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D.S.W. and S.C.


                                             COMBINING SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY AS A WAY OF LIFE.

     Personal Conscious Spiritual Human Relationships for Women with Men and for Men with Women

                     AS They Exist Today in the Present Reality and Context of Your Life 

   At any point in these classes you can ask for a story from my experiences with spiritual women. Better yet, share yours as a Lady or Man. I conduct this class like a discussion group and the workshop is how you integrate these things emotionally and mentally into your consciousness from the discussion of them.

  If You and He are Happily Married or share a Long Term Relationship but don't share or have a Spiritual Life together I will hold a mature couples special private class. Why should you inquire? Spiritual organizations alienate many wonderful loving people. I never met a married spiritual man or woman who came                    to a Church or Temple or Yoga or Meditation Center alone who was consciously joyous.You can start at home! I have done this many times.



  This is not meant to be read by men and I ask you men to honor this and just read the one I wrote for men.                                                                          

   I also expect women to honor the mens' class notes and not read them either.Your man might appreciate this. I did put in a little just for those who........

  Why is this Class for you women worth reading as women? I got some of this Emotional Spiritual Cosmic Wisdom from a modern Yoga Avatar called George King. The rest is deductions I have had to translate into everyday workable practical language. By Avatar I mean a Cosmic Master like Jesus or Buddha.One example          is Feminine Wiles which is a beautiful loving power only women have but used selfishly for millions of years.So the dictionary gives negative meanings only.See my Terms and Definitions for the astounding selfless Cosmic Meaning of the special gift of women we will discuss.I have some ancient Wisdom on your emotions            but we can unfold some of the rest.Look under GIFT OF WOMEN. 

  I got the sexual emotional, personal educational experience with wonderful spiritual ladies over a period of twenty-five years. My class combines spirituality and sexuality in a balanced way. There are no books or classes that do this in a practical way you can live.

  Ladies bless your Hearts just so happen to read this stuff and talk to each other about it. But it's hard to talk to men about spiritual truth unless you are aware of how they feel and what they do spiritually (less than women-Internet research). I know that many wonderful feminine Goddesses(your Spirit not pedestal) are doing spiritual healing, meditation, yoga, attending spiritual workshops, as well as reading the latest spiritual and metaphysical romantic literature note literature not fiction. What did I leave out?

  Selfless prayer is the most significant practice you can share with a man in the convenience of the                                                                                   modern day schedule. Doing spiritual healing together for others is also practically valuable. 

What is Selfless Prayer?

 This is a form of Praying which you do to send Love and Light through yourself out into Creation. You send it through your Psychic Centers consciously as you visualize the White Light and Spiritual Love going out through them as you say" words of Selfless Prayers " to concentrate.

What are your psychic centers(also called chakras)?

  Your chakras as a lady are the most important part of your spiritual body(Soul) which is just as physical as your maternal physical body. You may not feel your chakras that much. So you are not conscious of  their importance. But they are the most important part of your Soul as a woman because it is primarily           through them that you radiate your Love and Light out into the world. This can transmute some of your emotional sexual energies immediately into a spiritual energy if you consciously use them that way. The major relevance for you emotionally is when you send your Love and Light out into Creation this is                       returned to you. When you give your love and light to human beings such as a man or your children or your friends you don't necessarily get back the quantity or quality of what you give out.

   The Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth always returns your Light and Love and this renews your emotional and romantic relationship(singular). That is if you send it to Them. See The Twelve Blessings Book. This is a remarkable Book of Selfless Prayers available through www.aetherius.org or Amazon.com.                       Look at the little Charts below(There are four of them) of women's and men's chakras and their spiritual body which show how energy flows from you as a lady out to others and relative to yourself.  This is a whole new concept of emotional spiritual reality relative to romantic relationships. Most men or women would argue themselves as the major source of love in their life. But where is the love coming from?I tell you exactly where it is coming from in my class on personal romantic relationships. It is not coming from any woman or man it only comes through them not from them and never has or never will.

  Creation flows into us as a great tide of Light and Love to carry us forward into Evolution with the Heart of the Cosmos in its eternal Embrace of Oneness.

And isn't there a personal responsibility to give love back to Those Who give it to us?

If you look at the charts they show you something that I learned from my Spiritual Avatar George King. Some of the personal love and light in our life comes through human beings but not from them.There is only one major significant way to renew your loving care as a lady. You have to send it out using your                   heart and heart chakra on a regular basis to Beings Who will send it back to you. It's partly explained quite clearly in this Class and Master Class Notes on personal loving care for spiritual romantic women. The relevance of this romantically is spiritual ladies have a greater opportunity to share a spiritual life with a spiritual man then men do. This is because for men there's a tremendous spiritual emotional sexual conflict that most spiritual men never face and deal with because marriage for men is only part of the answer. The rest of the answer for men is you can maternally lead them into Selfless Prayer as you do it at home. Goethe said" We learn from those whom we love." If a man is your romantic friend or lover you have this opportunity to express your love to him in a selfless way with him. We will discuss in in the second day of class how to do this. In the first day of class we discuss the need to have a strong healthy spiritual romantic relationship. Men and women both have to know what is a balanced natural emotional spiritual physical relationship. If either of you does not know you  eventually wind up alone. If there are children or other ties this is difficult.

  The principles of romantic True Love (Eros Love) are true for everyone. You might be surprised to find out in class that these principles have to be nurtured selflessly. The advantage you have as a lady in coming to class is that you get the experience of a transparent spiritual selfless male teacher to help you see emotionally and personally how it can work successfully for you and your man – Praying Selflessly and loving in a mutual (you and him) personal intimate relationship.  As a spiritual lady you are more receptive to spiritual energy because you have more psychic centers  near your Spirit that draw this to you. Your breasts are very near your heart and your heart chakra as  well as very near your crown chakra(Spirit). We men have to reach way below our belly button to even  get a start. The magnetism of your anatomical feminine structure puts you closer spiritually and  emotionally to spiritual energies in this lifetime. Because in another lifetime you will reincarnate as a man. But it's impossible to have any significant influence in a man's life spiritually unless you know how to selflessly use your chakras and do it. Because men want significant action and results immediately. I know lots of spiritual ladies and spiritual men who do use their chakras selflessly till they get home from their Temple. They never take a few minutes to ask their consort(spiritual life partner) to send out  a little love and light with them at home. This is what my Class will show you how to do as men or women.

But I also find that many wonderful goddesses do pray selflessly and are totally close hearted to a romantic spiritual relationship. Let me give you one little example. Joan and I prayed selflessly together for more than three hours and I wasn't tired afterwards. Afterwards; note afterwards when I made love to her in in our bed we couldn't get too far intimately. She had too much disowned pain from men in her past unconsciously in the bed. So you can see from this introduction that as a lady you would benefit tremendously from our shared understanding in the romantic spiritual class material. Spiritual women don't have a clue about how to lead spiritual men forward. And I am looking for a spiritual lady to share this renaissance spiritual material with women.

But more important if this is relevant for you; spiritual ladies don't know how to lead their spiritual man into a true love relationship and then take this out into the world for demonstrative educational inspiration. In my heart I believe that you wonderful spiritual ladies can and would do this if you could learn how. I will certainly share this with you from my spiritual learning experience.I mention giving healing to others in the Class Notes. And I explain why it is not the best beginning to use with men.

These classes are the only complete spiritual romantic classes available today for successful romance. I know I've looked at what's available in educational, spiritual, sexual, romantic material. You know many times when people fall in love instantly they often had a successful romance in another lifetime. Here's your chance for now and then. My classes are all offered with a moneyback guarantee with this mischief clause. I won't give you the money back if you tell me it's too much work. If you really want your love to unfold you will help each other do the work. Many wonderful spiritual women did the work with me that you partly benefit from in this class. I teach largely without egotism, arrogance, gender prejudice or defensiveness. I listen with an open mind and open heart. We speak. We share. As one lady well said " Women bring more emotional love into a romantic relationship than men do.” Yet as another friend of mine said "(she was 70 when I met her) " I loved not wisely but too well." These are not statements but questions you ladies may shed some emotional light on for yourselves.

There are thousands of unnatural unbalanced patterns that can ruin romance – denial, Viagra, fear, selfishness, unconscious major personal problems and even thinking that hearing a woman is listening to her. And if you get the wrong man or woman they can ruin romance.

I am not qualified to do psychotherapy or marriage counseling. In my classes we call into serious question what is a lot of accepted marriage suffering that people think they're doing in the name of Love. Galileo was abused because he said the Earth was not the center of our Solar System. Men are not also nor are women.We can all learn to Love if we Karmically become practically (manifest in our actions) Loving Caring Persons. As the Earth Herself is a Feminine Entity it stands to follow the ladies will become the spiritual leaders in the coming Millennium of Peace. This is what my Yoga Avatar George King said and He was invited to the Initiation of a lady(not a man) into receiving Her Ascended Body. 

Once you develop true love with another person it lasts for a lifetime. For Oneness between a man and a woman only exists with two strong loving caring independent Souls and bodies and the hearts( of course a must!).I will share a great secret here.” We learn from those whom we love”.(womens’ role).This is a quote from Goethe who was speaking about mothers. You can't tell men that directly unless they're very evolved. And you can not treat them like a child. But you can sure live this as a lady and teach your man. A major thing we discuss in our class is how to teach men. And to mention once again I am looking for a spiritual lady to teach the women in the second set of classes for ladies Only.This will make you a spiritual archetype lady.

Many men have a gigantic physical sexual and mental ego and women tend to have more of an emotional maternal ego which also thinks and talks to we men.Oops! I'm getting into class materialClass Notes also gives details on Spiritual Internet Dating and romance.My goal is to teach students who will become romantic spiritual Teachers and then I will move on God Willing to other areas where work is needed by the human race.Lots of men are just coasting along on some physical sexual intimacy and a little spiritual reading and lots of dreams. Here's your opportunity as a lady to help them move into having a real spiritual and more of an emotional life with you as ASPECTS OF EMOTIONAL WISDOM .

                                                                                             CLASS ONE

                                                                       TRUE LOVES AND ONENESS

In the old days (1800s into early 1900s) men and women established some sort of romantic loving relationship maybe had a family (children) and spent their lives together. In the modern world our romantic relationships have changed dramatically. This Class Discussion Group and Workshop is primarily for spiritual women and men who want a successful long-term loving romantic relationship with a man or woman as well as a healthy caring relationship with others including themselves.

It's important that you share in this class in an open minded and openhearted way otherwise you will go away and nothing much will change for you.It's the difference between your going away unconsciously with a pack of seeds or leaving with two small fruit trees you can eat from and take care of immediately within and outside yourself.

We discuss our lives as women or men in a structure of boundaries, principles, values and conscious spiritual, emotional and sexual realities today that will work for you successfully if you consciously act on this. We will share true stories which will help us to practically understand our Love and Light as spiritual emotional and sexual women and men and communicate better with others .You sign and agree to the Waiver and Document and Charts with Sacred Wisdom before Class and it applies to these Notes.This is to honor the integrity of the human body, Heart and Soul.If you have a intimate sexual partner at this time and they do not come to Class with you we will respect and honor them reverently. We will all share mutual confidentiality regarding these classes and workshops on personal relationships. That means you may share this material if appropriate.

Terms, Definitions, Reference Material used in this Class

M.C.N*.- this refers to master class notes wherever you see it. Read, out put, sign, and mail me Document-Major Classes with Cosmic Wisdom if you use Class or the Master Class Notes. Do Not buy these if you do not need them. They ae only to help build confidence and trust about the life experience that will unfold for you. So if you need a talk on the phone instead do that and save money. Think it through first reflectively and seriously. It’s worthless to read 40% more and do nothing. 40% More in Master Class Notes.

I.C.I.P.O.*- this refers to in class in person only. This means there are some things I will ONLY share with you in person face-to-face. It is inappropriate as hell to put it all on the Internet or in master class notes. This is because you could get confused,ALIENATED, overwhelmed by the intimacy or it could hurt your feelings.

M.M.C.N.* REFERS TO MENS' Master Class Notes so I only give a little details here as it is not respectful of men to share too much. 

My Background for Ladies 

The conscious practical value of my background in the fires of experience.

I had experience with good women some of who had a spiritual life. I have gathered Cosmic Male Wisdom and more important Emotional Wisdom from many sources [ (including having an intimate personal loving relationship (in the bed) with spiritual women over a 25 year period)] and live this.The ladies were astrologer, single working mothers, artist, marine biologist, R.N., writer, hippie, former nun….. They were in Eckankar , Unity, Yoga, Mormon, Healing…. I never met them in bars, nor did I ever fight with them. (some misunderstandings).I received conscious Sacred Energies as a Poet (heart), Servant of God (Soul, Spirit, Creator) and Servant of the Blessed Mother Earth [ (Her New Age) –(our transformational opportunity)] I share this with you in class. I had roommates for 25 years. I have two grown children, worked for years as a skilled tradesman and always wanted loving Oneness Romance with only one lady. I have had a significant spiritual life for 35 years. In reverently sharing these experiences you may use them to Karmically benefit yourself and others. I do not administrate Karma but if you use them selfishly only you will karmically suffer, not might. I have the best of resources to offer you which will save you hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars.This is set up for you to think for yourself.The compressed outline presents questions you answer in class or we discuss them to share the Wisdom.These lead to other areas we discuss to act on.

Question Comments Discussion

Background and Orientation for Ladies on Romantic Spiritual Experiences

I realize that ladies coming to this class feel love totally differently as women because How they feel is different than a man's experience. What they feel emotionally is the same for men and women romantically. For women to understand, share and enhance Feminine Love and Emotional Spiritual Wisdom in this class will bring loving Peace to their romantic experiences. I know in my heart and I feel in my soul that you pioneer Goddesses(means your Spirit, not pedestal) can lead men forward emotionally even to coming to their class so they can begin to share in their hearts how you feel as well as What you feel.

I feel you ladies can come to this class and be sensitive and disciplined enough emotionally to feel twice and speak once. This is because I just oriented you to the emotional realities that this Feminine Love and Masculine Love are two different worlds which can experience Oneness.Please look at the artistic outline sketches (Charts Three and Four below) to see some major spiritual differences.You have these for all this lifetime as a woman or a man.

Your individuality and uniqueness does not have to be an argument. We do not want the Emotional Dams to be opened and go over Niagara Falls. With your Feminine Compassion and gracious consideration we will all emotionally Row together up the Mississippi River.

Helpful Note: I am well aware that you spiritual ladies may have a man in your life and be having problems. There's a wonderful book for men called Hold On To Your N.U.T.s* ( Non negotiable Unalterable Terms) by Wayne Levine. Mr. Levine has a big success rate guiding men in long-term relationships.I do not recommend his Website to ladies which is very good BUT initiatorially masculine oriented. I tell spiritual men his book is their first step. My classes are the second step. There is no comparable book for women.Does True Love by Kingsma qualify? We will outline together your new Class workbook together in our first and second day of classes. Then with support you will be fully prepared as a spiritual lady. This will make you you a feminine archetype if you live it. 

Questions Comments Discussion

Personal Spiritual Orientation

All the questions I pose I have answers to but they are of no value to you as a spiritual woman or man unless you can think and feel these through for yourself.

They become your truth you live and consciously act on in your heart. Then if you can't think it through I will share an understanding of this Emotional Wisdom. But if you don't accept it and use it what's the point? You can plant seeds but as women and men we need fruit we can eat and use today with men or women. The class is set up so that we have lots of friendly discussion which helps you to open up and consciously talk about how your relationships with men or women could improve. When you see the pictures (psychic centers) of your spiritual body as a woman or man you begin to understand how to use this to express your Love Energy which you can continually renew.

Many spiritual women and men have never seen these beautiful real pictures of a woman's or man’s spiritual body and each looks dramatically different than the other one.. These are marvelous gender influenced Energy fields that look lihe little wheels in a pond.(psychic centers).There is no breasts or penis. This class is worth the pictures alone. I admire you women or men who want to learn to love both (Heart and Soul) bodies-a courageous majestic challenge. If you can't love a man or woman at the rocket launching pad you can never love them up on the space station in a successful balanced way.Often she pushes the monkey out of the rocket before you get there.

Comments-- Discussion

Doing Selfless Prayer and Healing with your man or woman for Others will infuse your romance with Love and Light for a lifetime and gives you an active spiritual life with him or her.You can do this at home together. There is absolutely no other way to do it.

These classes are worth more than one of Elizabeth Taylor’s diamonds ($8000.oo) if you consciously use Emotional Wisdom and your Feminine Love. These are worth more than a Super Bowl ring($3000.oo) but only if you play the game in your life as we can play it in fiery reverent seriousness with women ( as I have for 47 years).

Comments --Discussion 

Fundamental Practical Values in a Successful Personal Romance

1 – Some of these we live by if we don't we have problems. Both the man and the woman have to share these fundamentals. Why?

A- To mention a few there is trust, friendship, loyalty, involvement, forgiveness, what are the rest? I have about 11 of them written out. Why do we have problems dealing with these?

*MCN**GIVEN HERE – pause between each one of these practical values to see if the men and women can think it through for themselves and own it in their heart and soul and consciousness: being healthy, employed, no drugs or addiction, natural sexual norms (what are they?), Free flow – what is this? Pause before I mention within the parentheses (no possessiveness or jealousy), no denial or dis-owned pain (what does this lead to?), humility, Enough time to care for him or her and yourself pause (what are low maintenance and high maintenance women and men – the Kama Sutra says….), Balance (gender equality), what priorities should the relationship have (in term of children, work, spiritual responsibilities),commitment, devotion,fidelity and ( don't mention these unless the men or women ignore them-cleanliness,physically- fit, dressing to look handsome or beautiful as the case may be) honesty. Balanced Sacrifice, – discuss this, cultivation of Love. – Discuss this . We have problems dealing with these fundamentals as Levi Strauss said" the fiber is weak”. What do I mean?MCN** 2 – what are the old world boundaries and the new world boundaries in modern relationships? Some of this is so simple that you may laugh.

Juans’ grandfather in the early 1900s rode up to his girlfriend's house and she jumped on the back of his horse and off they went and were happily married ever after and went to his Church once a week.That is some of old world boundaries. In the modern day he may be a practicing healer or meditator, he might have a bad mortgage and two children from another relationship before you meet him.. Where are the boundaries drawn? Some of this is so simple it's funny. We will discuss this in class.

A. How do you negotiate these with a man or woman in a friendly way?

a. What is a balanced compromise?

1. Why is the bedroom a bad place to negotiate and never to argue?

Discussion/ Comments

3 –What type of men or women are you attracted to?

Do you like men? We will discuss how you can become more fond of them

We will share this in class and I will tell a few relevant stories if you need them so you can openly talk . If we're constantly attracted to the wrong type of man or woman we can never fall in love with the right one. This can have some emotional convenience but Karmic time passes we can never reclaim. We will discuss how you feel and think as a woman or man determines your selection.

Discussion/ Comments/ How do you feel about this?

4- What type of men are you compatible with?

As a women you may see a man as part of your goals and values. You need to know your self or you can't know what type of man you can harmonize with. A man sold insurance for 20 years and when he became a famous lion tamer his wife left him. We will discuss the deeper needs of a woman and man's body, heart, and soul. . If a lady is present she will share how women see men as part of their lives.

Questions/ Comments

Fundamental Structure of Development of Personal Spiritual Romantic Relationships

 This structure of personal relationships is the same for women as for men. The EMOTIONAL/ PHYSICAL development and experience of the structure can be totally different for a spiritual WOMAN OR MAN. A woman's needs and feelings are experienced totally differently than a man's. So we will all accept and learn from women who share how they feel Feminine Love in this class. If a woman does not accept and live this truth with men she's going to get nowhere and the same is true about men for women. The rest of this class you're going to learn CONSCIOUSLY about yourself in your experience with men or women. We grow and mature as men or women by having reverent sensual experiences with women or men THAT WE UNDERSTAND. I don't know how women feel unless they tell me. I don't know what you tell men or women but you have the opportunity to share and learn from your past experiences with women and men in this class. I present all this material in a sincere humble humorous respectful profound male way in the context of Emotional Wisdom. Let's look at the outline of steps which shows simply HOW CLOSENESS can develop.As you read these Class Notes you will see that sometimes I put the woman first in the sentence and sometimes the man. I try to balance these placements to convey equality which I live also. This outline shows the steps of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Development. 

These all take a lot of time to develop.There are no shortcuts or freeways to the human Heart. 

SOME DO NOT PUT IN ENOUGH TIME IN a personal relationship in the beginning or ever.So no fulfilling intimacy develops for them.

1. Stranger

2. Acquaintance (your conscious mind and freewill)

3. Friend 

4. Close friend

5. Intimate friend

6. Long-term intimate friend 

7. Devoted ,lifelong, intimate friend

a) All of one to seven you can have with yourself. In a Romance with men these seven steps can develop differently.

8. Marriage is with a women or man

9. Oneness on all eight levels above

10. Your Soul and men or women – Contemplative Prayer and (more in class)

11. Your Spirit and women or men – Contemplative and Selfless Prayer (more details in class). I personally fit in steps 10 and 11 when I meet a woman and I ask her does she have any spiritual life or practices from the get go.

Question Comments Discussion

What is the priceless value of this outline of these steps for a man or woman in a romantic spiritual, sexual relationship? We will discuss how this works in Class.

If a woman or man won't make these steps she or he do not want you to get close to them and/or they are afraid of really loving you. Human love with a woman or man is Oneness which can bring risk and pain. As a man or woman we have to feel it's worth it and so does she or he. I will also tell stories of my failure to make use of this chart in many of my romantic experiences with women in the old days before the year 2000. Do you like the chart and what I said so far or do you think it's easier to just have an intimate relationship now and then and coast along.

If you use this chart properly it will bring you harmony in any personal relationship. It's one of the old world boundaries of the human heart which will always be true.

Questions/ Comments

What is our present romantic reality?

Male love is: initiate, protection. loving care, strength,[ impersonal harmonious order in the world. (This is abusively called and ridiculed as Mr. fix-it.)

Feminine Love is Intuition,Wiles(see Terms and Definitions for 100% partial positive Cosmic loving meaning) loving care,maternal feelings, and???(If there is a lady present who knows she will share the rest of these aspects.) 

Questioned Comments Discussion 

I will talk about my personal reality only where necessary just to put you at ease so you can discuss yours. Beth and I made love for 4hrs in our bed regularly.Why wouldn’t she pray with me?. It took me a long time to figure this out so you might be surprised. I know most of the questions to ask you which can help you to see what's causing your long range or immediate loving disharmony with a man. I do not do psychotherapy or marriage counseling but I also believe in my heart that you can work out a lot of problems yourself if you have qualified spiritual help. This is one of my classes where you make a sincere serious commitment to honor and respect these truths with other men and women in the class and not abuse or ridicule them in any way even unconsciously. You and he might need some professional guidance.I offer the spiritual guidance and generic referrals only. 

You need to be ready to offer an apology to another person if needed without foolish unconsciousness. Here it's important to say that laughter can be a Mystery open to question, a subject for apology, or a natural feeling of being touched in a positive way about Truth. Which two rate an apology? Please offer an answer to this at this moment.

If the men and women do not feel you can honor and respect them appropriately in this instance the group will decide how we will experience your presence or absence.

1. My present romantic story. You already heard a brief outline of some of it. Does anyone need any more specific details?

2. Your present romantic story

Share this in the light of your personal values and the structure of relationships mentioned above.

3. How do you consciously bring lasting lifelong peace to the battle of the sexes which is partly alienation today? This is in part different for women and men. Here is the shared part. We discuss the rest in the separate Masculine Love/ Feminine Love Classes. 

A. Do you want to dominate the relationship or do you want a balanced relationship?

B. Do you want to control or manipulate the relationship? See definition of discipline under terms.

C. Are you afraid of him or her in some way?

D. What do you see causes conflict in your romantic relationship?

Questions Comments Discussion

E. Do you have or create conscious or unconscious emotional baggage?

F. Never discuss any of this in the bedroom. Why? Then Where do you discuss this?

G. It takes two to do this. One can not bring peace to a romance if the other person is unconsciously stimulated by their drama or unable to discipline and transmute their Anger.What else is relevant to “It takes Two?”

Questions Comments Discussion

What is your intimate personal opportunity that exists in the world today?

1. Love as an Energy we can consciously use. We discuss this.You are in the class today.

Where does This come from? Can you run out of This? “I'm leaving I don't love you anymore.”

2. Light as an Energy we can consciously use. We discuss this in class today.This is a different Octave of the same One Energy Love is a part of.

3. Selfless Prayer. We discuss this. I have a class so you can learn how to do it.You learn to send out Light for 30 minutes,60 minutes 2hrs.Joan and I prayed for 5hrs. Why didn’t romance work out when I made love to her? It is not what you think.I will share this story.And I have lots of other true spiritual love stories. I have done Selfless Prayer for 35 years.

Questions Comments Discussion

4. Spiritual Healing. We discuss this. We can all learn to do this.I have done this for many years. I have some wonderful true stories to share about doing spiritual healing which will encourage you and give you some enthusiasm for this outstanding spiritual work we can all do.

5. Contemplative Prayer. This is what people call meditation. You can read the class notes on this.I have done this for some time. How can this benefit your romance?

6. Personal Compassion. This is called personal loving care with no strings attached.I do not recommend this in a romantic relationship unless you use descrimination.More details I.C.I.P.O.* 

Questions Comments Discussion

7. Tantric relationships. These are widely misunderstood. We will discuss them briefly. More details in second day of class if you ask.

8.There is a wonderful lecture my Cosmic Avatar George King gave called Control the Vital Life Fluid. Let's be perfectly blunt and frank He was a Spiritual Man who totally transmuted His Sexual Energies onto a Higher Vibratory Plane 24 hours a day. And He was married. I recommend your listening to this lecture before you come to the class. That lecture is available through the Aetherius Society or my family.It is just as relevant for women as men.He gave it from a male viewpoint because this is a lot much more of a sexual challenge for men and more of a personal emotional challenge for women.

Most men or women are not consciously using much of these eight things in the right way in their life because they're not aware of how they work and the importance of them in a romantic relationship. At this point I'll show you pictures of your psychic centers and how they can be connected to all areas of your body in a karmically successful way. These can link up with your consciousness and your body in a dynamic active way as part of your Soul.

Are you working with any of these eight elements presently in your life as a spiritual woman or man? We discuss these items in the second day of class.

Questions Comments Discussion

8. How to develop a spiritual life as a spiritual woman.

We discuss how your sexuality as a woman or man can be transformed and transmuted through conscious spiritual work with the six items above.Learning to Pray Selflessly is active.Sitting in church for an hour is passive.Why? Do you need to have an independent spiritual life of your own before you can have one with a woman or man?

I strongly suggest you look at the class notes on Contemplative Prayer,Selfless Prayer and Spiritual Healing. The beginning always takes more time as you learn to get a working conscious spiritual structure in place.

1. There is a class on Contemplative Prayer I offer you can take

2. I have a Class on Selfless Prayer you could attend.

3. There is a book on Spiritual Healing here today you can look at.

4. Think about having a mobile Altar or Sanctuary in your home. I have had one for 30 years. I could tell you some stories how women helped build my altar.

5. You can start to develop a spiritual life at home. Then you can talk to a man or woman about sharing one with them.(.Second Day of Class)

WE discuss how diet can have a tremendous influence on your emotional spiritual sexuality.This is not widely known. This will give you tremendous flexible mastery over your emotions and sexuality instead of being controlled by your need to intimately relate. This affects men far more greatly sexually and women more emotionally in some ways. A lady present may share how it affects them. More explicit details in the first and second day of class which will be shared by women there.

Questions Comments Discussion

How to Develop a Conscious Romantic Spiritual Life with a Man or Woman.

You have to be able to have a healthy physical romantic relationship with a man or woman in the material world. This is my joke about the monkey in the rocket. Many spiritual men or women are unconsciously balanced with a woman's or man’s spiritual energy so they don't relate to their Beloved on the physical sexual emotional basis very much.Her Religion/Your Temple(Second Day of Class)

Have you had experience like this you want to share

Do you know exactly how this happens or do you want me to share the exact details?

I'll tell you some wonderful stories from my experiences with women that show you how to get past this. Reading books,yoga, spiritual conversation, meditating together, are minor aspects of the spiritual life and will not transmute your emotions or sexual energy in a significant way.They can have a necessary place.See my Chart else where in these classes which clearly shows this in amazing shocking clear details.I have known this for 20 years.This a big problem on the Internet with romantic dating.I discuss this in Class and elsewhere on my website Classes.

Questions Comments Group Discussion

What are you presently doing spiritually that you could share with a man or in a romantic relationship? Your male friend might be a healer or a meditator or maybe he is a Baptist or Methodist. We discuss how you can begin to have a spiritual life with the man. Loving a man’s spiritual body can be just as powerful as loving their physical one. I have some wonderful stories to share about women who prayed selflessly with me and at another time I made love to them in the bed. Spiritual men and women become consorts to each other. I will explain this in class.

Very few spiritual teachers have had significant reverent spiritual and sexual experience with women that they can consciously and openly talk to you about in an educational way. You can learn to blend these two together in a balanced way in your own life as a man or woman.and share this together.

Dynamics of Conscious Romantic Spiritual Interaction

1. Personal meaningful values We discussed this in class is it all clear? 

 What are your values what are his?

Why are these essential to making a spiritual romance work?

2. Time -how is this spent in Relationships. We talk about this in Class Notes and I.C.I.P.O.* Do you understand all of it?

One of the great tragedies in modern romantic relationships is that men or women work a lot and then want money to spend and the attention too. You can't have both. We will discuss this. 

3. Loving Care. Can you make romance work in the physical and spiritual world? 

4. Space. Healthy romance needs space. What do I mean ? The Kama Sutra-horse in a birdcage.

5. Conscious Action: what is the totality of your life relative to a balanced romantic relationship?

12. Karma - I purposely put 12 between 5 and 6. Why?

Questions Comments Discussion

6. Communication – this is a great challenge for men. What is the challenge?

7. Emotions – feelings – differently experienced by men and women. What is the great challenge for women? MCN* to learn to be emotionally conscious and discipline their emotions. Why is this a great skill and requires so much practice and hard work.

8. Mysteries of the human heart and soul. What are they?

9. Civilization and natural environment. What are the healthy elements to use from both?

10. Higher Vibratory Sexual Realms (Dimensions)

11.Sexual Transmutation : Do you now know how this develops in a healthy karmic way In your Romance? 

 a. Masturbation-some people think of this as the next best thing since sliced bread. I'll tell you why the civilization loves it and how it affects you . Marijuana and other drugs are emotional masturbation. Why do I say this?

 b. Why does it take courage to use sexual energy spiritually that you could give to a man? This is where Karma affects your romantic love relationship.

 c. Why it takes a lot of bravery to pray selflessly no matter what you're doing sexually? Can you have your cake and eat it too?

 d. How do a long series of intimate sexual relationships with different men affect you Karmically. How is this contrasted with a sincere honest attempt to grow and learn to be a loving spiritual man or woman who develops an exclusive love relationship with one person?

 e. We will be sure to mention in class about jealousies and resentments your mate can have about your spiritual life. And they may even be suspicious. We may discuss possibly how to work through and with these. I could also mention possessiveness and jealousies where a man didn't want the baby to nurse. He wanted the breasts all to himself. My Poem on Nipple Gold says "nibble suck the babys' grace." The breasts first are for the baby not men.

 12. We discuss in detail how to develop a spiritual life with a man you're in love with or who you love in the second set of classes. I talk to men and women totally differently about this because that's how we experience our spiritual love together. This is how you begin to share your Souls together as part of your love together.

 Then,oh yes,you do become real soulmates in this lifetime.

 Healthy Caring Practical Spirituality

 A. This takes a lot of conscious personal pressure as a woman because you are in a civilization which erodes caring in many ways. A woman uses her psychic centers (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, palms of her hands) to send her sexual energy of a Higher Frequency (Light –Love) out in to Creation. If you don't consciously know what your psychic centers are look this up in my Eastern Wisdom definition. I have a beautiful picture on this to share with you men which is amazing and astounding. See charts below. This is called Transmutation which is the Transformation of your Feminine Energy.The primary ways to do this are with Selfless Prayer and by giving Spiritual Healing. This is what a spiritual lady leads her man or herself into doing: Prayer and Healing with him for others. I mention this first because there is Karma in Personal Relationships. I will prove this to you in class from my experience on the Internet. I am only touching on a small aspect of this in these Class Notes. I will share some beautiful stories when we discuss this in class.

 2. Balanced Human Values

 What are the rest of these you didn't hear about the first day? We will discuss them in the Second Class

 I will be sure to read these so the men do not conveniently forget them.

 MCN** A, Honesty, Trust, Forgiveness, (Balance) we call this equality, Love, Light, Patience, Humility, Caring sensitivity to others), Attention. Maybe you women can mention a few others. I put these in a line so they did not overwhelm the men. and I will be sure to mention respect and reverence and consideration as well as friendly attitude more for the mens' sake. In our modern times it takes a lot of pressure of basic human vibratory decency more for men to express these values.

 MCN** B. Time. There are no shortcuts on the path to the human heart. We have to put in the time with people or the relationship never develops and grows. (More details are given here in these class notes) .In the modern world you pick up the phone and you are talking to them. You put the key in the ignition and the car starts. In the old days maybe you spent an hour walking to their house or two hours walking down the river to get some water. You turn on the TV and there's a picture. In the old days Rembrandt spent a month painting a picture for you. The instant technological response that the modern world gives doesn't start the ignition in the human heart. Why is this a real challenge to the consciousness of men? M.M.C.N.* because we can have an orgasm in less than a minute. M.M.C.N.* Your time is really how you value and use your experiential life energy.

 Questions Comments Discussion 

 3. Loving Care here

 A. Care is personal help, practical attention, support and assistance we give another person as they need this from us for themselves. We think of old people and children but a caring friend is a valuable extension of ourselves that affirms and supplements and enhances our life. Part of our natural desire for Oneness is that no man is an island and sometimes we do need others to care about us in order to make our life work.

 B. Part of loving care is feelings as men that we have for other people which develop in our relationship with them. In the modern day good emotions which are a higher vibration have been poisoned,, diminished and diluted by technological, environmental and civilized as well as spiritual pollution. This lack of good emotions is why you have so many divorces and why people find it difficult to relate How do you move past this? I will share that in class todayMCN**– the feelings of loving care are not there unless you create them and put the TIME into Them. In the old days they were there naturally. In the class I will give you historical emotional examples that absolutely prove this. (MCN) read some old poetry and see if I can find that book about old romantic letters that were written two or 300 years ago. This shows the feelings in the words. If the feelings aren't there people can't put them into words. This Class is Energy I was given that I am transmitting to you now so that you can develop this wisdom share these good emotions and develop them independently in your life. Men think they create most good emotions with their penis and material gifts and it just doesn't work that way. That's all below the belly button ( solar plexus). More details in M.M.C.N.**

 C. Part of loving care for women is totally different different. You ladies may share this with us as we men do not know all the spiritual aspects.

 4. Space

 A. successful relationships need space. Without it some people push each other away with anger or neglect or other things. It's a balance we have to learn as we all have different needs for intimacy and space. We will discuss this more in class if it is not perfectly clear to you.

 5. Karma

 A. we will discuss this in class and I'll share with you some profound modern secrets about how you can selflessly manipulate your Karma and benefit all your personal relationships.

 Questions Comments Discussion Group

 6. Communication

 We will discuss this in class because this is really a worn-out subject and once again communication works best if we can listen and speak to others in a conscious loving caring way from our heart as well as our head. In the present era this takes pressure because the emotions have been diminished for all of us. I can teach you how to consciously express the necessary creative male Energy. As a man I can admit that my emotions can sometimes wash out my ability to think.

 7. Conscious Action

 We will discuss this in class as the essential loving nature of a man is comprised of what elements? Justice and Protection are two.What are the others?MCN* Initiate(means begin) Strength, Providing Loving Care in the world, Independent autonomy as a male, An understanding of functional practical reality.MCN*Discuss these one at a time in class. Don't just rattle them off to the women or men Most men don't know and I will discuss this with you in class. I said that twice because my classes are all whole new ways of your learning things you can practically use because I ask you what you need to make your relationships work better. I tell you that you can get that through decisive hard work and incisive focus of your consciousness in your Heart.MCN**


 Practical Reference material from conscious life experiences

 You'll have yours to share here is some of mine.

 1. We will discuss the best books and what they have in there that you need to know and consciously act on.MCN-- Journey of the Heart by John Welwood-- Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore-- Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening by Kay Lindahl.-- Men are From Mars Women are from Venus by John Gray PhD. Iron John by Robert Bly is a great book on conscious Male Love.. We are open to suggestions for a good book on conscious Feminine Love..MCN

 You can look at some of these books now if you want to and then we will discuss them.

 Questions Comments Group discussion

 2. I have 4oo pages of Internet romantic E. Mails and male (mine) and female biographies to share regarding my spiritual romantic experiences on the Internet. This was 2009 to 2015. I have romantic letters to and from women going back 35 years. I've talked to dozens of women on the phone. I have met hundreds of women in public who I had a romantic

interest in but they did not have one in me. I have looked at thousands of prospective romantic lady friends as a spiritual gentleman. I never got into the common male sexual fantasies that many men have when looking at a woman. I never saw these as honest reverence for Women. Today I'm single. Some of that is my Karma. I am looking for a spiritual lady I can kiss, have in my arms and who will Pray with me on a consistent regular basis. I have 25 years of living with ( mostly spiritual) women sharing sexual intimacy. I have now been alone for 12 years which has put up a necessary firewall – boundary. I am looking for a life partner. I have loved many women as best I could as a spiritual man and my spiritual women truly loved me as best they consciously could. I have humility and conscious admiration for all the spiritual women who have been in my life. Some will get this. I love them all in a sacred way. These were and are Pioneer Spiritual Goddesses.

 3. I had men and ladies as roommates for 20 years (to save money while I paid child support twice). and I have had close association with spiritual men also during that time. I know more about spiritual men than most spiritual men do.

 Questions Comments Group Discussion

 you can look at some of this reference material for 15 or 20 min. now and then we will talk about it.

 4. Emotional Wisdom-this is a separate class but we will briefly discuss two major aspects of This. 

 a-Unconscious emotions. What are they? Where they come from ? How do we deal with them if they're unconscious ?MCN: depression, anger, joy, love, hate, fear, stress, light, frustration, some sexual feelings, loneliness, suffering, negative emotions, how women feel, how men feel and more.MCN*

 b. Conscious emotions. What are they? Do we create them?MCN : happiness, joy, love, peace, friendship, romance, anger, depression, guilt, hate, fear, stress, light, frustration, some sexual feelings, loneliness, suffering, how women feel, how men feel, love, greed, jealousy, and more.MCN**


 c. Who wants to be more emotionally conscious today? How do you do this?MCN: you just had a class, discussion group and workshop full of this. What is the great challenge? It's like a computer program. You can download it and install it but unless you use it it does not become the new icon on your computer screen. The old one remains largely in place unless by living you fabricate the symbolic image of the new emotional pattern of a more loving caring life. People say oh I know all that. Truth is like a recipe book or a repair manual. If you don't cook it and eat it you have nothing. If you don't fix it with the repair manual it still doesn't work good.MCN

 d- what are emotions beyond our ability to feel? Mcn; this is an advanced class on emotional wisdom. Inquire if you're interested

 e. We live in emotional dark ages. With medication, civilized repression, distraction, exploitation, conditioning,manipulation, patterns of behavior that diminish our feelings and no conscious desire to communicate about our emotions we ARE about right where we were 18 million years ago. That's taking into consideration that we had to start from scratch more than three times. Why? My set of classes create a fertile emotional environment but you must plant seeds and water them Karmically – Selflessly and they will grow in a few weeks if you put your consciousness your heart your soul your body and enlist the help of your Spirit and the Great Ones into this completely. This is what I have done well at least for 10 years. But my emotional enfoldment and hard conscious work has been cultivated by Cosmic Initiations which I transmit the Energy to you from Them in this class, discussion group and workshop.

 Discussion – comments – questions

I think this is enough material for one class. At the end of the day if you have learned how to use your spiritual body and can discuss this with spiritual women or men for romance This will be a major accomplishment.If you practice.

 I've looked I know most spiritual women are doing a little Healing but no Selfless Prayer. This is the most easily useful thing in our modern world for to do the Contact healing you need to put your hands on your patients. You can do absent healing any time, anywhere.

If you don't see in here in the first set of class notes it's worth a little time and your investment to send for the second day of class notes . It may be in there. There are tremendous variables but I'm willing to discuss lots of practical romantic spiritual experience with you relative to your needs today. I have a separate class for men and women to avoid long discussions on profound gender spiritual romantic differences.

I strongly suggest if you look at the second day of class notes on personal relationships that you be very careful and completely honest with yourself. If you mislead yourself about enough major things in the first day of class notes , when you look at the second set you will say “ I'm overwhelmed I can't deal with this, this is too much.” Then put the second set aside. Let it all rest. Then in a few weeks take your first set of class notes and underline those things that I can help you with and come to the class. The second set of class notes is not available online. You send for them through the mail. There are three dollars prepaid. The offering for class notes is deductible from the offering for the class if you take the class.

I will not discuss class notes over the phone or in e-mails prior to the class.

But if you look these notes over and feel it should be a two day class we will break it up into two days. Do let me know how you feel and think about this as WOMEN or Men.

 I have no intention of seeing this material bantered around on a morning talk show. Please sign the document on sacred wisdom and mail it to me. Use of this material for other than personal development requires written personal approval relative to my copyright.

Did I miss something?

• Informal comments or questions *return of class notes you made so I can see you wrote it down unmodified. This is Alignment. If you modify Truth you lose the Alignment Benefit and it can be dangerous. This is especially true in Spiritual Healing. Your notes are your private property, but in my classes you can’t say I said it if you alter the meaning of my words.

Prayer of Gratitude is voluntary. A person from class may volunteer to create and lead this.

Spiritual Lady Twenty to Forty Years-Old Doing Transmutation of Feminine
Emotional Sexual Energies into Spiritual Selfless Love

I should mention that in all of my sacred charts of selfless prayer the man or woman also has their hands raised palms facing outward as there are two major psychic centers in the palms of the hands. Her spiritual body is also symbolically colored with pure colors to symbolize the many spiritual practices she does  as a way of life such as being a raw vegan, giving selfless service, etc. There’s also Light and spiritual love being radiated out from the throat and third eye chakras as white Light so it is not illustrated. Her sexual chakra has had most of the energy brought up so the chakra has only a little bit(red dots) in it. And if you look closely you can see the transmutation happening as the red lines (sexual energy) rise up and become selfless spiritual love immediately. As a spiritual picture this would photograph in one 250th of a second to be the single frame you see here. And her aura is filled with white Light thus the white paper symbolizes. I know a lot of these women, but do not run away with the idea. This is only how they appear when they pray.

Spiritual Man as Reincarnated as a Man for Polarity Experience Doing Sexual Transmutation into Spiritual Love

I should mention that in all of my sacred charts of selfless prayer the man or woman also has their hands raised palms facing outward as there are two major psychic centers in the palms of the hands. His spiritual body is also symbolically colored with pure colors to symbolize the many spiritual practices he does  as a way of life such as being a raw vegan, giving selfless service, etc. There’s also Light and spiritual Love being radiated out from the throat and third eye chakras as white Light so it is not illustrated. His sexual chakra has had most of the energy brought up so the chakra has only a little bit(red dots) in it. And if you look closely you can see the transmutation happening as the red lines (sexual energy) rise up and become selfless spiritual Love immediately. As a spiritual picture this would photograph in one 250th of a second to be the single frame you see here. And his aura is filled with white Light thus the white paper symbolizes.

Ask me about the two Energetic Circles at the lower right.They give a twenty-four hour definition to the Chart which is sobering but arable-yes arable

Spiritual Lady Emotional Fantasy of Herself

If you look at and study my other material you may see why I call this chart a fantasy.

Modern Spiritual Lady Emotional Reality of Herself

This is a very sobering chart and needs a lot of explanation of the symbols of  spiritual reality. The spiritual body is dark because  she eats a civilized diet. But a spiritual man who eats the same way  would have the same colored body. The heart, throat, Christ center chakras are largely ossified. I depict this by showing them looking like dried prunes. If you do not consciously send light out through them they shrivel up as shown here. The lady may be a loving mother of three children but that is personal. So I show some pink energy of love going outwards from the heart.  But you can also see gray in the aura which shows her many fears and insecurities. She is a single mother.  She is an old soul.  She is 45 years old.  She loves to read spiritual books.  She does yoga and she meditates. So you can see I showed a little Light going from her consciousness up towards her Spirit. It is plain she does no sexual transmutation.  You do not do this transmutation unless you consciously  focus on sending  Light out through your higher chakras. It does not happen any other way. The energetic circle of 167 hours per week is completely dark because she radiates no light out into the world. And I am putting it all mildly. Her Spirit is only shown as two concentric colored spheres. Why is this?  I will explain this (I.C.I.P.O.) You know there is Karma in romantic relationships. The first time a man told me this I suddenly felt sick. I was probably in my late thirties then; so having had sexual experiences with women... You can change all this picture in one day into a  new snapshot. All my classes are full of how to do this.

If you have any honest and sincere questions, comments or feelings in regard to this class material please write me at my post office box.If you are overseas email if  you wish. I would appreciate your response.

Greg Mills {Kamashah}
Box 3659
Los Angeles, CA 90078

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