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                                                                                          CLASS NOTES 

                                                                       Class Discussion Group Workshop


                                                                How to Keep a Record of your Personal Life

                                                                              Journal is Your personal Truth

1.  A journal helps us to remember and renew the experience of our personal life. This wonderful method of recording your stories can benefit you and other human beings. In this workshop we can share our  mundane and priceless examples of feelings and major events from our lives exactly as they occurred.Share Journal here.


      My personal private introduction to you as a human being.Some of my Journal Entries. I have been  journaling for 35 years*M.C.N.*


  2.-    We can all Journal. This is to encourage you to start. This is a tremendous powerful tool and skill you can develop in your life. And it can have  magnificent rewards for you. I have been journaling for 35 years. You will get invaluable precious rewards from your Journal. You can journal on your computer but there are tremendous disadvantages to this. A hand written journal will never crash or become a file you can not open. The secret here is effort and Creation practically appreciates all sincere efforts.

   Always keep your Journal in a private unknown place that is secure for you. Make it so. Please remember you always have the absolute authority for others to respect the privacy of your Journal. No one is allowed to read this unless you share it.*M.C.N.*

          3.-  Why journal and what not to write.

             a) This is a complex personal subject. But if you do not write this record of your life experiences it will become totally lost largely speaking in your unconscious mind. Because there are so many tremendous personal variables I will give you more details in class and/or in my master class notes on journaling.*M.C.N.*

           4.-  How do you share your journal?

   First you share it with yourself. This is the major practical aspect of why you Journal. This can give you tremendous understanding of your life that you can use for growth and accomplishment in a practical daily way. It can become a written realistic assistance to take your life forward instead of continuing tragic Limited Karmic patterns. More details in class. *M.C.N.*

5.-  Why have a permanent bound journal?

  6.-  Daily written loose leaf journal *paper to use, light or heavy.

   You can write anything in here you want as a great way to get practice to do journaling on a regular basis. Our conscious mind does not like journaling because this is the threat of your personal experiential Truth. Journaling can make this a wonderful blessing. If you use heavy paper  you will have it preserved for the rest of your life. Light paper is fragile and can get destroyed and you can't write on both sides of it and read it clearly generally speaking. I use only heavy journal paper for this reason. And I do Journal on my computer and off-mostly handwritten on paper. Over the years I found I regretted bitterly what I did not write. But I have never been sorry for courageously facing my own imperfect life experiences on paper or off paper. More details in class.*M.C.N.*

  7.-  How to live more fully what you wrote.

   This only takes practice, hard work and discipline and you get better at it the more you do. This really helps you to become your own student and teacher We learn from those whom we love. So if you love yourself in a healthy way you will make tremendous strides forward in your life. More details in class.*M.C.N.* 

8.- How does your journal grow and evolve with you?

   This is a very complex personal individual thing to talk about. But the more you Journal the better you get at this. You are able to be more and more honest with yourself. And you develop more maturity because your Journal helps you to learn from your experiences. More details in class

9.- Why is it difficult to write in your journal at times?

      A.- Long periods of no entries

         a)  details in class about distraction and other major issues.

10.-    Adding pictures or symbols,double entries,be creative.This is strictly up to you. I would never tell you what to Journal but only how to do this successfully. Double entries can be very powerful if you have more than one Journal. More details in class.

11.- The importance of immediate and exact documentation of: dreams, guidance from your Spirit,conversations ,story of how he wrote down the conversation all wrong.

   Dreams which can come from your Spirit need great practice and skill to record them properly. Your Spirit will give you precision Cosmic Alignment in the content of your dreams. Never alter this because without the alignment you have nothing. The longer you wait to write a Dream from your Spirit you might find the less details you can remember. I've gotten up in the middle of the night many many times to do quality immediate journalling. More details in class.

12.-  The trust, honor, love, kindness and respect your Journal deserves from everyone, yourself first. More details in class.

14.-  Getting necessary understanding of what you write helps to know yourself more objectively.More details in class.

15.-  If your Spirit gives you a dream or vision who knows the meaning or meanings?

    You can pray to your Spirit for an understanding and I have done this. Your Spirit knows absolutely what the dream meant. We do not at times. See my classes on Contemplative prayer and Selfless prayer as well as Purification to more practically realize what your Dream can become.

        16.-   Never destroy your Journal for it will be lost forever so to speak.

        17.-- Those who wish to will do some journaling now in the class.

            A.  Closing

            B.  This is a big class for those of you who Journal but have not gotten any gold yet . more details in class 

                     If you wish we will(bring your Journal) share some wonderful mutual touching experiences and feelings.

                                                                                         Final Word

    I purposely left out a lot from what are going to be viewed as online Class Notes

   Without your personal record(Journal) there is the tragic convenience of forgetfulness.

    One reason is that I am sharing a tremendous amount about my personal power in this class material. As my great Avatar said, we can lose a lot of personal power when people don't practically knowledge this. There are books out there you can read about journaling, but I'm not recommending any. If you send for the master class notes on this class I will include some Journal extracts for you and also send you a sample of some nice heavy rule journal paper.

         © Gregory Mills 2012

   These classes are only an outline. There's a lot more reference material and understanding in the master class notes. I use these in a personal presentation when you come to class.Master class notes are primarily for people who can not attend a class in person. They are only available printed out on paper.) Shown as*M.C.N.* OR “*” starred  is also Master Class Notes. See Class Fees for more details.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

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