it. It is not sausages and alcohol. Sincerity in a dialogue with our body are good health habits.

    D.  We can do Spiritual Healing for our body which is sending Light and Love to these various parts of yourself. Your body responds by giving you harmonious homeostasis. (What is homeostasis?). I will explain this in class. Have a friendship with your body. Get to know This.

   Good posture and a good night’s sleep are part of your body's needs. I sacrificed my own body for many years and it looks like it. Some people sacrifice themselves physically until they drop dead. I'm not planning to go there. Today, November 17, 2012 I said to myself “if somebody told you that if you walk for a quarter-mile  you would live for another 10 years would you do it?”

                  Emphatically I said yes and took a walk. For years I did not exercise enough.

                                                                      Questions, Comments, Group discussion.

   2.  How to Communicate with your Conscious Mind.

      A.   We ridicule talking to ourselves.Let's talk about a human Cosmic Mystery – our Consciousness. What is this composed of completely?  No man or woman can tell you. This is the last frontier for the real courageous pioneers as women or men. There are many things we do not know about our conscious mind or unconscious mind and the consciousness of our psychic centers and aura. For that matter we know little about the consciousness of our body. My class hints at the body having intelligent consciousness and for centuries poets have said this about the human heart. Let's get back to the conscious mind.

  This is the first time I said this in one of my classes if you want to discuss this we will. If you don't I won't say anything more about this if you are not open-minded and openhearted. I do want to mention that there is a great lecture on the mind by my Cosmic Yogi Avatar George King called Mans’ Mind available through the Aetherius Society or my family. The conscious mind is separate from the unconscious mind and psychic centers(chakras) and your Spirit but they can all be consciously linked and function as a harmonious team. The conscious mind only handles some physical, mental, spiritual and  emotional action. It does not handle functions of our body or unconscious mind past a certain point. The conscious mind thinks it is King or Queen of the Castle but this is only a limitation of Karmic free will.

   In my opinion as a teacher the conscious mind has different parts (this was discussed in a book called Voice Dialogue) Your ego and personality are part of your consciousness. They are good parts of yourself that need discipline, mastery and perhaps transformation and transmutation. What I say here is contrary to most religious and spiritual texts. Sorry that's my experience of truthful reality I have had in 67 years. And I've been going through an Awakening Process Mystically speaking since 1965. 

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                                                                                             Special Note

  This class on your conscious mind, unconscious mind and your body is a Renaissance and a totally Transformed True Way of seeing these  parts of yourself expanded way beyond Freud, Jung and other unclear partial spiritual negative understandings.  I received most of this Wisdom from my great Yogi Avatar George King Who  achieved Samadhi over 600 times. He knew all parts of His Being in a practical Enlightened Way. I didn't put it all in the class because some of it is very concise scientific knowledge and His tape I mentioned is worth its weight in gold for some of the Secrets in it.

2.  What is your Unconscious Mind?

    A.   The dictionary and psychiatry do not know in true clarity what this is. I learned the Truth about this from the lecture I mentioned above. Your unconscious mind is a part of yourself and your Soul and body and is connected to them. It can also be connected to your Spirit more beneficially if you develop Divine Will. Strictly speaking your unconscious mind is your memory (from all lifetimes and this can be accessed) and the control of your bodily functions such as breathing and digestion and heart rate and  partial movement (hands feet etc.). Your unconscious knows more about your body than the best nutritionists or heart surgeon. It is not your ego or your personality or your lower self.

    B. How does it work?

   We access our memory for many things in our present life on a daily basis. We might say     “Where are my house keys?" Memories from other lifetimes and our dreams are stored there as well as our emotional and spiritual experiences. We can influence our unconscious mind in a positive or negative way. I will tell some stories about this in class which are very fascinating.


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      Our unconscious mind, conscious mind and body are all wonderful pure Cosmic creations. It's important we have a positive attitude about them. We can send them all Light and Love and appreciation for what they do for us. As a result they will work better for us. We can develop a friendship and work with them.

     Practice Conscious Simplicity with your unconscious mind and your conscious mind.


    Why don't I mention the conscious mind as a Cosmic Creation? We will discuss this if you want to.

    Did I miss something?

   Informal comments or questions,return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified.  This is Alignment.  If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous.  This is especially true in Spiritual Healing.  Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

                                             Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary.  A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

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