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                                                                                                                Class Notes

                                                                                                  Class  Discussion Group  Workshop                                     


             Spiritual and Romantic successful loving caring relationships for women with men Working Conscious Spiritual Romance Together as a Balanced Team of Equals

                                                                                                         CLASS Two Brief

     Ladies:Feminine Spiritual Love,Intuition, Wiles (splendidly,positively, defined)and Intimate Long Term Romance with Spiritual Sexual Men.



   I have had plenty of intimate spiritual sexual experience with   wonderful women.  But where is my wife?  Lots of spiritual men say this.   The difference between me and them is that as a spiritual teache in part I feel I need only a few  answers that women have as active spiritual sexual  pioneer goddesses.  But I don’t have ladies intuition nor their polarity.

  The Second Class is about sharing  a spiritual life in a long-term personal sexual  romantic  relationship with a man.  I’ve had a taste of this which is like angel food cake.  But I want  a consort which is a wedding cake.

   Let me mention one unusual spiritual experience I’ve seen as a pattern with ladies.  If they kiss me they will not do selfless prayer with me.  If they do selfless prayer  with me they will not kiss.me.  I know a temple where there are lots of single unhappy spiritual ladies I pray with now and then.  When a spiritual man honestly loves a woman in their bed he also wants to love her Soul and selflessly pray with her and send their spiritual love out into the world.  This is how a man transmutes some of  his sexual energy into spiritual love.

   But very few women or men do very much of this as a matter of fact if you use your energy above the bellybutton you have less to use below the bellybutton.   You Can’t have your cake and eat it too in equal amounts.  I think the only  reason more Spiritual Women don’t do this is fear and ignorance- and men likewise.  That’s what this Class is for as these are my deductions and your intuition will affirm and  give us the truth.  Then you can find a spiritual man to do  this with you.

   The exact same spiritual love you have in the bed is what is sent out and transmuted  on a higher  vibratory level as the spiritual love and light of selfless prayer.  And it isn’t  done. any other way with a man- sorry-no.  Book reading, attending lectures, meditating, praying  5 minutes once a week, friendly conversation, watching TV, makes  virtually little use of the psychic centers of your and his soul.  Doing spiritual healing together with a man together for others is another powerful way to use and transmute some of your sexual energy into spiritual love and light in compassion for humanity.  Look at my little  simple Charts which show this very clearly.

   This class about how you and your man  can love each other romantically and  do selfless prayer and healing together.  The old saying is the family that prays together stays together.  I’ve proven this through wonderful Internet  research which I will share with you in the class.

   I have met three generations in one family (children, parents, grandparents,) that did selfless prayer together.  As a lady you may marry a Buddhist, Christian, aethiest or yogi.  As I teach selfless prayer it is not a part of a religion and you can learn and share each others spiritual practices together.  This is how you and your man love each other’s heart and soul  and develop a relationship as soul mates in this lifetime.  It’s only a matter of learning to lovingly communicate with each other and act on it.

   At any point in this class you can ask for a story from my experience with spiritual women which is a  relevant example of what we are discussing in the class. Better yet share yours.  I’d teach formally from an educational point of view so maybe you can tell a amusing anecdote lighten things up.


      SECOND DAY OPEN TO WOMEN ONLY WHO ATTENDED THE FIRST CLASS   NO EXCEPTIONS. AGE LIMIT UNDER 21 NEEDS WAIVER SIGNED BY PARENTS if necessary. This class is closed to men as my Second  class workshop discussion group on  Spiritual Male Sexuality  is closed to women. 

  To get the rest of this class through the mail I expect you to:

   Read the classes on:

    1. How to pray selflessly,

    2. Introduction to prayer,

    3. Relationship with your soul,

    4. Listen to the lecture on Control the Vital Life Fluid{( which is just as relevant for women(when you include your man)}.

    5. Buy the Twelve Blessings and start to say them.

    6 . Read the First Class and Master Class Notes  on Personal Conscious Spiritual  Human Relationships  for Women with Sexual Spiritual Men

    7. Sign Waiver,Documents with Sacred Wisdom and Sacred Charts and return. 

    8. Send a receipt through the mail on these things you purchased and read carefully,then Call me so we can see we are on the same page . This is a must.

 Only after this sequence of events  will I send you thru the post the second set  of classes It is worth 100 times over if you do these things otherwise you'll come and go in this lifetime without any majestic personal hard-earned evolution.  This is how you earn more FEMININE LOVE and INTUITION  by living what I shared with you.  This earned feminine selfless love is what feeds and nurtures your relationship with a man but it is not the motive to pray selflessly.

My lovers  as Spiritual Women built my altar,prayed me under the table,prayed with me for four hours,and some tore the roof off when we made love together.So I also know your greatest challenges are honest conscious emotional communication  and  more important that you need honest male dialogue to understand  and share with your man as this unfolds naturally with him.  And if you come to Class together with him that is best.

This is all new  material.So please read  all of it carefully before you call.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my address. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
Box 3659
Los Angeles, CA 90078

© Gregory Mills 2012