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This is not meant to be read by women and I ask you ladies to honor this and just read the one I wrote for you.

Men want sex and women want love.But neither gender really knows how to exactly find and experience the sacred energies of both sex and love. Most women think they know where Love comes from. Generally speaking men in our early years feel their sexuality because it is such a tremendous power in them will             lovingly satisfy a woman .If they are a good lover men think this is enough.My friends when we come together on the first day there may be women and men together, you will hear things that women  never heard and men never heard because the knowledge was not available and it takes a spiritual teacher                    who has had women lovingly in the bed to talk about enduring Spiritual true love with them.

Just as important a man has to be able to talk about his sexuality and spirituality from a practical point of view and this includes using the word penis and psychic centers(chakras).Most men don't have a clue what one is and they use the other one in ways that doesn't bring them a wife or significant spiritual accomplish-          ment. To tell most men that they can use their sexual energies to send Love and Light into the world sounds                                                                           like a crazy idea. But that's what happens when you do pray selflessly.

Some of your sexual power is brought up and transmuted and made into a different energy immediately of a higher form and this is called Spiritual Love. And when you do this the focus of your consciousness is on your heart not on your penis. All this talk about raising your consciousness. What the hell do you think they're talking about. 

But then most men don't really know that their soul is connected to their body and their psychic centers(chakras-same thing) and their sexuality. Look at the Chart below. It's plain as day. There is your sex chakra out in front of your genitalia(formal terminology for penis and testicles). This connection between your physical body and your spiritual body is the most important spiritual fact to become conscious of and to use in a way that benefits you as a spiritual sexual man and will also eventually bring you a feminine spiritual life partner. I'm ahead of myself.

My brother your sexuality is love to create babies. Your sexuality as love needs your conscious practical work in the above-mentioned paragraph or eventually you karmically dry up emotionally.

And eventually your sexual power diminishes and you dry up physically. We call this a wrinkled old man. You have less erections and you conveniently forget in your later years that you never really found true love with a woman. So you say to hell with it.

As a spiritual teacher I have had True Love and I tragically lost it. And I have been sincerely working selflessly spiritually and romantically for my second chance.

So I am qualified to teach this from 40 years of sexual experiences with women and 40 years of transmuting some of my sexual energies through Selfless Service and Selfless Prayers.

I had to wake up to romantic reality. The spark of love is in my heart and and unless it's in a woman's heart also I have learned that maybe their romantic firewood is too wet to burn. But that's only part of it. Because two sparks of love need to be ignited through karmic opportunity you and she have to create yours each independently. I teach you what these things mean and how to manifest them in your life as a man. If you read these paragraphs carefully again there are things in here that you can learn about as absolute spiritual realities in your life as a spiritual sexual man. 

I give you more specific practical details in the class on spiritual relationships for men as spiritual sexual men and women.

I know what's going on romantically on the Internet, in the bars and nightclubs, and in the outside world from first-hand experience with spiritual men and women. Materialistic men approach romance totally differently than spiritual men and sometimes they don't reach the washed out road until they pass over at the end of life and then it's too late.

I have had first-hand experience from a sexual point of view with myself and with women and from communicating with other people. On Valentine's Day a few years ago (2013) I got together with one of my very tempestuous dear lady friends I have known for many years. We had a wonderful evening I gave her one soul kiss and she wanted me in her bed where I had been years ago many times.

I did not go and the next day I told her when a gentleman has an advantage he doesn't take it unless it's right romantically. When I gave her that soul kiss I didn't feel any true love coming from myself or from her but we both wanted to make love to each other as we felt the physical love. As a spiritual gentleman I didn't do it because the firewood was wet.

Physical love is not emotional love- how many people know the difference? It took me many years to figure this out because I am a man.In the modern world which poisons us emotionally It took me a long time to become conscious beyond my physical sexual love.

I had a chance to go to Jamaica in late 2014 with Esmeralda who owned a six bedroom house there. She went alone and came back and told me the only thing missing was me. Why didn't I go? To swim naked with her in the warm water in Jamaica …. Some spiritual men could finish that sentence.

At age 70 I'm not interested in an affair. My heart and penis and soul wants an enduring marriage. We discuss all the details of this reality in my classes and in person relative to your conscious spiritual experiences with women.

Well men, brothers, I can give you all the knowledge and information you need to work with.

There are no modern books or classes or lectures that offer you male spiritual sexual romantic truth in the Big Picture. Why are books and lectures worthless?

They're just too damn one-sided and most of them lack spiritual truths you can work with or its distorted.

As spiritual men we feel totally different about loving a woman than materialistic men.

I teach you how to make this an asset and communicate with spiritual women about having a loving spiritual life with them. (especially if you become conscious of your psychic centers and learn what they are and where they are and most important how to use them in a spiritual transmutational way.

My diagram shows some shaped like little wheels but in actuality they look like little flowers. You have a sexual one but it doesn't look like a penis. It's in exactly the same place outside of your body. And your heart chakra outside of your body is close to your physical heart and does not look like a heart and so forth. Like the sentence before this says they look like little flowers. Please look at the Chart. And unlike most spiritual charts I made damn sure that you can see the penis. This is a big part of our reality as spiritual men. I help you to face this and work with it.

But you have to have a spiritual life that functions in a selfless karmic way and she has to have one too or you get nowhere(no maybe you have another affair and then you're back at square one again)

Some of what I teach you is called Eastern Wisdom and when it came to the United States the important functional parts were left out or distorted. Fortunately I met a great Western Yogi Avatar who gave me the basic spiritual tools to work out the rest of the details. The essentials of what I teach you men have been known in the East for thousands of years. Why didn't they teach it? It was just their own selfishness and negative sexual repression or lack of cosmic emotional wisdom.

We need to share the intimate details about how our loving a woman could work better or ain't working at all. Some questions I can't answer but these classes give you the tools to work these out for yourself and I have some great workbooks we can discuss. One by Levine is called Hold On To Your N. U. Ts.* (non-negotiable unalterable terms.) The tools you will find in Levine's book are in a large toolbox. There is also a good book on emotions and communication. The tools I mention further on are in a smaller toolbox inside of the larger toolbox and you have to unlock it. I teach you how to Karmically unlock the smaller toolbox to use what is in there.

The smaller toolbox has several major working texts and Charts in there and some minor ones. The most important one in there is my Spiritual Masters lecture called Control the Vital Life Fluid. And that’s what I’m here for to help you gradually learn to work with that knowledge .

When I first read it I didn’t like it and I was afraid of it and humiliated and embarrassed by what it said . Because my Master was completely celibate and transmuted all of His sexual energies into higher frequency Spiritual Sacred Energies there are some things missing in His lecture. For some of us as spiritual men we have women in the bed and make love to them as well as do spiritual practices. My Master did not do this. So how do you make it work to Evolve your sexuality spiritually in a balanced way?

Without both sets the inner and the outer toolboxes you can do nothing. We spiritual man call our N. U. T.s* our spiritual truth. And I had to face my own foolishness and weaknesses to learn to use both sets of tools. I do use them today. The Valentine's Day lady I mentioned above I took out to dinner last week and I had a nice time and I enjoyed having dinner with her for one reason – she was a woman who has loved me that was why I took her out to show a little honest appreciation as her caring male friend not to get laid.

I often thought if I had met a mature loving spiritual man who had extensive erotic loving experience with spiritual women I would have been married a long time ago.

I just never met a man who cared enough about me in a brotherly way to give a damn.{ (Levine has been very helpful and there are a few others including myself), (My Cosmic Yoga Master George Kings lecture Control the Vital Life Fluid gives you all the spiritual essentials in a compressed form.

He does not give the transitional sexual spiritual realities from experience.)(I give you the rest of it in the Kings and Queens (how your women fit in) English.}

In plain simple English I will explain things to you clearly in the class. I offer it on a money back guarantee with this mischief clause: if you think it's too much work and it's easier to just get laid I will not give you back your money.

And in plain simple English I talk about my penis and my sexuality with women. The difficult part is we are far more conscious as men about our genitalia (penis and testicles comprise this set) but we are not conscious of our psychic centers and we don't see them but we can feel them if we learn to do real spiritual action. In my second class you will learn to take action with your psychic centers and talk about your penis and your sexuality and how it affects and effects your spirituality and your ladies. I'm the only spiritual teacher I know who can say the word penis or vagina in a sacred way. And just for the books if you think I wanted to teach this you are crazy. I would rather be in the Caribbean swimming with my woman and I will go when I find her and I've looked for my lady for many years while I had women in the bed and prayed selflessly. 

I spent a month recently in the wilderness alone with our Creator and the Blessed Mother Earth and scorpions and diamondback rattlesnakes. I was learning and I'd rather be there as a mystic. As a mystic in my consciousness 24 hours a day when I look at anybody I only visualize White Light no body and no soul- formless. Fit that in to all of my class material. Then you'll have a Cosmic Picture that is not subject to question in any way. But I have to have the guts and courage and humility to reach out to you in shared truth as men. Here it is if you come to the class. 

Look at the Class Notes; see what you feel and think about them as a man. If it interests you and you want to work and use this material then pay the small fee and come to the class.

I hope you have the courage and patience and faith in yourself to reach out for this aspect of spiritual reality that is yours for the living not just for the taking.

I think some of the proof of what I'm teaching is shown in the fact that I had all wonderful spiritual women in the bed and some of them tore the roof off when I made love to them and I felt joyous for both of us. And I was very proud of myself and our feelings and will cherish those precious memories always. And I can’t really put it all in words.But then the saying is’ don’t kiss and tell’. Yet in truth I only wanted sincerely in my heart one woman to love throughout our lives. When I pray selflessly I put my heart and soul and total being into it. And I do a good part of the same thing when I make love to a woman.

My best wishes to you my brother in your romantic quest.

Give yourself a second chance and read these Class Notes and put them away for a while if you need to.

Then give them a second look later.

I know what's available throughout the world on transformational and transmutational male spiritual sexuality. There is nowhere else you will find what I am offering you. Because it has meant suffering, fears, embarrassment, humility, anguish, things that most men kind of take for granted when it comes to things like masturbation, sexual fantasies about women, sexual intimacies with a variety of women etc. I found all of these things for me diminishing as a man or I never did some of them. I only ever wanted one true love lady(consort is the spiritual word) in my bed.I had this in 1965 and lost her.

I have done a lot of Selfless Prayer in 30 years.

I teach like a friendly spiritual Poppa bear. I have two grown children.

I present myself as a spiritual sexual role model.Once you finish my classes and live them You become the spiritual sexual teacher.

So I am still looking at age 70 for a life partner. It has been a long voyage. And from shipwrecks with ladies I have had to swim to the spiritual shore and set sail again to seek my woman to be with me in my bed and out of it till death sharing Cosmological True Love (Praying and Kissing) and our loving caring lives with others including our family and maybe some nasty relatives or selfish children. We will love them all.

I did too much of the above as a spiritual soldier. You need a balance.

Class One Outline Notes

True Love,Spiritual Sexuality and Romantic Oneness

If You and she are Happily Married or share a Long Term Relationship but don't share or have a Spiritual Life together I will hold a mature couples special private class.

Why should you inquire?

Spiritual organizations alienate many wonderful loving people. I never met a married spiritual man or woman who came to a Church or Temple or Yoga or Meditation Center alone who was consciously blissful.

You can start at home with or without her.

I have done this many times.

In the old days (1800s into early 1900s) men and women established some sort of romantic loving relationship maybe had a family (children) and spent their lives together. In the modern world our romantic relationships have changed dramatically. This coed Class Discussion Group and Workshop is primarily for spiritual men and women who want a successful long-term loving romantic relationship with a woman or man as well as a healthy caring relationship with others including themselves.

It's important that you share in this class in an open minded and openhearted way otherwise you will go away and nothing much will change for you.It's the difference between your going away unconsciously with a pack of seeds or leaving with two small fruit trees you can eat from and take care of immediately within and outside yourself.

We discuss our lives as men and women in a structure of boundaries, emotions,the material world, principles, values and conscious spiritual realities that will work for you successfully if you consciously act on this. We will share true stories which will help us to practically understand our Love and Light as spiritual sexual men and women and communicate better with others. You sign and agree to the Waiver and Wisdom Document before class and it applies to these Notes.This is to honor the integrity of the human body, Heart and Soul.

Terms, Definitions, Reference Material used in this Class

M.C.N.- this refers to master class notes wherever you see it. Read, out put, sign, and mail me Document-Major Classes with Cosmic Wisdom if you use Class or the Master Class Notes. 40% More in Master Class Notes on this Class

I.C.I.P.O.- this refers to in class in person only. This means there are some things I will ONLY share with you in person face-to-face. It is inappropriate as hell to put it all on the Internet or in Master Class Notes. This is because you could get confused,ALIENATED, overwhelmed by the intimacy or it could hurt your feelings.

1. Male Spiritual Sexuality : comprised of your body, your consciousness, your psychic centers and aura, your unconscious mind,{ your emotions,( women as we relate to them) your conscious mind and free will. See M.C.N.*}None of this is your Spirit. Please read that sentence twice.

A.- Body: head, arms, chest, heart, genitalia{penis,(cock- same word, I'm only using it once) and testicles(balls-same word only used once)}, legs and feet etc. When I use the word genitalia I'm talking about your set-your penis and testicles and all your sexual Energy.Materialistic men and spiritual men virtually never talk about their sexuality and what a tremendous power this is in their life for 50 years or so. But men as a rule don't really talk about much significantly relative to their personal life. One reason they never talk about their sexuality is because it usually controls them and they don't control their genitalia. By control I mean I only met one spiritual and no materialistic men who had completely mastered his sexuality. Read all the definitions and then we will come back to this which gives a whole new framework of reality to male spiritual sexuality. I got this from my Male Avatar George King and more suffering on my part than any man I know…. I'm ahead of myself.

B.- Consciousness: I would go into this more in class in person only relative to you as a man. It's too vast a subject.

B.1 Your Emotions and her Emotions. I explain some of this in master class notes. There are no books anywhere that tell you about positive emotional elements you need to practically understand and consciously worked with these feelings with a woman. If she cooperates and you do this work together you will develop a wonderful harmonious emotional relationship. Terrific awesome details in M.C.N.** 

C.- Your Psychic Centers are what? See the little Charts below. Every man has seven of these which all connect inside your body to your (spiritual) spine-note this is inside and part of your physical spine. They are all colored differently than a woman's. This is to teach you about polarity in each reincarnation. In another reincarnation you would be born a woman completely and you would have her colored psychic centers. As you can see there is one connected to your genitalia(penis and testicles). The picture is accurate. Your sex psychic center is circular and in no way looks like a penis. If you look up above your belly button you can see your heart*M.C.N. more splendid personal revelations in master class notes .More Charts on your Soul in Class on Soul.

The big problem is we are not conscious of our psychic centers as the most important part of our soul because we do not see them and we do not feel them as a rule as men or women for that matter. But we are very conscious of our bodies and our sexuality as men. So this gets our attention and we tend to neglect our soul which can have a tremendous practical beneficial role in our lives as men from a sexual romantic viewpoint. We have to have some faith in the beginning.

The Cosmos wants to encourage you and so This One will prove you your experience as a spiritual man regarding your soul. And when you get this absolute proof it is like a transcendental wax gold seal which stamps your experience with Cosmic approval. For a moment you are crowned with the Truth .No one can ever take this away from you. At least I sure as hell let nobody take mine away. And for humility remember where the Crown comes from and Who it belongs to-not you. You can feel your psychic centers in a variety of ways as you will see in this class from my firsthand experience with my Psychic Centers over a period of 30 years.

But I haven't felt them very often.

If you don't use your psychic centers they shrivel up all the way inside of you. If you use them they open wider and you only become more conscious of them through conscious use no other way generally speaking. More details in*M.C.N. which are astounding facts you will get as a personal example of fire engines and male energy.

And point in fact spiritual diet and sexual transmutation means you will have less erections(hard penis) in the wrong place and at the wrong time and often for absolutely no reason at all outside of the fact that you're overstimulated sexually. This is well discussed in my Class on Spiritual Diet. Add in this simple fact yoga breathing can increase the power of your Prayers 1000 times. And so it can also increase the power of your Transmutation 1000 times. The point I'm making is this simple statement shows that you can tremendously transmute your energies as a spiritual sexual men.

D. Your Unconscious Mind is only comprised of all your memory and it handles bodily functions and influences some conscious behavior. Listen to my Avatar George Kings Lecture on Man's Mind at a later time.

We know there are plenty of problems look at the divorce rate and the many unhappy single spiritual men who are unconscious of their misery being alone and unbalanced . Why don't they talk about it and try to work it out? Repression, suppression, inhibition, denial, and I have the courage to tell you the rest of what goes on in the second day of class.

I will only speak from my firsthand experience ONLY to give you the courage and support to speak of your sexuality so you can understand and work with it better as a spiritual man. Time for humility, I left this out{(semen) see M.C.N.*} from these terms and definitions because of the transformational and transmutational suffering, the aforementioned blocks to communication with my spiritual brothers as some major reasons and for taking my own INTIMACY for granted. I had to work through this or you wouldn't read what you are reading.

I got some of this Truth from my Avatar, Spirit, Soul, body, and women oh yes all five. Notice who I left out and that is why I am reaching out to you so you can work with the truth as spiritual sexual men. We will discuss this more in the second class if you show me that you really want to work with your spiritual energy in a spiritual personal and selfless way.

Isn't it common sense that as your semen would make 15 billion babies in 50 years that maybe this marvelous substance has some other use or purpose other than what most men do with it. 

2.-Transmutation: This is how you can significantly use some of your Sexual Energy in a higher Spiritual Way. The primary ways to do this are with Selfless Prayer(Not Contemplative Prayer-sorry no,Not with any meditation either), Spiritual Healing, Selfless Yoga Breathing, Selfless Mantra. You cannot do this in any significant way reading spiritual books till hell freezes over. You cannot do this in general conversation-(Teaching Truths-yes-),or meditation,or yoga or attending classes on spiritual matters.

Look at the Charts.There are three of them at the bottom of the page. A picture is worth 1000 words and it is plain as day. 

Unfortunately you do not Transmute your Sexual energy when you have a sexual orgasm with a woman as a general rule. And Tantra unless it is Selfless doesn't transmute anything either unless the Energy is used in a Karmic Selfless Way. This is complex. The Definitive Lecture on your spiritual sexuality as a man is by my Avatar George King called Control the Vital Life Fluid. This is a terrible awesome sobering reality but it is the Truth. I didn't like this when I first heard it. It created fears and embarrassment and I have spent years learning to work with*M.C.N.

A. Control the Vital Life Fluid-this lecture explains everything. There is one big problem with the reality of this in a man's life sexually speaking. Simply put, to transmute your sexual energy by doing prayer or healing only transmutes some of it in the beginning. What do you do with the rest of it-masturbate-have sexual affairs-have wet dreams-lie to yourself?

You do your prayer and look for your wife. You do both at the same time. And you have honest intimate sexual affairs with women while the process is developing without foolish fears. All you have to do is use common sense as I have for 30 years.

This is where women come in. A spiritual woman will balance you and the beautiful reality is she will also do sexual transmutation (pray or heal) with you. And part of Male Love is you may have to lead the way. If you do not find a spiritual woman generally speaking you can never be successful in mastering your sexuality.*M.C.N.

And we are men so you have to have some spiritual life that you live and book reading and meditating and yoga classes make virtually no significant use of your psychic centers. They also make no significant transmutation of your Sexual Energies because this only happens when you visualize bringing the energy upward and sending it out as white light in selfless prayer through your heart chakra. That's it in a nutshell. And that is not a pun or a metaphor.

More on this in the second day of class which is about how to develop a spiritual relationship with yourself (as well as a romantic relationship with a woman). You need to learn to talk to her about sexuality and maybe read spiritual books she has read etc. But don't fool yourself book reading, meditation, spiritual conversation, yoga classes( where you do not do yoga breathing and then transmute sexual energy with selfless prayer) and attending a Sunday service at an Orthodox church or even metaphysical Temple once a week, or taking spiritual classes or workshops largely transmutes None of your Sexual Energy.

Male Love Energy consists of five major things. The important one to mention here is Initiate. The man has to lead the way in action. There are very few spiritual women doing selfless Prayer and virtually none of them on the Internet. If you're not doing it how can you expect a woman to do it. My set of classes will give you the opportunity, support and the brotherly or fatherly guidance in a friendly way. I say fatherly because I have two grown children so I know; not guesswork.

3. Consort-A spiritual woman who will help you balance and transmute your sexual energies as a way of life till death(marry you-consorts don't get a divorce one of the fringe benefits of finding this kind of Spiritual Lady).

4. Sexual Spiritual Teacher-for men this has to be a man. For women this has to be a woman. They have to have two different significant sets of experience as a way of life.They need to enjoy and cherish sexual intimacy like fine wine in a balanced way.

A.- They have to practice Selfless Prayer,( Contemplative prayer also) Spiritual Healing and be selfless caring loving human beings who are sincerely and consistently working on transmuting their Sexual Energies. They have to be living a balanced selfless and personal spiritual way of life which includes Spiritual Diet, Conscious Simplicity etc. These are all the classes I offer. I do not do spiritual psychotherapy, sex therapy, psychiatry, psychology and I teach nothing about homosexuality because I don't know how this works .

B.- They have to be married to their consort or looking for her.*M.C.N. We will have spiritual men's group meetings after the classes are over so you can keep living a spiritual loving sexual life as a man with your lady or ladies if it takes a long time to find one for a life partner.

5.- Natural Sexual Intimacy-having any natural experience with yourself or with a woman of a physical emotional nature. This can be masturbation, sexual intercourse, communication (not phone sex) and other sexually stimulating experiences such as a Soul kiss(French Kiss), touching the body or the genitalia of a woman in order to stimulate her sexual desires. Etc. This can also be just holding her hand to experience her feminine energy. If you are with the woman you are exchanging masculine and feminine energy between you. Big surprise we get most of this exchange in *M.C.N. has a a terrific revelation if you really reflect in it.

6.- Civilized, Free will and the Conscious minds’ Sexual Intimacy-I AM VERY SPECIFIC IN M.C.N.

7. Eros Love-also called True Love-this means you are in love with her and she is in love with you. If you love her and she loves you but you are not in love with each other this is not Eros love. If you are in love with her but she only loves you this is half of Eros Love. People think they are in love with each other but often they only love each other. More details in class or master class notes or in class in person.

8. Feminine Aspect of a Man's Nature-This has nothing to do with genitalia-your penis. This is a way of describing an aspect of a man's nature that is more emotional, sensitive and passive and yes surprisingly spiritual. Spiritual men have a real problem dealing with this because they don't know how to work with it. I do teach you this and go into more details in M.C.N, and I.C.I.P.O. 

9. Ojas-the Fluid in your spine- which is the power behind your sexual energy and your semen and your penis. Most men never heard of this. And most men can cannot even talk about their genitalia(penis and testicles) and women as a set. The balanced set is you and her. Listen to the Lecture Control the Vital Life Fluid. This is one of the reasons that I use the word penis as a direct reference to your physical reality as a man in a fixed place on your body. If you can't use this word without your face changing six different colors of a rainbow how are you ever going to face your physical reality and work with this. So I give you some practice and use it directly in my class notes.

10. Penis-genitalia. I specifically use the word penis so that you have a direct conscious reality to face. Men have never faced this . This is because as men it is difficult to admit that a small part of us (our penis and testicles) has greater power than anything else in our life for most of our life . As men we want joyous action and accomplishments we can be proud of. I never found more than 15 years of masturbation to be a wonderful experience that I was proud of . Now I am proud and joyous of my 25 years with my spiritual lady friends in the bed and out of the bed. And as far as our testicles go they are not part of our primary major sexual experiences per se. We use our penis one way or the other. When a man talks about his sexuality this can easily be a vague but powerful term that refers to a variety of sexual things. But it is only our penis that is the primary source of releasing our sexual fluids. The dictionary calls this is your private parts.*M.C.N. 

Our Background as Men-credibility from first-hand experience

I had experience with good women some of who had a spiritual life. I have gathered Cosmic Male Truth and some Feminine Wisdom from many sources (including having an intimate sexual experience with many spiritual women over a 25 year period) and live this. I have had a significant spiritual life for 35 years including conscious vocations of( Metaphysical) Poet/also Servant of God and a lot more . I only ever wanted one lady as a spiritual life partner. I wasn't going to masturbate, or read pornography, so I had women in the bed -not hundreds-not 75-and all honest friendly relationships. Some of them lasted six months or two or three years. And during those experiences I also had two children now grown. One of my lovers has been my friend for 30 years. She and I are very proud of our friendship.

What about you my friend? There's some good relationship manuals for men with women called: Hold On To Your N. U. Ts* (*Non-negotiable Unalterable Terms), as Spiritual Men our N. U. Ts. are also Cosmic Truth, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (by John Gray Ph.D.), True Love (by D. Kingma). Gray's book is an absolute must to look at and learn the terms that you need to know about a woman emotionally etc. This was based on 25,000 interviews of men and women The big problem is there are major things missing . Some of what is in there is your romantic foundation.

Men are from Mars… does show you things you need to do to make a long-term romance work. I'm still learning to apply these things because I didn't study them enough and write them in my heart. Relationships with women fall apart over a period of time. Gray's book shows you the major differences in men and women emotionally verbally and mentally and I show you the spiritual differences. Gray does not. No one does as far as having a spiritual practical relationship with the lady. You can't change the differences in women and vice versa. You learn to work with them for a lifetime. More in second set of classes for men if you ask and I have books there for you to look at there's no need to buy them all. True Love by Kingma is more oriented to women but still all very relevant for men. The title alone should tell you it's a valuable book.

As you have built your own life we go from there in a friendly amiable and respectful way.

As spiritual conscious men our romantic lives with women are worlds different than other men's.Read these books with a few grains of salt and may be a few beers.I had the guts to see some of my failure there and Learn and apply some of this 2/10/14. It's your woman in your bed so act accordingly. I reach out to you only to help you climb your spiritual mountain with her. These books are about your physical and emotional personal intimate sexual relationships with women. They do not talk about a practical life of your sexuality and women and your soul. These are the only classes in the world where this is done in a harmonious respectful practical way. These classes were a nightmare to do because I had to figure it all out myself. *M.C.N. 

You as a man as I am a man and our women

It's really your life and maybe I can be of some help if you want it. We love ourselves in a healthy way or unhealthy way as a man. And I damn well know the difference through a lot of my own foolish suffering. My set of classes give you a pattern to love yourself in a healthy way. And I have spent 45 years changing my own unhealthy patterns: diet, romance, spirituality, accomplishment( or work vocation to provide basic necessities) mastering my addictions, consciously breaking free of my selfishness and learning to love women in a healthy balanced spiritual conscious way and communicate with them and understand them emotionally.

You have to love yourself and understand yourself and your feelings first as a man. An understanding of this has unfolded for me over a period of years. This is the set of classes I offer you.

I do help you to see forever in your own life on a clear day. This is not poetry but a profound male reality. But you have to walk there.

It is hard work there is no freeway. 

As a Urban Shaman I know my people in simple agrarian native cultures teach their young men by example and often a Initiation when their sexuality First Manifests. Here in the West we have a very unhealthy pattern. When our sexuality first manifests at age 13 or 14 it is all repressed or suppressed or inhibited when it is the most powerful. We wear clothing which hides our genitalia, we are circumcised,(this over stimulates us and I don't recommend sewing the skin back on. That is asinine-foolish.) We never see the natural loving family sexual intimacies that native peoples do where all 13 members of the family sleep in one bed with a python.

We are overstimulated sexually in a variety of ways which makes it far more difficult to harmonize with our body and our Soul. This partly happens to some native peoples. Then what is most important we are not taught by our fathers or a healthy spiritual male how to use our sexual fluids and Energy in a spiritual way so we develop a pattern of unnatural repressed sexual hypocrisy. I say hypocrisy but I should say a pattern of tragic spiritual sexual repression which usually takes the form of a lack of spiritual sexual male teachers well reflected in the fact that we can not establish lifelong marriages. As men we have two fires in our lives our sexuality and our spirituality.*M.C.N.

Male: Exercises, Does Yoga, Thirty Years-Old, Sexual Spiritual Reality of Himself Defined by His Soul (Chakras) as They are Now and His Life Experiences

I show his aura as starting to be a pattern as he has had at least 16 years of powerful sexual experiences. This is why the aura surrounds him. It has a lot of brown for selfishness in there and some spiritual color. You can see the sexual energy, thoughts, power going up through him completely. You could also see his sex chakra is full of sexual energy and  he is transmuting none of it and using it in his higher chakras consciously in selfless prayer which is the only way to use it purely. So the higher chakra flowers look plainly dried up. I did put some yellow for wisdom around his heart and his mind. He is a spiritual seeker but only reads spiritual books. He has sexual affairs with women.  He is a vegetarian or a meat eater or both. He is a good sincere man who would like to have a long-term relationship. He is interested in meditation  and Eastern Philosophy and goes to a New Age center once every few weeks. The energetic circle at the lower left is all dark. This is because he sends no spiritual light out into the world-consciously. He can learn if he wants to have honest sexual experiences with women to develop a long-term relationship. He can also learn to send some  light into  the world  at the same time in the appropriate time frame and space. This is how he can develop some of the love women are looking for. If you look at the chart closely you can see some of the beautiful rays of his best thoughts and dreams.

A Man’s Fantasy of Himself From Age 14 to Age 40, At Least 

His aura shows he is surrounded by some wonderful thoughts and dreams and ideas. The Rays I show you coming out of him are not spiritual light he is sending out into the world-consciously. The rays are symbolic of thought forms and  emotions which is radiating out not from his chakras. They are good and wonderful thoughts and ideas which all young men have. And the red rays are some of his sexual thoughts and desires. His soul may have a strong desire for a relationship with his Spirit so I show this as bright and filled in at the top of his head. Inside his spiritual body I show you his civilized diet  as brownish  energy which is accumulating within from the feet up.I show his sexual energies rising up through the body as red lines. But they are not transmuted because he is not consciously doing this. Bright yellow which goes up through the chest and into the head are symbolic of his idealism, best and loving and creative ideas and desire for justice and truth. Pink rays are some of his goodness and kindness. The blue rays are some of his courage. The sex chakra has plenty of energy, as it is filled with red. The pictorial realities that all men know of with their sexuality I have left out of all my pictures out of respect and reverence for men’s personal dignity. But as you can plainly see and I have so stated he is radiating no light into the world using his chakras. I do not show the higher ones shriveled up that we may share the dream of their eventual selfless use by you. The energetic circle at the bottom left which has only dark energy in it shows that in a week’s time he has sent no selfless spiritual love out into the world.

Spiritual Lady Twenty to Forty Years-Old Doing Transmutation of Feminine
Emotional Sexual Energies into Spiritual Selfless Love

I should mention that in all of my sacred charts of selfless prayer the man or woman also has their hands raised palms facing outward as there are two major psychic centers in the palms of the hands. Her spiritual body is also symbolically colored with pure colors to symbolize the many spiritual practices she does  as a way of life such as being a raw vegan, giving selfless service, etc. There’s also Light and spiritual love being radiated out from the throat and third eye chakras as white Light so it is not illustrated. Her sexual chakra has had most of the energy brought up so the chakra has only a little bit(red dots) in it. And if you look closely you can see the transmutation happening as the red lines (sexual energy) rise up and become selfless spiritual love immediately. As a spiritual picture this would photograph in one millionth of a second to be the single frame you see here. And her aura is filled with white Light thus the white paper symbolizes. I know a lot of these women, but do not run away with the idea. This is only how they appear when they pray.

Spiritual Man as Reincarnated as a Man for Polarity Experience Doing Sexual Transmutation into Spiritual Love

I should mention that in all of my sacred charts of selfless prayer the man or woman also has their hands raised palms facing outward as there are two major psychic centers in the palms of the hands. His spiritual body is also symbolically colored with pure colors to symbolize the many spiritual practices he does  as a way of life such as being a raw vegan, giving selfless service, etc. There’s also Light and spiritual love being radiated out from the throat and third eye chakras as white Light so it is not illustrated. His sexual chakra has had most of the energy brought up so the chakra has only a little bit(red dots) in it. And if you look closely you can see the transmutation happening as the red lines (sexual energy) rise up and become selfless spiritual love immediately. As a spiritual picture this would photograph in one millionth of a second to be the single frame you see here. And his aura is filled with white Light thus the white paper symbolizes.

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